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Aloha everyone

(Not sure where to post, please let me know if it is in the wrong place!)
I am not familiar with plastisol paint, the kind you use for screen printing.
My boyfriend wants us to start making t-shirts with his screen printing set up because we are financially strained right now.
I agreed only if it is a temporary thing, I'm on the opposite end of his spectrum, even though he is trying to educate himself about health, nutrition etc we all know its a lot to take on an hard to make so many changes.
He said we would use water based but the design he is making is not coming out with the water based and he just informed me we are going back to plastisol.
I agreed to help him with the t-shirts and our set up will be outside under the carport, but I don't know anything about this stuff and I have tried to look but haven't found anything helpful. Just "wear gloves if you are concerned" they say that about bleach! I clean with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in my home, so you get an idea how not excited about this I am.

I was hoping someone here is knowledgable regarding the paint, and can share with me.

Thank you!