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Gross, pasty poo. This could be the end of my CD career!

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After happily cloth diapering my last couple babies and this one for the past year, my one year old son has begun to produce the stickiest, pastiest, sloppiest poo I have seen in my life. It doesn't swish off the diaper with a swish around the toilet bowl, and I'm really not likely to get a spatula and start scraping at it... :Puke. In desperation I bought a bag of disposables last week and enjoyed not having to strategize every time my baby took a crap in the days that followed, but I'm running low on 'sposies and I hate to buy more. My cloth dipes are mostly motherease one size and sandy's, and other than the poo sticking to them like crazy, I have no complaints.

Any advice? Should I just wait this out and start up with cloth once his poops firm up a little? What do you think?

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Diaper sprayer or flushable liners.

If its not chunky though, you can just toss them in the washer. Its only the chunks that create a problem in the washer.
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we use flushable liners.

(just remind yourself - poop is not supposed to go in the garbage - you're supposed to be flushing it before you put the sposie in the garbage. Human waste belongs in a sewer... )
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I've been strategically timing his diapers, figured out when he poos, and put a sposie on him FOR THE VERY SAME REASON. I'm so not into CDing at this stage.

My typical day, his overnight diaper gets changed into a sposie, he poops within an hour of waking, changed into a CD, then maybe again a bit later, afternoon he goes back into a sposie because he usually poops again, then into a CD. I know it's not what I planned but it's what works for me.
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We went for the flushable liners. Once in a while, the poo escapes the liner and it is still a big mess, but for the most part, they work wonders!
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I do what some of y'all do, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one!


I cloth diaper almost full-time, but I will occasionally use of 'sposie under a diaper cover for nighttime, and since my daughter is so regular and poops every morning after her morning feeding, I'll put her in a 'sposie before the morning feeding. After that, we CD all day. So we generally use one 'sposie a day, and the rest is cloth. Works for us. :)


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ds's poop is almost always like this.  About 90% of the time he poops right after his morning feed, so we sit him on a little potty to do his business.  I've been doing this since he was about 4 months.  He is 15 months now.  It really is a much easier clean up that way.  If he doesn't poop on his potty in the morning I'll put a flushable liner in his diaper.  Sometimes if I catch him squatting down and grunting I can get him on the potty before he goes, as the liner doesn't always catch everything. 

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Another vote for flush-able liners or just put the kid on the toilet if he has a consistent poop schedule innocent.gif    I cannot imagine attempting to spray off what OP is describing crap.gif

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unless it and easy dump poop for us i just put it in the wash bucket with everything else and into the mchine it goes.. i do a cold rinse first to loosen anything and wash stuff away... wourks like a charm and no swishing

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