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How much do you drink?

Poll Results: How many drinks do you have on an average night?

  • 51% (119)
    ZERO: I never drink or very rarely
  • 36% (85)
    1-2: Two is my max unless I'm at a wedding.
  • 11% (26)
    3+: Hmmm...is anyone counting?
230 Total Votes  
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On an average day, say...a Wednesday, you're tired, it was a slightly rough day, you're relaxing with a book, in front of the TV, or talking with a friend - how many alcoholic drinks do you have?
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I don't drink at all. When I did I would only drink a little with meals, never to relax. That's just me.
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I voted 1-2, but I don't drink every day. Maybe once or twice a week. And I've been known to have more than two even if I'm not at a wedding. More than three and I usually feel crappy the next day (especially if it's wine), so I usually don't have more than three unless it's over a few hours and food is involved.
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I voted zero. The only time I have alcohol is possibly at a wedding and then it's only one. And I haven't had a drink since I got pregnant with my first, so just over 3 years now! I just don't like a lot of alcohol and I have zero interest in pumping and dumping.
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I voted zero. I will have maybe two drinks in a year's time, if that.

I have a low tolerance for alcohol. I remember the old formula of Nyquil could make me loopy. Plus my uncles were both alcoholics so I tried to avoid for that reason, as well. I am afraid I would become addicted. So I just decided to avoid.
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I voted 1-2 but that's like maybe once every 2 months or less, certainly not every night! (This is when I'm not pregnant)
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1 or 2 once every couple of months.
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The most I would drink is 1-2 a couple times a week.
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Zero. Nada. Zip. A few years ago, I realized I was drinking a little bit daily, just to soften the edges, and that I was looking forward to it the entire time I wasn't drinking. It had become too important to me, so I stopped. It's still a fight.
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I voted zero. I think I have about one drink a year... I don't like the taste and my DH doesn't drink (history of alcoholism).
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I voted 1-2. but two is only my max during the week. I have a beer or glass or wine most nights. Then on the weekend I might have a night I have more. I'm not getting plastered but I'm certainly not driving. And DP will not drink and then the next weekend we will switch.
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I used to drink a few times a year, like put my party hat on. Now I'm on a crapload of medication and can't drink. 1) Because after about a drink and a half I vomit publicly and 2) my liver has enough going on, drinking is the last thing I need to do.

i miss having a drink though.
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I voted 1-2 and that's usually a couple times a week. In the winter I like to put a smidge of Bailey's in my tea at night.
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None. I quit 15 years ago (with rehab and a program).
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I voted 1-2, but it is actually 1. I have one glass of wine about 5 nights a week.
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I drink 1-2x a year if that. I have a high alcohol tolerance, I've been tipsy once after 4-5 double shots of vodka then after 15 minutes the feeling was gone (this was in college to just see.)

My best friends growing up had alcoholic parents and mine just never drank. I don't really see the point.

I view wine like cheese cake. I like it I'll splurge some, but only some because its too rich. And rarely.
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I drink very rarely. Like maybe 4 times a year. And never more than 2-3 drinks. Usually 1-2.
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Originally Posted by berry987 View Post
On an average day, say...a Wednesday, you're tired, it was a slightly rough day, you're relaxing with a book, in front of the TV, or talking with a friend - how many alcoholic drinks do you have?
Almost never.

In all my life, I've never drank alcohol very much. I never "partied" and have only ever used alcohol in a responsible manner. I don't like beer and know very little about wine, so never buy either. My husband "partied" on New Years Eve (2010 - his birthday is also on New Years Day) at a friends house while I read a book by the campfire, since I had agreed ahead of time to be the designated driver. He drank a lot of gross things that night and ended up ill and it was a most unpleasant experience for me to see him in that way, and unpleasant for him once the alcohol started affecting him. He regretted it that night and the next day and felt off for a couple days. He usually buys Rum which he keeps in the freezer and on very rare occassions, he will mix some with Coke, but I don't think he has drank any at all this entire year since his over-drinking he did on New Year's Eve/Day.

One time, when I was in my early 20's, I drank 3 drinks over the course of 3 hours and it made me ill. I never drank that much ever again because I don't like to throw up. That was when I learned I am incapable of drinking more than 1 drink without getting drunk. I would define drunk as being flushed (my cheeks and face get hot), a little slower mentally and then sleepy. I don't understand the desire some people have for the 'drunk' feeling. I don't see the point of doing that to my body. Perhaps once or twice a year, I will drink something alcoholic, but limit it to one. There are other things I like to drink that simply taste better.
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There is no "other" option, so I didn't vote. On the wednesday night you described I might have one. Or I might have a nice herbal tea. Say 2 or 3 times a month, more likely in the cold season than in the warm. But DH & I drink wine as a part of dinner. We typically drink a bottle a week between the two of us which adds up to about a glass or maybe two per day between sunday when we open the bottle, and tuesday, wednesday when we finish it. The rest of the week is water only. But a little wine with meals is fairly typical here and would not really be considered applicable in response to the question "how much do you drink".
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well, i put zero, because i'm currently pregnant, but when i'm not pregnant i'd say i have a drink (a glass of wine or a beer) about one to three times per week. it's rare that i'll have more than one drink in a sitting (except when i'm visiting my sister -- then we'll share a bottle or two of wine).
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