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Oh, at least once a day for him....story time, science museum,zoo, play area, park, mom group, something, and then out again for things i need to do.... errands, grocery store, wal-mart run ect.
If we have to stay home all day he is horrible, clingy, asking to nurse all the time loud annoying mess of a child.
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Necessity of invention for us, too. I'm a homebody. DS is NOT. Never has been. When he was an infant, he cried nearly the whole time we were in the house, and was a quiet, happy baby whenever we were out.

I'd try to find indoor venues if the mosquitoes are too much, and try to get some short bursts of outside time when the bugs are not as active.
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We usually get out once a day. The days that we don't go out we often have a friend or two come over and play. I am always busy doing some sort of project, this time of year it often involves going outside or going to someone's house to make stuff. My kids are usually just along for the ride, they can explore and play with the other kids that are around.
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Big city/no car/no yard here... we go out twice a day no matter what, and sometimes it's three times. I don't know what I'd do all day inside this small apartment! Everyone on the internet says things like, "Let them open the kitchen cupboards! It keeps them busy for hours!" But we only have one cupboard!

So we go out for walks; he plays on ramps and stairs and touches dirty things like chained-up bicycles. We walk to the farmer's market and buy one apple. I actually save up errands so I can do one a day as an activity, and let it take a long time if necessary (let him run around CVS and put lipsticks in the basket). We have two classes: one afternoon on Tuesdays and a morning one on Thursdays. We meet up with friends and their babies, usually just at a park where he can run free without danger from cars. Museums and zoos I do less often, more like twice a month, because I don't want him to get sick of them.

We take the subway and bus everywhere and just use a sling. The stroller is too cumbersome and makes the trip even harder.

When we lived in the suburbs (DS age 0-6 mo), I didn't go out in the car more than 2-3 times a week, but we went for a walk in the neighborhood every day. But still I was miserable and felt isolated and that wasn't good for DS, so we moved into the city where everything is smaller but happier.
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We only went out once a day at that age. Still limit outings at 19 months. DD does not do well with the car and in the summer it was too hot tomplay in the yard most days. We slathered on sunblock, but I got heat exhaustion with a fever more than once trying to get her outside.
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