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Poll Results: How many drinks do you have on an average night?

  • 51% (119)
    ZERO: I never drink or very rarely
  • 36% (85)
    1-2: Two is my max unless I'm at a wedding.
  • 11% (26)
    3+: Hmmm...is anyone counting?
230 Total Votes  
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I voted zero, but that's just because it says the average night. Every few months, DH or I will buy a 6 or 12 pack, and then we have 1 or two a night until it's gone, but it's not the norm for us.

I did go through a period right after I graduated college where an average night was in the 3+ category (actually, more like 8+ - and I'd be at work on time & ready to go the next morning), but that was for maybe 9 months, and then the group of friends I was hanging out with dispersed, then a few months after that I met DH & moved further away from town, so it slowed down. Now that we have DD, we rarely drink. Especially as our recovery gets slower & more painful the older we get! Sad. I do love a good beer, and sometimes wish I could really tie one on like I used to, at least on special occasions.
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I only drink wine if we are out for dinner at someone's home for a holiday meal (ie Thanksgiving). I don't like the taste of beer and can probably count on 1 hand the number of times I have had hard liquor.

Aside from entertaining (which we do minimally) at home we might go through 5 or 6 bottles of wine a year - probably 1/2 of that would be used in cooking and DH usually manages to make his way through a 24 every summer.
Not big drinkers here.
I voted 0 drinks.
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I voted one-two, but really I never have more than one, and two would be at a wedding, not more. I feel reeeeaaally relaxed after two and certainly can't drive and that's not a position I want to be in on a nightly basis, LOL!

I do drink one if I'm alone, even, but I am also willing to call an ambulance or neighbor in a true emergency. I know I'm reasonable at one, even if I'm not willing to drive, just in case.
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1-2 is my norm. I try not to drink on weekdays for weight management--it's empty calories and I found I can do without easier than I thought! I don't have to be at a wedding to drink more, but I do need to be somewhere social and awake past 10 to drink more.

I like my wine, it doesn't affect me too much. Last night I went out with a freind and had two margaritas and that was too much! But 3-4 glasses of wine doesn't impact me very much, makes me a little relaxed but not slurry or dumb like the tequila did last night. I looked like the woman from AbFab last night. I don't actually like to be drunk, so lesson learned on margaritas.
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I voted never or rarely. DH and I both like beer, but I can count on one hand the number of drinks I have had since DD was born 5 years ago.

I like alcohol a little too much, which is part of why I rarely drink. In my early twenties, I discovered that if I don't stop at one, I will drink five or six, to the point of getting sick, because I just can't stop myself. There is a strong tendency towards alcoholism in my extended family. My parents are both teetotalers for this reason, so I think I grew up afraid to drink at all. It took me a while to learn that it IS possible to drink in moderation.

I think we will probably start buying the occasional 6-pack again when the kids are a bit older.
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I enjoy alcohol, but it is really random how much I drink. Like I could have 4 drinks one night, none the next, then one the next day, ect ect.


I am pregnant now (28 weeks), so I am not drinking at all, except I occasionally will have a sip of DH's beer, but I never have say even half a beer total worth of sips if I do that. Usually just one or two sips.


I have to say, I really like being buzzed. I have a very stressful job, and coming home to a glass of wine or two wipes away all the tension of the day. It just lets me take off all the stress and almost missed deadlines and incompetent staff and just slip out of it like I am taking off a jacket.


Not being able to do this anymore has been an adjustment. Now that I am going to be a Mom I expect it will be a good while before I can kick back and have several glasses of wine in one evening. But I guess I had to grow up eventually.

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