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Meta-- I actually worked in an Aveda salon and I have to say I LOOOVE their color. No other color I have tried is even close. And it is 97% plant derived. It leaves your hair so shiny and barely does any damage compared with other colors. And I would definitely go with the highlight/lowlight route if you can!
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Sorry you had such a cruddy day, Ellen.

So I wanted to write a little story about my day... AKA, you can skip this if you want! But I need to get it off my chest.

So we had a "family meting" today because I wanted to set some things right around here, and since I've been pregnant, the whole household has been heading to hell in a handbasket. Knowing I'm going to be feeling like a normal person again in a few weeks, I thought it was a good time to make/revisit some rules and such. The whole crux of the meeting was about the fact that we have the TV on way too much, and half the time no one is even actively watching it. Then I said that there needs to be a rule about not watching a DVD in the minivan (it came with a DVD player, so guess who's been wanting to pop something in every time we go anywhere?) unless we're going on a long trip. And then there's the Nintendo ds that my ex got dd for her birthday, and she wants an i-pod touch for Christmas. I basically said that all of these things cause us to tune each other out and turn our brains to mush, instead of tuning into each other and bringing us closer as a family. Dd started crying as I laid out all the rules and told her that she wouldn't be getting the i-pod touch for Christmas, but smaller, more meaningful gifts. And I kept tearing up and getting emotional as I let her know that I missed her talking with me and wanting to spend time with the rest of the family, and how the time you spend with the people you love is what really counts at the end of your life. She got a little sassy at that point and asked me to "leave off of the death stuff", but I told her that with both of my parents gone, it makes me realize that you're born, you squeeze in as much love and joy as you can, and you die, and that's the name of the game.

Anyway, she pouted for a little while but I think it did hit home with her. We have an analogy about being a "white bread" girl (mainstream, only concerned about popularity, etc.) or "wheat bread" girl (an individual, intelligent, etc.), and she gets irritated when I bring it up now, but when we initially discussed it, she was all about how she wanted to be "wheat bread" as much as I wanted her to be. I know in her heart she's whole wheat, but the constant influx of pop culture from friends, TV and etc is starting to influence her too much, I think. And with me being absorbed by this pregnancy and feeling like crap, I've really let things go with her. I *want* to spend time with her doing things around the house like cooking, and fun things like going ice skating or taking an art class together. We started off the year with a monthly "date" planned, but after I got pregnant, it completely went off track. So here's to a new beginning!

And then this. During the meeting when I was talking about tuning out, I mentioned that I know I've been on the computer a lot during this pregnancy and that's something that I expect to change after I have the baby. Later, dh said to me, "I'm glad you brought that up about being on the computer, because I was going to bring it up to you privately if you didn't." Well, that set me off crying again about how miserable I've been for the last many months and how having the support of you ladies has really helped me get through, etc. So part of me felt even worse, like I'm an addict, and then the other part of me wanted to say, "Isn't it the same thing when you sit in front of the TV after the kids are in bed or when you're drinking your coffee in the morning?" On those occasions, I'm often sitting next to him, sometimes even lying down with my head on his lap so I can feel close to him, but we're certainly not focused on each other. I'm not saying I'm not without guilt, but isn't that the same thing?

I guess I'm curious to know if any of you struggle with these same issues? I'm always curious as to whether or not crunchy women marry crunchy men or if a man and woman get married and the woman finds herself getting comfy with her crunchy side while her husband either doesn't or just lets it go but doesn't actively participate in the crunchiness... When dh and I were very newly dating, I very clearly remember lying in bed with him after a long, intimate afternoon, and feeling the need to let him know in great detail how I felt about pregnancy, birth, circumcision, vaccinations, etc. I think the fact that he didn't run away from me screaming at that point made me love him even more. And though he's on board with 90% of what I want, the other 10% is just too much for him. And that's ok, because he's a great husband and father, and I'd have to look far and wide to find anyone else who would even come close to him.

Ok, well that's enough of that. Congratulations and thank you to any of you mamas who actually made it to the end of this post!
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Love the necklace and dipes, Heather!

Everyone seems to be hardcore nesting on here.

