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Babies in Costumes

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Did you dress your baby up? Do you have a costume that goes with their costume? Post pictures or tell about their costumes

DS is a lion, one of the only things I saved from my daughter's firsts. It's so cute to see him dressed like she was, and brings back so many memories!

Tonight we have a Halloween party and I'll be dressed as a Lion Tamer, since I'm sure I'll be holding him all night It was also easy to put that together with regular clothes since most costumes aren't really nursing-friendly.
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I was hoping someone would start this thread!
I got the First costume from a lady on Craigslist.

Then while shopping I found Lila2 and couldn't pass it up.

Reya won 2nd place in a costume contest with this one.
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DS1 was kind of a monkey for his 1st - but the costume was WAY too big and heavy - it was still really hot out. He was drenched in sweat after a few minutes. This time DS1 (now 3) is wearing skelleton PJs from Walmart - we were going to get a dif costume and I just picked those up for fun but he loves them. DS2 is too tiny for pretty much all costumes except once again the way-too-hot-for-AZ bundle ones (we saw a peas in the pod one, so adorable but he would melt). So he's going to be in a black onesie with striped sleeves (Walmart again) that says "Peek-A-Boo" with a little ghost on it. CUTE!
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Ozzy is a lion


And Emma is a monkey:


(hehe, and that's my mom in the background wearing Ozzy in the ring sling)

Monkey going in for the touchdown:


Very appropriate costumes, since all 18-month-olds are usually little monkeys and climbing all over the place And when Ozzy was a few weeks old Jason was talking about how he looked like a little lion cub, so that costume was a no-brainer...
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Kelly- I LUV Ozzy as a lion! Those cheeks are so awesome And Emma is just a little cutie!
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Love the spider and web. Reya wanted to be a spider and swaddle Lila in a white blanket. Lila would have been the fly!
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I was Clark Kent and Santi was superbaby:
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OK - all the babies are adorable, but Superbaby is ridiculous! AWWWWW!
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Here is Clayton as a lion http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-...9_624965_n.jpg
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I'm loving the baby pics! I posted mine here on my blog! My daughter and I are a veggie burrito and my son is a raccoon.

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These are all sooo cute and creative. I'm wishing now that I had decided to dress up my baby. He has a carter fuzzy brown bear suit so I guess that will have to do but it's not a true costume.
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Such adorable pictures!! I didn't really dress up DS... he wore a white t-shirt with a ghost face that someone handed down to us (I think I saw them in the dollar bins at Target), an orange diaper cover, and brown babylegs with yellow and orange dots. Kind of just whatever I had on hand that looked halloweeny or fall-ish.
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Little C was Scrappy Doo! And he slept the whole time we trick-or-treated with a couple friends and their kids, but he LOVES getting his picture taken and was smiling and talking as soon as we got home.


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Our family went as burglars (like in the movie Drop Dead Fred). It was last minute and we didn't stay in costume all night but it was great

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Trystan as Mickey Mouse

He spent all evening like this
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dd, of course, was an apple!

...what was even cuter was when she was curled up trick-or-treating in my *bright* red moby. With the red moby, and her little apple hat on top, she really did look like a round, red apple.

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Here's my peek-a-boo baby, caught in a very good mood with a big smile.
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