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Originally Posted by ~Demeter~ View Post
Erin, I knew I sensed a kindred spirit. Waldorf interests me... but I haven't really looked into it much, sadly. It's on my to do list.

Hahaha... one of my family members just got the smack down on my status from a friend. She said, "Hey! Tomorrow is November! We're waiting...." and my dear, sweet friend said, "Goodness! Don't pressure the poor woman! The baby will come when baby is ready." (or something to that effect) Anyway... feels good to have someone watching out for me.
We don't follow any of the Waldorf stuff like circle time or any of it, really. I just feel good about trying to live our lives with that lifestyle in mind (nature based toys [though we *do* have plastic] living seasonally as much as possible, etc.)
I do strive for more rhythm in our daily lives which is where I really look to Waldorf. But I have a looooong way to go.

Oh - some guy asked if I had "just one in there" when I posted my 36 wk shot yesterday.

Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
We are waldorfy relaxed eclectic wtm-inspired homeschoolers. Which really makes zero sense. Basically we keep trying and failing at waldorf but do utilize some of the philosophy & practices but do some classical things my kids like. Especially my oldest dd who likes "real" work.

We're very "take it or leave it" about all things school.
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also a Waldorf homeschooler (and exploring unschooling)
we just started our journey in september and i have been pretty worn out so we do lots of art, lots of stories (ds reads to me..i read to the girls) nature time and science go hand in hand, and then we do math (i feel like math is a skill that my son really needs because he is So artistic) my daughter is super in to letters and numbers and writing at a Kindy level. im so glad we are HS this year. i do feel like we are slacking in the sit down do hours of work kind of HSing, but im just not there right now.
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Fern- don't feel bad about that! We are former unschoolers but it just doesn't work for us. I do try to be child-directed as much as possible, though. But I'm a big believer that as long as they're being read to and have real life experience as a family that they're pretty much set. Right now we are more "bed schoolers" as I've migrated most of our books there after circle time is over to lay down and do stuff together separately. They like the one on one time, too.
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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
???? ((((hug))))
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DH has been in a foul mood off and on all day. He can't cope with the kids (but they're not even being awful) and *I* can't cope with *him* in that mood. We've been cleaning house yesterday and today, in part because it just needs to get done and in part because we have company coming in the morning. Not easy to get the kids to do everything they need to do, especially since getting up and moving around is really unpleasant right now.

In the midst of that, we hear toilets bubbling. None of our three toilets is flushing properly (though, thankfully, they do flush *somewhat* and aren't overflowing). And, did I mention we're supposed to have company tomorrow? And then my MW? And I'm 8.5 months pregnant and the baby seems to REALLY be sitting on my bladder these days?

And in Googling to get an idea of what might be wrong, it sounds like it could be our drain pipe... Haven't had trouble in years since we curtailed all use of "flushable" wipes (hey, they were nice for potty training, but NOT worth the hassle of clogged drains!). A friend tells me the drain pipe could've collapsed due to tree roots - which we know are an issue from previous televising of the pipe. UGH.

And I just checked the commodes again and one of the has what looks like SAND in it now. It wasn't there earlier. It's like course sand, which makes me think it probably IS a problem with the drains and something getting into them. Which means $$$$$$$ that we don't have right now.

It doesn't help that the bathroom remodel (which should be wrapped up by mid-week! ) is running up a nice little tab above our estimate, which should be fine but still has me totally stressed out. And DH should be doing expense reports from travel and hasn't done them and gets defensive when I mention them even though we, clearly, NEED the money from them.

So, anyway...

I can't think of anything better to describe how I feel right now.

Sigh. So sorry to vent... I suppose it's at least good that I'm not even having any "suspicious" uterine activity right now. I don't need labor for another 10 days.
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So no one got any sleep here last night... Liam was up every 2-3 hours coughing and crying for DH, who ended up sleeping with him in his bed most of the night.... We are all getting over colds, and I am worried Liam's may have turned into something else. The LAST thing I want to do is go into a doctor's office right now...... Then this morning Liam had several meltdowns because DH was trying to get ready for work and he DID. NOT. want Mommy, he wanted Daddy.. and another when he actually left for work. He seems fine now after some breakfast, but I am worried about what today will hold.... Luckily I don't have much to do, but I was really hoping for a low-key day today...........
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Heather- what terrible timing!!!

Catie- to him. I actually thought of you when I got up to pee at like 3 am because I realized I hadn't seen you on here for several hours. Totally weird middle of the night thought.

I am tired. Dh was a little disappointed did not make his Halloween Baby prediction. We even dtd twice, ate half a pineapple (that's all I could do, omg my mouth hurts) and went for two long walks just so he might get his chance. It feels like my cervix has actually backed up some, though, and I can barely reach it while about 2-3 days ago it was so low I didn't even have to try. Confusing.
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Thanks KW.. he seems to be acting normal the last couple hours.. a little extra clingy (and he keeps asking me to hold him like a baby) but nothing terrible.. I keep asking him if something hurts and he says "no" (he is really good about telling you what hurts if something does..)..... He's riding his bike around the house now, so he must not be feeling too terrible..
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Catie - here's hoping you get your downtime today after all.

Heather - oh man, it sounds like a can of worms about to be opened at your place. We're at the tail end of a reno, so I know *all* about that, and you have my utmost sympathies. Hold on for a few more days, baby!

ToTing was really fun with the kids last night - we only did a few houses, so we were back at our place by 8, which was good timing, because the heavens opened up and it started to pour by 8:30! It's still raining really hard now.

I had a horrible sleep - I had RLP so bad turning over that I cried out. It didn't help that dd2 was in our bed, so I had very little room to maneuver in. We're saving up for a king sized bed, and it's a good thing!

