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Cleveland Day Care

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Hi All,

We're TTC #1 and want to start thinking about budgeting for baby. A few questions:

1) Can you provide a range of weekly or monthly costs for your child's daycare? I don't need it down to the last penny but I'm trying to figure out a rough estimate.
2) Do you have to sign up for daycare in advance in the Cleveland area? (you do in the Boston area)
3) Do many day care places take children at 6 weeks? Unfortunately, I'm the only bread winner (hubby is a med student) so I will be returning to work at 6 weeks. I already get sad thinking about this but it's the reality
4) Do you have a specific day care that you would recommend?

Thank you so much in advance!!
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I grew up in Cleveland (am now in Columbus) and still have a few friends up there who have kids in daycare.
One pays $800/month (that was last year), they seem happy with it, however the other family used to pay about that much, but switched providers (they now pay much more) and their words to me were "you get what you pay for"

There seems to be waiting lists for "the best" places, but not years or anything. More like tour them when you get pregnant and you probably can get a spot. It is also easier to get a "baby spot" rather than an "older baby" spot. Here in Ohio a home daycare provider is usually cheaper than a center.

I do not know if many take them at 6 weeks (although i think so), everyone that i know took 3 months off.
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