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Poll Results: How many drinks do you have on an average night?

  • 51% (119)
    ZERO: I never drink or very rarely
  • 36% (85)
    1-2: Two is my max unless I'm at a wedding.
  • 11% (26)
    3+: Hmmm...is anyone counting?
230 Total Votes  
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I voted 1-2, but it is sometimes as much as three when we have alcohol in the house. Some weeks we buy a box of (higher quality) red wine, and some weeks we don't. But when we do, I often have a small glass (like 2-3 oz) when I get home from work, and a glass or two of wine with dinner. I prefer the taste of wine over my other choices (non-dairy milk, juice, water), but am happy to drink other beverages when we don't have wine in the house.
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I brew mead but I only will take a tiny sip of that as a tasting. I hate the feel on alcohol in my mouth and the dizziness and hot face etc it gives me (and that's just from one too-large sip).

DH will drink 1-2 beers or one mead a night if it's in the house and he feels like it (we buy maybe a 6-pack of beer in a month). At re-enactment events partying with his friends he'll have like 5.
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I voted 1-2 and it's usually 4-5 times a week. I love dry, red wine and often have it with dinner and sometimes 1 after dinner. It does make me feel relaxed and help to unwind in addition to tasting great!
If it is a special occasion with other drinks, my next choice is vodka and I might have 3-4 drinks but that's pretty infrequent.
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It depends. DH and I like to have drinks with Saturday night dinner and then we will open a bottle of wine when we're doing our Sunday cooking for the week. Often we go out to eat with friends and it is then or over the holidays that I tend to drink more. I don't keep any hard alcohol in the house because I have a tendency to self-medicate. Just having wine with DH or having a drink at a restaurant works fine for me, however. I'm not sure if I fit into any of the categories, because it all depends.
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If the day ever comes when I am not pregnant or nursing, I may go as high as a drink a month or so. I just can't afford to drink much because I have a low tolerance and am usually tired enough already. I'd never drink more than 2 drinks at a time. I'm way past the point in my life when I want to be drunk, and it doesn't take much for me. Right now I'm pregnant so I'm not drinking at all, but when I was just nursing I would have about 2 beers a year.
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Every 3 months or so I get a bottle of wine and drink with somebody else. I got tipsy at a wine tasting tour back in June, and I got drunk back in January at a house party with friends. I wasn't intending to get drunk that night. I actually only had 3 drinks over the course of the night. However, my friend mixed the drinks and she made them especially strong. Prior to that, the last time I got drunk was election night 2008. I was DRUNK.

I'm throwing a Bachelorette party at the end of the month, and I do intend on having a few drinks.
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In light of a couple recent posts, I'll clarify that I do enjoy getting slightly tipsy on rare occasions...but that only takes me two drinks these days. Five would make me sick.
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While not pregnant, 1-2 glasses of red wine in an evening, 2-3x per week.
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I didn't vote. It's somewhere between 0 and 1-2 per night, which would be 365-630 in a year. There are many nights when I don't drink, but it probably averages out over the year to 75-125 drinks.
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I voted 3+, but honestly its generally around 2 glasses of wine most nights. If we're out though I might have as many as 4 or even 5 though thats fairly rare.
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None, ever. And not because I think alcohol is evil or anything like that.

Me and alcohol just don't mesh. I went through a downward spiral about two years ago, drinking all the time. Blacked out one night, behaved very poorly that night, and haven't drank a drop since.
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I really only drink on special occasions. My dad bought us a bottle of very good wine a few weeks ago and I just gave it away to my SIL because we won't drink it! So yeah...Thanksgiving, Xmas, other special occasions, I will have one drink. Sometimes two if I really need to wind down or if it is a stressful family situation.

I am nursing but I've never really drank a lot, it gives me a headache.

My husband has a beer almost every day though. He never has more than one, unless it is a social gathering.
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I voted 3+. That's for me and dh. We both happen to really like the taste of beer, and like to brew our own. We are currently not drinking during the week, but do enjoy beer on the weekends. We are usually out and about on our farm, taking care of chores, and a nice cold beer is great! We don't drink and drive-we have an adult designated driver in the house. With Holiday meals we usually have a bottle of wine open to share with friends and neighbors. Rarely will either of us drink hard liquor as really stupid things can happen.
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Originally Posted by 2xy View Post
I voted 1-2, but I don't drink every day. Maybe once or twice a week.
Same here. It is my "bad day antidote" but I don't drink if I'm the only parent home. I have had a kid rush into my room at midnight screaming he needs stitches. Oh joy!
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I said 1-2 drinks when I do drink, but it's not every week or even every other week.
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Originally Posted by Chicky2 View Post
I voted 3+. That's for me and dh. We both happen to really like the taste of beer, and like to brew our own.
DH brews all kinds of cool beers, and I don't like beer. I wish I did - such a waste of an awesome in-house resource that I don't like them.
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I probably have about one or two drinks a week, on average-- although lots of weeks I drink no alcohol at all, and then in a social situation I might have a few more. I can't really drink more than 3 in one evening, though. I'm a total lightweight... I mostly drink wine. I drink DH's homemade wines, when I can-- mostly really low-alcohol stuff like dandelion wine and strawberry wine. Otherwise, I drink red wines. I LOVE beer, but I can't really tolerate it-- I have ulcerative colitis, and beer really bothers it. I treat myself to one beer every Christmas-- a really good beer-- and then regret it for two weeks afterward, every year.

But mostly it's just a glass of red wine on a Friday evening when a friend is over, and then maybe one late Sunday afternoon while the kids are outside.

I come from a long line of alcoholics, on both sides of my family. For many years I didn't drink at all, out of fear that I would be too vulnerable to addiction. I have arrived at a place, though, where I recognize that moderation is something I can do. I have the ability to do that.
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I voted 1-2, although I don't have that everyday. I usually have a glass or two of wine with dinner on non-gym days.
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i voted 1-2 though i don't drink every night. but 3-4 nights a week i'll have a glass of wine while i cook dinner or after i put dd to bed. rough days i might have 2 glasses. on the rare occasion i'm socializing in the evening i may have a cocktail or sake or more wine than i should, but i can't drink like i used to
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Didn't vote (would have been "other") but:

A few years ago: 3-4 or more drinks per night, especially if there was a WoW raid going on.

Then, I got pregnant and breastfed for 9 months. So, no alcohol then.

Now, maybe 2-3 glasses of wine or another beverage, but only on weekends. Sometimes I "need" a glass of wine or something to take the edge off during the week, but we just don't keep it in the house and I'm not about to go buy some. I just send the kiddos to bed and drink a cocoa or tea.

(I found 3 servings of alcohol is my limit--I can get a decent "buzz" but am not hung over in the morning. To "stretch" them, I might drink water or soda between drinks or make wine spritzers--mix sprite and white wine myself (order both and an extra wineglass if in a bar).
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