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Hello All

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Just wanted to introduce myself...I'm Nicole,I have a son(11/4/05) and daughter(12/4/07) and am currently 21w1d (3/10/11) with my 3rd another boy.
I've been married since 5/15/09(my first two are not my husband's biological children but his none the less).
I'm a member of another pregnancy/parenting forum and was directed here after I expressed intrest in UC.
I'm hoping to meet other mommas to talk to throughout and after this pregnancy.
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The due date clubs are a great place to get to know people (well, as much as you can get to know someone over the internet!) - and there are lots of UC mommas around!
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Hi, congrats, & welcome!
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Glad to have you here! Our kids are similar ages (mine are 1/05 & 4/08).

Make yourself at home. We're a fun bunch.
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Thanks for the welcome ladies!
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Hi and welcome! There are lots of UC/Homebirth mamas here
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My last dd was born unassisted. MDC is a really supportive place!
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Hello and welcome! Have you decided on UC?
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Originally Posted by Mayfly View Post
Hello and welcome! Have you decided on UC?

If the baby and I are healthy enough to do so then yes I want a UC...after which I will have my husband drive me to the hospital...only way he will agree to a UC lol
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Hi! I'm fairly new here, myself. We UC'd with our fourth baby. It was a great birth, but since then I have found a wonderful midwife who understands how I need to birth, and my husband prefers anyone else to catch the baby! LOL I prefer having someone else clean up after (I birthed on the toilet, and dh never thought to pick up the seat to clean!). So no more UC, unless the baby comes faster than the midwife.

We are currently pregnant with twins, and I haven't decided where to birth. In some respects, the decision might be made for me depending on positioning factors, or hopefully not, but possible complications.
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