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Takoma Park Area Play Groups?

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Hi. Are there are young toddler play groups in the area? I am somewhat connected via Meetup, but would love something closer (and more like-minded).
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I'm also looking for a play group for my 22 month old son. Now that I'm no longer pregnant (NAK'ing right this second), I have the energy to get out (well that is after I take it easy after this birth) and take him to meet other children. I'm also looking for like minded individuals as far as parenting goes. If there is something, or maybe we could get together, let me know. I wonder how many other moms from MDC in the area have a playgroup already.
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Does this mean you have a newborn and a 22-month old? Congrats. There is a Takoma Mommies Group, but they don't seem to get together a lot and I have yet to meet them, after joining - oh - 4 moths or so ago. =( I have done NW DC Moms stuff (Meetup), but it's hard to get downtown or across the park, etc. and still work things around naps, rush hour, etc... Easier now that we are down to one nap, but something closer in would be SO much easier! I have done Wednesday (kid eats free) lunch at Lebanese Taverna in downtown Silver Spring. We could try that if that appeals to you? Or just meet at one of the parks...
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Meeting at the parks sounds like a great idea. I'm not that good at downtown Silver Spring, I live on the outskirts of Silver Spring, really it's basically Aspen Hill/Layhill area. I've been to downtown and it gets a bit sticky at times when driving. My newborn is only 10 days old so I'm a bit reluctant to go out before 3 weeks, but after that I'm totally cool with meeting up. Could you send me a PM so we can talk about where to meet and all?

Also, if there is anyone else who would like to meet up, that would be great!
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