So no Halloween babies from any of our folk?
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Catie- I was just double checking my EPO dosages and found something saying that it can help soften scar tissue in the cervix. Don't know if you're taking any EPO, but figured I'd let you know! At the very least it won't hurt anything.
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Morning, mamas!

Wow, I can hardly believe it's November! Just four more days until I have an actual BABY! Squee!

We got a lot done this weekend, so I'm feeling very prepared, at least physically, to have her come home. Emotionally, I"m still in disbelief that she is coming so soon. But it is starting to seem exciting rather than scary (although I'm still worried/scared about the surgery and recovery).

In-laws arrive Wednesday and it looks like the weather is going to be PERFECT for them

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! We're going to be swimming in babies soon, aren't we??
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Four more days, Karen?!?! We're going to need pictures and news updated frequently, of course.

I have also decided baby is not allowed to come out at least until this weekend. I want to do another belly painting and cast and get ds through his surgery without me being incapacitated.
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Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
Catie- I was just double checking my EPO dosages and found something saying that it can help soften scar tissue in the cervix. Don't know if you're taking any EPO, but figured I'd let you know! At the very least it won't hurt anything.
Thanks! My MW has me taking 1000 mg 2X a day (wants me to insert it too.. but its too difficult and i cant reach my cervix anyway )
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s Heather and Catie!

I've been up since 4:45 this morning. It seems like I can't sleep after I get up to pee anymore. And my round ligament pain under my left rib is getting worse and worse, to where it doesn't go away after a night of sleep anymore. So I'm not getting as much done around here as I'd like, because I'm spending *so* much time on the couch on my back.

On a bright note, I've been making dinner every day and eating well, and I'm feeling really good about that. And today my goal is to have my hospital bag packed. I've already started gathering things, specifically the precious little outfit that dh bought for our Biscuit to come home in!

In my head I just keep finding myself saying, "Thank you God for letting it be November!"
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Catie ~ I hope he feels better.

Heather ~ Ugh. When I first saw your head-banging smilies, I thought, "boy heather's super grouchy, that might mean labor's coming..." (because I remember HOW grouchy I was the day I went into labor with Ds.) But man, that *stinks*! It's so frustrating when stuff goes wrong at any time, but at this point in pregnancy, it's just wrong.

Karen ~ 4 days!! That's so soon!! I can't wait to hear all about it and to see pictures of your little one.

ToTing was not so bad last night but I am SOOOOO glad it's over! And it's November! I'm in a beautiful mood today. DP comes home tonight, our attorney friend just left after helping me finish up the estate paperwork aaaaaand, it's November!! I can glance at my wall calendar & SEE my due date!! Oh thank goddess, I thought November would never come.

I only had to stop walking through a couple of contractions last night - and I walked reeeeaally slow. One got me in the middle of the street & I just had to stop and *really* breathe through it. After that I announced it was time to go home. I think we stayed out for about 1.5 hours.
The kids ate zero candy while out and when we got home, I swapped all of their crap for organic crap. At least I don't have to feel guilty about HFCS, artificial colors & flavors, hydrogenated oils, etc.
I was SO pooped by bedtime. I fell asleep instantly & woke briefly at almost 4am & remembered that teh candy fairy had to make an appearance! So I hauled my sleepy arse to the basement (with GIANT bag of candy) and replaced it with 3 new sets of PJs. All is well in the world.

We have HS sports this afternoon and the bathrooms at the park are closed. It really irks me. But I don't know how many more weeks I'll be able to go or how long the weather will hold out (and boy do my kids need to burn off that sugar! ) So I'm going to suck it up.

I have chicken stock simmering & venison stew started on the stove. I'm in the mood to clean. Wish I could send the kids with someone else...

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ooh Karen so exciting that you will have your sweet baby in your arms in 4 days!!!

Catie and Heather

We had fun trick or treating last night, although I was expecting contractions while we walked up and down some of the hills around here and pretty much wound up with nothing, my parents get here tomorrow night and so I wouldn't mind waiting till then to go into labor but part of me is starting to think that due date of mine on Sunday, is going to come and go without a baby appearance.

I am about to go make a smoothie for breakfast and get some tortilla soup in the crock pot for dinner right now. I woke up feeling congested and my throat hurts, really don't want to deal with a cold right now
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i woke up in the night at 3am with the worst periody cramps and other stuff.. i was SURE i was going to go into labour or that it was the start but i finally fell back asleep after a few visits to the bathroom and a big glass of water and woke up feeling tired but okay.im sneezing like crazy though which is usually a sign that im getting sick ..how is that possible? im eating some breakfast then im going to go back to bed. i guess i over did it yesterday..but it was a wonderful Halloween day/night..so i really cant complain too much.
my mom has my girls out this am, thank goodness.. i need to sort out their nasty sugar and let them have a bit so i can throw the rest out.

(((hugs))) to the mamas who need it today.

i want to hear about more babies!
and universe, i volunteer for having one today
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Fern - I really hope you don't get sick again!

My mom is coming today to visit for a few days, which is great - this means I'll get to go to appts by myself (gasp!) and she'll fold all my laundry for me (she has a bit of a laundry fetish, and I hate doing it, so it's win/win!).

Yay for it being November! I'm off to knit baby's hat and hopefully get it finished...
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Don't get sick again, Fern!

Julie, that's great that you're cooking has been going great. Can't wait to see your LO in the coming home outfit!

Originally Posted by LadyCatherine185 View Post
Thanks! My MW has me taking 1000 mg 2X a day (wants me to insert it too.. but its too difficult and i cant reach my cervix anyway )
I've been taking 3000mg and inserting it at night if we don't dtd. I shove it as far as I can and assume laying down will make it leak to the cervix. Getting it all the way up there sounds like more of a challenge than it's worth!
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