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Help With Shop Name

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Since I became a new mother again last year after 8 years I have been obsessed with making things for my newest addition. I have been loving it so much that I have decided to open a new Etsy shop with items for baby and later toys for children. My approach is modern style and designer fabrics mixed with natural toys. So far I have shoes, fabric pacifier clips, hand-dyes onsies with fabric iron ons and quilted bibs.

My problem is that when I think of a great name it is already taken! There are so many shops on there with the same great idea. Go figure

So, I am looking to my creative friends in my Mothering community to help me come up with my shop name! I am looking preferably for a one name shop like, TWEET or something trendy cute like that. I am not limited to one word names either. I am trying to stay away from things that are too cutesy like sweetycake or ticklepoo. Free Range Baby but sadly it was taken. I just want something natural, fun, classy, and chic but still soft enough to be able to relate it to a baby shop.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!! Suggest away.....
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Off the top of my head and really I should be sewing!!!


Tree and Bark Baby
Tree and Moss Baby

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Ohhhh, LOVE Woodsie!!
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I decided on Miini Moh. Like Eeni Meeni Miini Moh. What do you think? Eeni Meeni was taken....hahaha
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Cute, but when I saw it I pronounced it Meeny Mo.
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I like "Miny Mo"! ...but it sounds like the next step after babies (Eeny Meeny)... as if it were for toddlers.

What about Teeny Tiny Tots? I guess it sounds like it's for toddlers.

Or Teeny Tots? Well, maybe not "teeny" b/c it has the word "teen"... but, maybe it will work.

ETA: Or, how about just Teeny Tiny. BTW, love Woodsie too... but sounds like you'd sell wooden or outdoor "stuff".
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"Miini Moh" doesn't make me think "meeny-moe" like the rhyme. It makes me think of something vaguely Hawaian. Or Japanese.

It definitely doesn't strike me as kid-related.
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I agree with PPs. I wouldn't know how to pronounce "Miini Mo". I also think the best business names are ones that instantly tell you what the business is. Miini Mo doesn't really tell me off the bat that you will make baby accessories and toys. And I honestly wouldn't have known what "Miini Mo" meant if you hadn't told us.

If you plan to go organic (which I am guessing you are because you chose a few names with derivatives of "organic"), make sure the name somehow conveys that. Also, if people are searching for you, make your name easy to remember and easy to spell. OrganicBabe is probably my favorite because it quickly tells me you make organic stuff for babies, and it is easy to remember.

Good luck!
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