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Baby Charlie is here.... Added birth story

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Our daughter, Charlotte Diana (Charlie) was born on October 28th at 4:12pm. I had a relatively short labour and delivered her naturally after just 3 pushes. We arrived at the hospital at 2pm and she was born just over 2 hours later.

I'll post a more detailed birth story shortly. In brief, I did ask for pain meds, but was pretty much already in transition at that point, they just didn't know it yet lmao.

She's jaundiced and so they kept us another night, much to my frustration. She's nursing REALLY well and I feel great considering I just gave birth two days ago.

Like her brother, she's got a full head of black hair.

Here's a picture of her passed out after nursing. Don't mind the position. I'd had her in the 'football' nursing position and this is how she fell asleep.


Edit: Forgot the stats!
She was born at 37w6d. 7lbs3oz (10oz bigger than her brother who was born at 40w!) and 19" long. Apgars of 9 and 9.
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She is very cute. Congratulations!
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She is beautiful. Glad you are feeling great.
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She's lovely! Congratulations!

My big boys both saw the picture and my 6yo wants to pick her up. I think they're a wee bit jealous of babies that are already here!
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Welcome to baby Charlie! She is so adorable, seriously. Glad you are feeling good!

I love the name Charlie for a little girl. I tried convincing dp to name a little girl Frankie (Franchesca) but he isn't having it.
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What a BEAUTIFUL chilld. Wow, just beautiful.
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She's so sweet! Congratulations mama!
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She's beautiful! Congratulations!
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Congratulations! She's just adorable, Kay. So happy that you had a good birth.

And OMG! I can't believe I'm going to have one of those in less than a week!!
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She's so gorgeous!! Congratulations!
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Super Cute!
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Woo-hoo!! She's *gorgeous*!! Such chubby cheeks...and what a good size for an "early" baby!

Congratulations Kay! And I LOVE the name Charlie!!
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She is beautiful, Kay! Congratulations and thanks for posting a picture.

Can't wait to hear the whole story...in the meantime, enjoy your babymoon. I've been waiting to hear your news....I figured, since we hadn't heard from you in a couple of days, that this was the "real thing"!
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Congrats, she's beautiful
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She's gorgeous, Kay! Congratulations!!!
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congrats!! she is beautiful!
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she's beautiful! congrats and happy babymoon!
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And.....the birth story.

At 3am on the 28th, I woke up to pee and felt a tiny gush when I stood up. I wasn't contracting, but decided to stay up for a bit (and chat on FB and MDC, lmao).

Around 3:30, I started having a few light contractions every 5-7 minutes or so. They weren't bad, so around 4:30 I went back to bed with a chux pad under me just in case. The contractions continued, but I slept through most of them.

When we got up for the day, the leaking seemed to have stopped. We decided to go for a walk so we headed downtown to our favourite little park. Walked around for a while and I had a few good contractions. On the drive home, I felt a few small gushes but still wasn't completely sure it was amniotic fluid.

My husband called into work and during that time, around 11am, I started timing contractions and my water had *definitely* broken because I was gushing every few steps. They were around 4-5 minutes apart at that point, but still pretty much just strongly crampy. I did have to vocalize through them, but I could focus on other stuff between them.

Within an hour, they'd increased to every 3-4 minutes. We called my mother and she picked up DS around 1:30, and we headed for the hospital since the contractions had increased to every 1.5-2min. We got to the hospital at 2pm.

All 6 L&D rooms were occupied, so I waited in the waiting room/pantry for about a half hour. I rocked on the birth ball and bent over the counter and made deep, low sounds through the contractions.

Got into a room around 2:30. Hopped on the bed on my hands and knees for the contractions. I was around 5cm dilated at the initial check (didn't want many checks - but I was okay with a couple here and there.) Sometime between 3:00 and 3:30 I hit a wall and asked for an epidural. My mother arrived shortly after this. They took blood to check platelets and I just keep vocalizing with the contractions. At that point, they were one on top of the other with only a few seconds break. At 4pm, I felt like pushing, so I did. The nurse wanted to check me and when she did she found I was fully dilated (I could have told her that, given how strong the urge to push was and the fact that I felt better when I pushed.) She called in the OB.

OB comes in, starts gowning up, and I got halfway onto my side and back (the position my body wanted to be in) and pushed again because I needed to. The doctor was still getting her gown on when the nurse took a look and she goes "Uh, Dr C we have a head on the perineum." They tried to coach my pushing, but I ignored them.

Three strong pushes (12min total), and she was completely out. She went right on my chest and I worked at getting her latched.

I had two tiny 1st degree tears. No stitches - they seem to be mostly healed already. Had trouble with the placenta and due to a history of placenta issues, I agreed to be put on syntocin. They ended up having to do a manual removal (HOLY COW THAT HURTS!) which I did allow because of the accreta I had with my son.

Charlie has been nursing very well. Her bilirubin was a little high so we ended up stuck at the hospital FAR longer than I wanted.

From the point that it was *Definitely* labour was only just over 5 hours, and until I hit transition, I was doing really well managing on my own. I'd read that a lot of women hit a wall when they enter that period, and I think that's what I did. I feel great, though. Better than I did at a week postpartum with my son.

Her on the bilibed our second night there. I *really* disliked this, and she did too.

Our family. Of course, I look like crap, but I felt great!
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