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tongue clipping and "slow" weight gain

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i'm a little concerned about baby's weight gain after tongue clipping. we also started cranio sacral therapy. good news is that she is not clamping down on my nipple as much and i am no longer using the nipple shield. also she is now transferring more milk, prior to clipping it was about an ounce, now it's about 1.5 oz.

10/11 tongue clipped
10/13 weight 6lb13oz, 6 wks
10/20 7lb, 7wks
10/27 7lb 1.7 oz (i had just changed her poopy diaper before this weigh in so think some of the poop took away her "weight?"), 8wks

baby was 5lb15oz at birth, and she was full term (39wk2days). my husband and i are both small, i'm 4'10, dh is 5'2.
i know most lc's and ped's recommend a 4-7oz weight gain per week but i can't help but wonder if about 3oz is ok for my baby since she has small parents??? i feed her 6x a day and dh bottle feeds her 2x (breastmilk total of 5oz)
would love to here your experiences and/or thoughts, thanks!
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My babe's tongue tie needed to be cut further after the 1st time (top lip was also tied and done 2x too). The Dr. also said she may need a deeper cut at 1-2 yrs old.

Have you been back to make sure the clip went back far enough? Did you lift the tongue after surgery? Has it healed back (e.g. re-tied)?

Also, have you been to a lactation consultant lately? Your LO may not be getting it right yet. Especially if they've had bottles, they need to re-learn/learn how to nurse. I'm concerned about the LC who gave you the nipple shield. After I got mastitis from using it, I learned that it is not an appropriate intervention for latch problems and/or tongue tie unless many other things have been tried first.

Cranio sacral helped us. We also saw 5 LCs. But it took 6 hrs of marathon crying to get her nursing and off of pumped milk in bottles. Her weight gain was slow at first, and she lost a LOT more than 10% at first, but at 7.5mos she's an EBF chunker!

Good luck and hugs! Tongue tie is hard to work through, but you will both be fine!
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Tongue ties are hard !! Remember that the baby's tongue has been tied down for a long time and it takes time for them to get used to the new freedom, i.e. the muscle being released, you can do some exercises to help strengthen the suck by inserting your little finger palm side up and let baby suck on it then slowly pull your finger out to encourage baby to suck it back in, do this a few time a day and the suck should improve but it takes time - it certainly will take longer than a few weeks. Keep going - you'll see the results soon enough. Good Luck
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