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my husband's 87 yo g'mother adoopted all 6 of her children, and is not totally comfortable w/the notion of people emerging from vaginas in the nude, etc.... so when she first saw my week old ds in his sling, she was worried about him being all "crumpled up" in there! i pointed out the obvious, but it took her a while to realize that's how he'd just spent the first 9(and a half)mos of his life. when he began walking at 9 mos of age, she was so relieved to see that no lasting "damage" had been done.
the other comment i get alot is "is he comfortable in there?" to which i reply "do you hear him crying?" or "he's sleeping, isn't he?"
almost forgot this gem...men ask if they get a turn to ride next. i could really use a sarcastic comeback for that one! something that hints at a lack of manhood, perhaps?
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My mom was the one always asking me if DS could breathe, and then PULLING on the edge of the sling to see him. Yikes, not comfortable for me. From strangers I mostly got positive comments or questions about where they could buy one for themselves/their pregnant friend.

I used to wear DS in the Didymos in the cross carry position most of the time, so his face was always in my cleavage. I got a lot of "lucky baby" comments with a wistful look from men. :LOL
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lol, Roxy......I get that too...to which I usually respond....."Hey, if you can get in it....I'll carry you." That usually gets a big laugh

I ALWAYS get the......"Boy, they didn't have those when I had kids..." comment. To which I cannot help but respond....all cultures have carried their babies with a piece of cloth in some fashion since the beginning of time....old-fashioned wisdom never goes out of style. To which, older people usually smile their agreeance.

You certainly DO catch more flies with honey.....and I'm all about catchin' flies

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Interesting thread... i've never had a negative comment made to me about my baby wearing. I'm often asked where I bought my sling and if it is comfortable for me to wear.
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this was an interesting read. i can't recall any truly negative comments about my slinging either of my girls. i do get a lot of comments or compliments on my slind and kozy. comments about how they wished that there was something like that around when they had kids, or does that hurt your back? or how long can you use that? mostly people want to know where they can get one. when i have either of my girls in the kozy someone always asks where i got it !!! i often feel like an odd ball, but when i look at moms with babes in strollers and the babe is screaming to get out, i suddenly feel superior because my girls are content, and hey i'm getting some exercise at the same time
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Like so many mamas in this thread before me, again, no negative comments here, just the "wow! I wish they had those when I had a kid" : comments. But usually I just get lots of props!

I got some props from a middle-aged Somali man and his mother at the bank--they couldn't believe that someone was wearing a baby (Maya Wrap Sling) and asked if I'd made my sling, and that babywearing is what everyone does back home...

...and the grandmotherly woman mentioned a few times that babies are worn on backs, and so I asked her to help me put my 7 mo old on my back, and she did, and it was oh-so cool and inter-cultural and neat-o!

- - - -

The other day I was at the park w/ ds in my hug-a-bub, and an 8-year-old boy asked me "if I was going to have a baby" as in, he thought I was pregnant. I showed him baby's face and explained I already had a baby.
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I don't think I've gotten any rude comments....

I used to nanny an infant, and I would bring a MW to use. His parents would always tell me "You can just put him in the bouncer/saucer/swing/playpen/babyGym!" : To which I would sweetly explain that I liked holding him close, and that he liked it too. I got pretty attached to that baby for the 5 months I worked there, and I think it's cause of all the slinging!

Mostly, people just stop and ask me about the MW, where did I get it, do I like it, is it comfy, etc...
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I have had mostly interest and smiles. But when Garrett was about 5 wks old we went to the Renaisance Fair. He was in the Maya and the person taking tickets thought maybe I was trying to sneak a dog in. We are a funky bunch that go to ren fairs....
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PS Garrett slept all day and had to be woken to nurse couse I was gonna explode! Love that sling.
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