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Originally Posted by thyra View Post
This CANNOT go on for 3 weeks. I have TWO 20 page papers that NEED to be written by 12/17. I HAVE to take an exam this weekend. I MUST graduate this semester. If this lasts for 3 WEEKS I won't. B/c theres NO WAY in HE!! that I'll be able to finish all my work by the end of the semester if I can't do ANYTHING for 3 weeks. UGH.
Thats why I really think you need to try some probiotics. I didnt really know about them, or even think to look for non-dairy ones, until about the 3 week mark. He was done puking by then, but still had the poops. After some research, and LOTS of reading here at MDC, i determined that his little tummy must have been completly flushed of good bacteria, and it needed a boost.
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Where do you buy them? I can't get to the health food store b/c its a busride away, and I'm NOT taking ds on the bus right now.

Also, he's had a bath this morning, and I did a baking soda with apple cider vinegar rinse on his hair and it STILL smells like puke! HOW do I get PUKE smell out of his hair????? HELP
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The kids culterelle is in the regular old vitamin section at my local grocery store, NOT the natural remedie and holitstic section. So perhaps your local pharmacy might help.

The puke smell. I dont know. Regular old soap worked for us when it came to cleaning the children. The carseats got straight vinegar.

Coffee grinds? Hey, when your desperate, right?
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Thanks Barbie. I'll be heading out soon to see if I can find some. He's eating applesauce and cheerios right now - his appetite is better today than it has been - hopefully that inidcates that the end is near.
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You could try congee. You can make it in a crock pot. It is a traditional healing food from Asia. Google it and you'll find tons of recipes. It's basically rice cooked with chicken and/or vegetables for many hours so it is super easy to digest.
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Barbie - I got the silk yogurt, but the drugstore and grocery store both didn't have the probiotics. His dad might have some though - I'll ask if he can either give some to him this weekend, or he might see him tomorrow.

Is the yogurt easy on the tummy?? My ds had about half the container for lunch, but I'm afraid to give him any more until I see how he does with it. He is of course, FURIOUS with me for not allowing him to eat all of it - he clearly doesn't understand that his tummy is fragile right now.
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I think it's ok to start with a little yogurt. Tomorrow, you can give him more.

Hopefully you can get some probiotics soon, I agree with that recommendation.

I'm sorry he's still sick, for his sake and yours. Poor guy I can't imagine my 18mo going through that.
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How is he today?
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Well, NO PUKE last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have gone about 36hours with NO PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, still some diarrhea this morning, but it was more solid than it has been in a while. He ate a whole thing of the silk yogurt for breakfast, and then promptly went to sleep again. He did this morning nap yesterday too, and then a 3hour nap in the afternoon - I'm hoping he does that again.

He seems to be doing ok, I'm just nervous about feeding him too much. I might try rice with broth today, but other than that we'll stick to whats been working - cheerios and banana's. I'll also get some more of the silk yogurt (I only got 2 containers since he usually hates yogurt and its expensive), and, any other suggestions???
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So awsome to hear. Not sure which yogurt you got for him (silk only makes four flavors ) but Matt LOVES the blueberry one.

The kids culterelle has no flavor. You just dump a packet into whatever they are drinking. So in Lincolns case, you could put some in his cup of pedialyte. If hes done with the puking, the yogurt should definetly help with his pooing. Culterlle would be doubly helpful. Only problem is, its also VERY espensive. 20 bucks for 30 packets! oye! i stick with the yogurt until the kids are sick, otherwise i'll go broke.
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Yeah, I couldn't find the probiotics, but I know his dad has some (a different kind though), so he'll get some this weekend for sure.
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That is great to hear he seems to be done puking and is catching up on sleep (that helps you get your work done too I know).
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