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Curious if anyone has had any spotting? I had a few red spots when I wiped earlier this evening. I am freaking out especially because we have already had a miscarriage (between #2 and #3). Everyone is telling me it could be ok but i am having a hard time believing that.
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oh no! I hope everything is ok! No advice although I know spotting can be normal sometimes. I wold worry if the flow picks up or is bright red (new blood)
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I've had early spotting that has gone both ways. With DD I started having bright red FLOW with cramps at about 6.5/7 weeks, the ER doc told me to go home and wait to miscarry even though we saw a heartbeat on the sono. Spotting and even some bleeding continued on and off until about 11 weeks - it was a Subchorionic Hematoma. They're incredibly common, and most have very healthy pregnancies once they resolve. My last pg started spotting at 5.5 weeks (23 dpo) which progressed into some lightish bleeding with clots and bad cramps, and turned out to be a loss. It can really go either way.

I'd say go with your gut and if it really worries you, call your practitioner and get it checked out. And if they blow you off (as my midwife did with my loss) and you still don't feel right about it, call another practitioner. But if it's just a tiny bit of spotting you're probably just fine and should try to stay positive. I know, much easier said than done. Big mama!
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i have had some light spotting past few days it seems to have ended though. getting some blood work done to make sure everything is ok. it is so rural here i have to go to a city tomorrow for the first lab work but can do it locally on monday if i get to the clinic early enough and then it gets sent to the lab in the city. i will be thinking about you. seems from what i have read bleeding is very common and often everything ends up ok. waiting to find out is pretty scary and stressful though
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Just keep in mind that spotting is not the same as bleeding. If you are not using a pad throughout the day then the spotting is just usually either implantation or benign 'side effects' of being pg. Did you DTD before the spotting started? That could be a contributing factor if you have a little polyp or something.

I am a nurse and worked in an Ob/Gyn office for many years. We recommended doing 48 hour hcg levels if you have had any bleeding or spotting just to be sure everything is okay. Sometimes it is just nice to have peace of mind, so I would give your provider a call and see what they think. Sending lots of good vibes your way!
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Thanks tracymom. I have only had a few spots when I wipe. I talked to my midwife last night and she had me go for an hcg test this morning. I go for a 2nd one Mon morning. So far no cramping and no more spots. Keeping all my crossables crossed.
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fingers crossed for you alyssa !
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I have a good feeling about your little bean, Alyssa!
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Originally Posted by tracymom1 View Post

I have a good feeling about your little bean, Alyssa!
Thank you! I hope so! Trying to be patient and at peace. Still no spotting since yesterday.
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We are getting our hcg test levels back tomorrow. I am so scared but hopefully. Still no more spotting. Pregnancy test I took this morning was definitely darker than the one I took yesterday. Here's hoping. Will let you all know....
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WOOOO HOOOOOO got our numbers today. Sat was 379 and this morning was 980. YEAH! All is good. I know it is not a guarantee but feels so good to know that things are progressing and baby is fine for now.
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Great news!
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Thank you all!
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wonderful news!
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great news!!

FWIW, I've had spotting in all my previous pregnancies...the 1st was a missed m/c, but had absolutely nothing to do with the spotting I had...my other 2 spotting scares are 3 1/2 years and 19 months now
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