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Early babes.

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Does anybody know if because I had my last baby five weeks early if this one is going to come on the early side too? Does it work like that? I tend to think not, but I wanted to know if anybody had any experience in such things. I was reading the thread about the moon phases, and my daughter was born on a full moon...and looking at the moon calender for this december and January, I realized that the likihood of this one coming on a full moon is good...especially if she is early OR very late(three weeks). I don't EXPECT it...but I'm just curious.
and very tired.
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I think the old wive's tale is that second and more babies tend to be a bit earlier than the first. I imagine that doesn't necessarily apply since your first was 5 weeks early but I would suspect that you have a smaller than average chance of going overdue.

Maybe this should be a poll in Birth and Beyond....
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I'm not sure, but my first was at 37 weeks, second at 38, so maybe this one will be 39? lol
I am not expecting to go late, but if I do thats okay!
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I think it depends on why your previous baby was born early.

I've had 2 early babies (36 weeks & 29 weeks) but for different reasons and before this pregnancy my midwife said there was no reason I shouldn't go to term. However, I am being followed closely by an OB this time around because of my past history.

Will I go to term this time? I don't know. Both DH and I feel this little guy will be early, but we don't know if that is because of my past history or if it is a true gut feeling.
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Hi, my first was early, (water broke at 35 weeks, born at just 36) and I felt quite nervous with my second that he might come early -- but he was born the day after my due date. I was put on bed rest with my second due to my strong BH and I had those with my first too. I am now expecting my third and in my 2nd & this pregnancy I am taking extra Vitamin C to stregthen the amniotic sac. I am DDC crashing and about 22 weeks now and I have BH but not super strong yet. I sure hope this little peanut stays in till at least 37 weeks. I think it does mean there is, statistically speaking, a higher risk or an early birth but it doesn't mean that it's for sure by any means! I will say that with my first I had nothing yet - no car seat, blankets, etc...so I was ready for my second at 34 weeks! Good luck and I hope yours, mine and the babies of all of MDC moms stay in the oven till at least 37 weeks!!!
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i totally agree it depends on why they were early. my friend has a bicornuate uterus. her first baby was slightly early and quite small (as if squished). her second was extremely early. they think the first grew in the "bigger" horn and the second in the smaller one.

DD1 was born at 37 weeks for pre-e, which statistically would be less likely in subsequent pregnancies if it was the same father. no idea what to expect this time around because it's not the same guy.

i'm sure there are many variables.
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well, I was on bedrest for the last half my pregnancy. I had a partial previa, but when I lost my mucus plug and started having contractions, the placenta had moved enough so that I would have been able to have her vaginally had the hospital let me. I was in labour for 24 hours and my water broke half way through it. My body definitely went into labour on it's own... and I still believe I could have had her naturally. The hospital staff were freaked because they assured me I was 35 weeks just as adamently as I assured them I was 37. (I knew the DAY I conceived and they didn't... and they wouldn't have believed me anyway.)
So my labour wasn't induced in the beginning, I feel pretty confident the girl just wanted out. She came out screaming and searching for me.
So who knows what this will bring...already I feel like this little one has got plans that I know nothing about...

(I was up at two am, eating cereal...)
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