AFM- Dh totally can take time off and that is what ticks me off the most. He has well over a dozen sick days (they're cumulative) paid that he can take. He has taken 5 other ones in the past year for concert or band related reasons, but only will do 2-3 for a new baby? I want to kidney punch him for that.

I am dreadfully sunburnt from the soccer thing today and so is my oldest dd. But ToTing went well and the kids had a good day. My tailbone felt broken the whole time we walked around but luckily ds is the right height to be my human crutch and doesn't mind the job. I also made 2 lasagnas, 2 things of chili, cornbread, 2 fruit crisps, 6 french bread pizzas, and...I think that's it, for the freezer.

And then I lost a massive part of my plug. I went to go pee and there was like jello in my drawers. So unpleasant. But somehow my cervix seemed higher? I don't get it. Either way, my swollen feet and I cleaned the house just in case.
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Julie-my dh was totally NOT crunchy, either, but I've brought him over to the dark side. Bwahahahaha!

I'm glad the talk went well. I'm on the computer a lot, too, but I have no social life, don't talk on the phone but rare occasions, don't go anywhere and it's the only thing close to a break I get. Plus dh is on more than me usually, so I stopped feeling so bad about it.
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Ellen, I'm sorry you had such a blah day (and so much cleaning!).

Julie - my dh is on board with the AP stuff, but he's definitely not crunchy. We are a pretty low-tech household, though - no TV, etc. - and I think it is a good thing. My one vice is, as yours is, the computer - dh sometimes calls himself an "Internet widower". I imagine we'll have more issues as our kids get older and start tuning into their peers more.

Desiree, you totally had a nesting day! Baking (any long amounts on my feet, actually) is really tough for me these days, even though I love it.

I'm finding it really tough to sit here and type while feet are being pushed into my ribs. Ouch.
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I can't catch up. My brain just won't do it.

So, I'm sending big hugs to everyone... I've been reading but I just can't make myself sort out replies.

Today ended up being fairly productive but now I'm paying for it and can barely walk. But we got a lot of work done on the living room (which the kids have already trashed again ) and the front rooms (formal living/dining), which included sorting through the boxes of baby stuff that are in there as a safe haven from the dusty mess of the bedroom. So I washed another load of baby stuff and have culled through what else I need to work with. I also got a co-op order finished off for Lunapads and then ordered some other pads for me from Homestead Emporium (I think those are my favorite ever!), without spending a fortune either place. I dug out the rest of my existing mama cloth and have it washing, too.

I'd really, really like to still get some more reusable chux/mattress pads, but I'm just not sure that's going to happen. I'm pretty sure that once everything is washed that I've got everything I need, though.

Does anyone else hate washing brand new things? I really love the crispness (even in soft things, if that makes sense!) and newness and "perfectness" of brand new stuff. I'm having a hard time forcing myself to wash the baby clothes. I suppose that's why I often end up doing such things at the last minute! I'd rather sit and stare at the perfect little outfits than actually clean them. And I guess that's why I don't typically prewash clothes for my big kids... I really only do that with itty baby things. Is that awful?

Accuweather.com has forecasts for the weekend I hit 39 weeks... The weekend I dreamt the baby would come... The weekend corresponding to when my last two came. Eek! And, really, I think I'll be ready. Wow.
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Heather, I don't tend to wash stuff that I wear or the big kids wear right away, either. Just the tiny baby stuff because my babies have all had relatively sensitive skin.

I made chili for dinner tonight, the Italian Sausage I used tasted a bit bleh. It wasn't rancid, it didn't smell badly... just tasted like it had been in the freezer a little too long. I'm hoping we don't get sick from it because I really don't want to throw away a HUGE pot of chili that I was hoping to have in the crock pot while I was in labor.

