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Putting the clocks back in winter is bad for health, wastes energy and increases pollution, scientists say, and putting an end to the practice in northern areas could bring major health and environmental benefits.

Countries across Europe, the United States, Canada and parts of the Middle East mark the start of winter by ending Daylight Saving Time (DST) and putting their clocks back by an hour -- often in late October or early November -- a move that means it is lighter by the time most people get up to start their day.

But this also robs afternoons of an hour of daylight, and some experts argue that in more northern regions, the energy needed to brighten this darkness, and the limits it puts on outdoor activities are harming our health and the environment.
I know I would LOVE the extra hour in the afternoon. In mid December, DS will be getting off the school bus around 4pm and the sun sets at 4:18 pm. Of course, if they move it, both kids would be walking to the bus in the dark--- the sun wouldn't rise until 8:58 on some of the darkest days (DD starts school at 7:50 and DS at 9am).