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Yesterday, my friend's infant child discovered a "button" battery on the ground at the park where a group of us had a play date. Very luckily, her mother discovered the baby had it before the baby was able to put it in her mouth.

I'm not sure if you are aware, but these batteries are lethal to infants and children if eaten (who are notorious for putting all kinds of inappropriate things in their mouths). Within two hours of ingesting a lithium battery, the child's esophagus and vocal cords can be burned, and worse. The problem can be especially difficult to trouble shoot, of course, when the child is not seen to have eaten the battery. (Please see related story from the New York Times at .)

Please, please alert the caregivers and other mommies in your child's life to the danger of batteries to young children, particularly the "button" types that can be found in watches, key fobs, cameras, hearing aids, greeting cards (!), some flashlights and more. Throwing away this one piece of found trash may save a life.

In this case, I wrote letters to our neighborhood councils, city council members and to the parks caretakers, to increase understanding about this issue. It's my hope that this will become a "water cooler" discussion topic and that more alert eyes will be available to pick up "lost" batteries one sees on the ground, to protect our children.

Please read the NYT story and share the information around.