Why when I leave the house do I have really intense, very real prodromal-ish labor and then as soon as I get home, it stops?? Wouldn't it make sense that I'd be too freaked out lol somewhere else and would feel more comfortable at home? I had some very real things going on tonight and when I got home it totally quit.
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Oh! I'm 39 weeks... (it's almost 1am here) WOW.. I swear it was just yesterday I was posting that I was 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 20 weeks, lmao. This pregnancy has really gone by so fast compared to my last two.
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i fee like the first 8 months went by pretty fast... this last few weeks seems to be taking lifetimes though! im trying to be patient, but its hard when you wake up at 4am starving and even rolling over hurts So much.
but this too shall pass...

oh and your chili sounds So good!
another good freezer meal idea...

im going to try to go back to bed now that i have some bread & cheese in my belly.

busy day ahead...
maybe ill have a baby (wishful thinking since its the last day in october.. )
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My husband looked at me the other day and said, "I feel like you've been pregnant forever." Hey, buddy, me too ! He didn't mean anything by it and I didn't take offense, but this has been the longest 9 months of my life.
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Julie-- we have had some similar struggles here with too much TV and computer.. I feel like this pregnancy I have been such a "lazy" parent, and I feel really guilty about it. And sadly I don't see it changing a whole lot soon, because with a new baby and lack of sleep, letting DS watch TV (though he doesn't really just sit and watch it, he usually is playing with something and "watching") is going to be the easiest way to keep everyone happy for a little while.... He is too young for me to send him outside to play, and he is getting bad again about running away from me when we go outside.. into the road, to the neighbor's house, etc. and at this point I can't really chase him down.. plus the weather is going to be getting cold and we will be staying inside a lot more. I just try to have a balance.. we can watch TV in the morning but we stay outside in the afternoon, or something like that.. and I have definitely been on the computer waaaay too much.

As for the crunchiness and DH's--- neither one of us is super "crunchy" and actually until I got pregnant with Liam, I didn't have a lick of crunchiness in me. I never quite "fit in" in school or into the mainstream popular society, but I never really knew much about being crunchy either. Once I got pregnant with Liam, a friend suggested MDC to me, and that is where I started learning about natural childbirth, circumsicion, vax's, cosleeping, breastfeeding (which I actually planned on doing anyway), etc. In my parenting I am definitely in the minority amongst the other Mamas I know IRL, and I'm slowly coming around to other crunchy areas. Luckily I have a pretty supportive family in most of those areas, but most of them disagreed with us not circ'ing, and cosleeping, and don't really know that DS is still nursing a little.... Aaron is an amazing husband and father, and is also very "fact" oriented, so it was pretty easy to convince him of not circ'ing, delayed/selective vax'ing, homebirthing, buying organic food, etc with some scientific articles.. We are sort of coming into this journey of "crunchiness" together, and we discuss every decision together and he has also been very supportive.
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Ellen! Digging a whole in the wall while your pregnant?! It'll be a funny story to tell when he's twenty-something. I think your response was perfect - bet he won't do *that* again!

Julie ~ we're definitely soul-twins or something. How old is your Dd? (I *could* open a new window and look...but I'm too lazy.) I *really* notice the difference between the HSed tweens and the public schooled. I'm not knocking the public schoolers, really, I'm not. I think parenting plays a HUGE part in how kids act. But the stuff my Dds pick up from schooled kids is enough to drive me over the edge. Don't get me wrong, they've picked up undesirable stuff from fellow HSers too - and mine aren't angels by any stretch - I know other parents have surely blamed my kids for spreading their evil ways too. I'm sort of dreading today when Dd1's hormonal-drama-queen friend comes over because it's like a chemical explosion or something.

Oh! And the screen time was/is a huge issue here too - but I recently did something about it (again.) Every once in a while, I'll just get fed up and will unplug the tv and the kids will be happily tv-free for months on end. Then someone gets the stomach bug, or chicken pox, or whooping cough, etc - and they just want to lie there and watch tv. And so the vicious cycle begins anew. **I really need to think of a plan of sick days instead of tv!!**
SO, I think we recent;y got over the worst of the worst. Someone introduced my girls to the Disney Channel. The attitude they both picked up from watching Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc was UNREAL. I finally got fed up and blocked the Disney Channel from our cable box. But then they just started watching cartoon Network, Boomerang, etc - and really, none of those shows were much better - very rude language, etc.
DP had (has) his own tv addiction in the form of soccer - mostly Mexican soccer, but all sorts of World Cup stuff. Not only games but he *must* watch the sports highlights every single morning and evening. It's SO loud and obnoxious that I would get so irritated because I really value my quiet, peaceful early mornings.
SO, the day after DP left for Mexico, I unplugged the tv & announced "No More!" And they didn't even ask!!! Their moods instantly improved, they would go directly outside to play or do some fantastic pretend play with each other or just get crafty & creative individually. I *know* this is what happens when I take the tv away, but somehow we always slip back into that routine. So it's been over 2 weeks w/o tv here.
I talked to DP and he hasn't had *any* amount of tv while he's been away (yet somehow he's survived. ) So I made a really crazy decision and called Verizon and cut out $60 worth of tv packages, including his special sports channels. I'm partly afraid of what his reaction will be but am counting on him missing me enough to not get too angry.
BUT, the catch here is that my computer time is going to be brought up. And it has been in the past. And like you, Julie, it's the same.exact.scenario. I feel like if he's watching the boob tube, why can't I be online? He claims I can sit next to him and watch tv and it counts as together time but if I'm online, it's very individual. But I don't *want* to watch tv.

SO, I need to prepare to cut back my online time. If DP and the kids are getting *zero* tv time, I'm not sure what will be "fair" since they don't use the 'puter. I'll probably have to get up in the middle of the night to check in.

Anyway ~ that's my take on all of that!

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I want to kidney punch him for that.
I'll help you.

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And then I lost a massive part of my plug. I went to go pee and there was like jello in my drawers. So unpleasant.

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Does anyone else hate washing brand new things? I really love the crispness (even in soft things, if that makes sense!) and newness and "perfectness" of brand new stuff. I'm having a hard time forcing myself to wash the baby clothes. I suppose that's why I often end up doing such things at the last minute! I'd rather sit and stare at the perfect little outfits than actually clean them. And I guess that's why I don't typically prewash clothes for my big kids... I really only do that with itty baby things. Is that awful?
I'm the opposite! I can't *stand* having new, unwashed clothes in the house - the smells & fears of chemicals on them bugs me out. So everything that comes into the house goes directly to the washing machine. And nobody's allowed to wear anything new until it's been washed.

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Oh! I'm 39 weeks... (it's almost 1am here) WOW.. I swear it was just yesterday I was posting that I was 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 20 weeks, lmao. This pregnancy has really gone by so fast compared to my last two.
Woo-hoo!! I can't wait until I'm that close!

AFM, I slept like crap *again* last night. I had regular contractions all night long, but I can tell they're not "the real deal" so I didn't bother timing them.
And this baby *never* sleeps! Ever! It makes me nervous about what's going to happen once he's here.... and I was afraid for a bit that I was feeling his head way up high. Hopefully I'm wrong - I still feel heavy "head" on my cervix. I was having lots of pinching/punches last night while I cooked dinner. Ouch.

Today I have to feed the chickens, take the cat to the vax clinic, make dinner and ToT. The silver lining is that this means I can give the cat the boot tomorrow! But then I have to think about how to fix the cat pee stink all over the place (well, in *several* isolated spots. )
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I also can not stand unwashed new clothes. The smell and fact that strangers have touched them really squicks me out.

Catie- My dh is a chemistry teacher, so also science minded. Once I show him the research or he sees that I've done it then that's good enough for him. His family is so very anti-AP or NFL in every way that this was a big change for him. Homebirth/UC was the biggest one for me to sell but after our last terrible OB, he got on my side and is now very pro-hb and talks about breastfeeding, hb, and vaxing in class, even. I certainly did not start off super-crunchy but my family were poor hillbillies, so co-sleeping, natural birth, and breastfeeding were a given. From there thanks to MDC I've become a lot "crunchier" than I would have ever imagined and apparently a lot of things I already believed seemed to fit right in.

TV novel:

We are not a TV free house but we are a "low TV house". We don't have cable but watch Netflix a lot. The kids also have to agree on shows to watch anything, otherwise there are usually hour long screaming matches, so that helps cut down on some of the shows I don't like. We are also a no-Hannah Montana/whatever household. Luckily the kids think it's stupid and dh and I do, too, so it's a non-issue. Even when I was a girl scout leader last year and dd was surrounded by Hannah Montana everything by girls in the meetings, she still held out not liking it. Thank the gods for that. They did get their first Silly Bandz things a couple of weeks ago, though. *sigh*

We only watch movies at night rarely together and then occasionally at lunch time if they get their lunches altogether peacefully and they had been driving me nuts. Dh does put on a movie like Dumbo for the toddler some mornings to let me sleep a little bit. She's started waking up at the crack of dawn and I really can't abide by that atm. I try to only get on the computer when the kids are preoccupied watching something, playing, whatever. I'm starting to get better at this but have found myself carrying around my ipod and checking in on here and facebook whenever I get a moment of quiet where the kids aren't paying attention, like when I'm cooking or going to sleep at night. Dh has made comments about me being online too much and I do agree I need to cut back, but as soon as I'm off, he's on. I've been off for days at a time and he'll be online the entire time he's not asleep/at work, so I bring it up to him and he gets all defensive. We do watch TV together (dh and I) at night so I can put my feet up. We used to play more games together and stuff, but he's so overly competitive that it's not really fun, so I'm boycotting it. Right now we're watching LOST again for the 100th time.

I also like that we don't get commercials (or at least as many) by not having cable and doing Netflix and videos instead. That really changes my kids attitudes. They become very materialistic and get this attitude that they deserve every.single.toy they see on tv when we watch cable. I hate that.

But we do let them use the computer sometimes and they have the wii and DS to play.
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Re: TV.

We're unschoolers... though I don't post much about it here because I've seen other boards/people that just don't have a clue that think all unschooling is some form of educational neglect or something. I have no real desire to defend my lifestyle.. but anyway, lol, we use the TV a lot. We watch many documentaries and movies that lead us elsewhere. My TV is on a lot and I'm not particularly bothered by that... but then again I do not have cable TV, we have netflix and I find that to be superior when it comes to viewing. I'm not big on watching anything other than documentaries (because I'm geeky like that) and by default the kids watch a lot of them, too. My little one is really into dinosaurs right now so we've been watching a lot of stuff on that to interest her. She's only 3 so a lot of it is little kid stuff but my boys pick up on stuff, too. Anyway... I get why some people want to be TV free or low TV but I don't think it works for every family and I don't see the TV as inherently evil, either. I connect with my kids in many ways all day long.
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Julie- I struggle with the same thing...I've always been a TV on in the background person (I multi-task and like the noise when I'm alone, I even studied that way when I was in school) but I'm afraid my habit has rubbed off on DD and since I've been pregnant there's been way to much of her sitting in front of the TV and I feel really guilty about it. But I've also felt like such complete crap most of the time that it's the path of least resistance. I think about all the things I 'could' be doing,outings, activities etc, but I just haven't had what it takes. On the plus side we spend several hours a day reading with her, so I guess it all balances out, I hope, but I've felt really bad about how little I've had her outside recently. DH is a tech nerd so he doesn't have a problem with this, or computer time...heck, he even just gave me a net book so I can check the Internets more conveniently. He likes to spend his evening playing computer games. It's what he likes to do, I like to knit while I watch Food Network. TV and computer etc is going to be a part of our life, I'm okay with that so long as I feel like we are balancing it properly. I'm kind of hoping for a new beginning though too, that after this baby comes we can start 'living' a little more than merely 'existing', if that makes sense.
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We're not completely "TV-free" - the kids occasionally watch DVDs and Dh and I watch a show together after the kids are in bed sometimes (not often, b/c he's working on the house so much). Right now, I'm watching a British series called "Foyle's War" - it's what I knit to after everything's done for the night.

I used to be a "non-washer" of new clothes, but then I read that formaldehyde (I just know I've spelled that wrong) is used (probably among other things) to keep down wrinkles, so I've washed before wearing ever since. Not that I buy much in the way of brand-new clothes...I'm mostly a 2nd hand shopper, plus we get tons of hand me downs.

I bought a clasp for my birth bead necklace yesterday, so I'm going to go put it on now and I'll post pictures later!

Happy Halloween!
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Nic, we're Unschoolers too - with a little Waldorf thrown in because I love it.

I had an opportunity to vent some anger today.

We took the cat to the vax clinic at Petco and as I pulled into the parking lot I noticed a bunch of fire engines & police cars out front of Staples, right next to Petco. There was a volunteer fire guy standing at one parking lot entrance but the cones were only blocking the exit lane, not the entry lane, kwim? So I proceeded to very slowly turn right into the parking lot of Petco. The guy FREAKED out on me, yelling at me, asking me what the hell I thought I was doing, couldn't I see the cones, etc. Our windows were down & I had 3 kids and a cat in the back seats. Boy did he mess with the wrong person. I gave it right back to him and then some. If the kids weren't with me, there would have been a whole lot of very colorful language from my mouth, but I was amazingly controlled in that respect. he yelled "Petco's closed! Come back in a half an hour!!"
So I slowly pulled up to the next entrance about 20 feet further up which also had a volunteer fireman standing there. I asked him how long Petco would be closed & he said "It's not closed, you can go right on through." So I turned right, rolled down my passenger window & waved & yelled thanks to the other a-hole who 20 seconds before was such a d*ckhead.
Then I parked and walked over to the (real) firemen and complained about the mean guy's behavior. They were very apologetic and said they'd talk to him.
The two employees who were standing outside of Petco said they were never closed.

ANYWAY, the cat is now vaxed & will become a barn cat hopefully either tomorrow or Tuesday!!

Then I will pick all of your brains about how to remove cat pee stank from various flooring.
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So many individual things I'd like to respond to -- this is when it would be nice to have al of you ladies sitting in my living room with me! But I have to take a shower and get ready to go to a friend's for dinner, and then dd is going out trick-or-treating with her kids and ds and I are going to stay back and help with passing out candy. Dh is at work.

Anyway, I have nothing against TV in and of itself. I just don't like it as background noise, probably because I grew up with it only being on rarely. The problem I have with it is when I think we *could* be doing something else, but are glued to the screen instead, like dh and I talking with each other in the evenings after the kids are in bed, or ds being read a book or taken outside on the swing set. He tunes out and plays his own stuff after about one show, but if the TV is on all morning, he's thinking that it *should* be on. One morning I brought him down to the couch after he woke up, to snuggle with him and give him his bottle, and he kept crying until I turned on Nick Jr. It only happened once, but it felt like a little warning to me! And then the other day I put him in his carseat and he pointed to the DVD player and asked to have it turned on (in his 21 month old way ). So that's what I don't like.

And for dd (11 y.o.), she has her own set of problems, which *include* TV, computer games, Nintendo DS, i-pod, wii, etc. Beginning this school year, she has withdrawn more, and is talking to me less. So I don't want her sitting in the van watching a DVD when we go grocery shopping, I want her sitting in the front seat chatting with me, KWIM? I was a single mom for most of her life, and we were really close, despite the fact that I was always working, in school, etc. She slept in my bed until I got married (she was 9), and even then, she still slept with me every third night when dh was at work. She's grown out of that now, which is fine, but I feel like she grew right into not needing me at all, not talking with me, not wanting to spend time with me, etc. During the week, she has homework and soccer practices, etc, so there's not time for a lot of technology, but on the weekends, she's "bored" unless she's tuned into one of the aforementioned electronic things. And that's what bothers me. This is the girl who used to read voraciously and write poetry in her spare time. So as i said before, I want her to get "unplugged" and start spending more one-on-one time with her, because we haven't been getting along at all lately, and in the past, it's always helped our relationship when I've started spending more quality time with her.

And one last thing. When dh and I were dating, he, dd and I used to have so much fun together, getting out of the house, playing board games, etc. After we got married, we turned into the busy family that has no time for having fun anymore. So I know what's possible for us to do, and I just want us to start adding that fun and togetherness back into our lives again.
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Erin, I knew I sensed a kindred spirit. Waldorf interests me... but I haven't really looked into it much, sadly. It's on my to do list.

Hahaha... one of my family members just got the smack down on my status from a friend. She said, "Hey! Tomorrow is November! We're waiting...." and my dear, sweet friend said, "Goodness! Don't pressure the poor woman! The baby will come when baby is ready." (or something to that effect) Anyway... feels good to have someone watching out for me.
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Julie- That's why we cut out cable. It really has made a huge improvement in everyone's attitudes. I wish, though, that you could subscribe by channel. I don't want 200 channels, just discovery and the weather channel more than anything.

We are waldorfy relaxed eclectic wtm-inspired homeschoolers. Which really makes zero sense. Basically we keep trying and failing at waldorf but do utilize some of the philosophy & practices but do some classical things my kids like. Especially my oldest dd who likes "real" work.
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