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Hypno Birth?

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Has anyone ever used hypnosis for their birth? I'm thinking about learning more about this birthing technique for this 3rd babe.

DS was born at home and it was, of course, lovely! Everything went fantastic. The only hiccup was that during transitional labour, I would fall asleep (briefly!) during contractions. Luckily, DH was holding me on the birthing ball so no calamity ensued. At one point, my midwife was in a different room and hubby went to make an impt phone call. I was soooo happy to be by myself because then I could lay down and try to have a nap without being asked to 'keep active'! lol! I actually started pushing with the intent that I could nap as soon as babe was out (in reality, I'm not a napper normally and after the birth, I couldn't sleep for a couple days due to excitement hormones!)

Talking to a meditative guide, she suggested that what was happening was not me falling asleep but instead that I have the ability to enter a deep meditative during focused events such as labour.

I am intrigued to learn more about being in an hypnotic state to assist with labour pains. It's definitely not a common birth choice so that's why I'm keen to hear about other mamas experiences.

Anyone else have this same experience while birthing? Previous experience in hypno-birthing?
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This will be my third birth using Hypnobabies. I'll happily answer whatever questions you have about my experiences but right now I'm super exhausted and can't think what to share.
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I am intersted in this as well. I had a 42 hour labor last time. My homebirth transferred to the hospital, and I was given pitocin and asked for an epidural (because I was afraid of the pitocin and totally exhausted). My midwife thinks the epidural was what helped take me from a 5 to a 10 in less than an hour because it totally relaxed me and I was not tensing through the pain anymore. I really feel that I need better coping techniques for my next labor and have been considering Hypnobabies.

I asked my midwife at my 6 week check up, and she said she didn't like it when hypnosis makes the mother check out and not respond to the people around her as needed. However, she did agree that something to help me dialate past 5 centimeters (which will be my largest mental hurdle, probably, (since I was there for more than 12 hours last time) would be very beneficial. Can you respond to my midwife's concern?

Also, I saw that Hypnobabies is 20% off this week (through Nov. 4). Should I go ahead and get the kit or do they have special sales and deals often?

Thanks, fjc, for starting this thread! I hope I'm not hijacking too much!
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i have been pondering the hypno babies homestudy course.
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I'll be giving it a go. SIL's giving birth a few months before me so we went halves on the course.
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I've also considered this. This will be my first home birth. I have a huge tendency to tense up during pain. I'm very nervous that I'm not going to be able to succeed at this and will end up having to transfer to the hospital. I'd love to hear more details about people's experiences with it.
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Where have you all been looking at purchasing hypnobirthing stuff?

Last night, after posting this question, I spent some time watching hypno births on youtube Looks amazing!
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Originally Posted by fjc View Post
Last night, after posting this question, I spent some time watching hypno births on youtube Looks amazing!
Ooh. I should check those out. I've watched water births and those look pretty freaking awesome. I'll have to check out the hypno birth stuff to see what I think.
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Someone was just talking to me about HypnoBabies. She said if she were going to invest in one "big thing" for birth, this would be it. She used it with her daughter and said it got her through the "first 2 days of labor"! She ended up with a C-section, but still found it really useful. I'm going to see if I can borrow or even rent it from someone I already know. I'd like to save my money for a doula.
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Here's my experience: It didn't work! And yet, I would STILL highly recommend the program! I know that sounds weird, but the CD's and the information were so incredinly helpful all during pregnancy. When I was a week late and everyone around me was fretting...I was cool as a cucumber and I wasn't praying for the pregnancy to just end like many 41 weekers. The CD's kept me feeling so confident and peaceful about whatever was going to happen. And they helped me to sleep.

It sounds like your first labor indicates that you'd be a great candidate for the program and could likely make it work. Personally, I had something going on where there never was a single break in my contractions for hours on end (still trying to figure out what happened) and I never could get a single moment to even try to get myself back into the zone. But, I think that was an unlikely occurrence and that mostly, women could really, really benefit from this during labor. I still made it through drug-free and I don't think I would have if I hadn't had so many phrases (mantras) to repeat that I'd gleaned from the Hypnobabies books.

I don't know about mom's being "checked out" during labor, but the program states all throughout that you are fully aware of what's going on around you. You can either turn your "light switch" off and be deeply in hypnosis, or you can have the switch in middle position where you are in hypnosis but still able to walk and talk. Otherwise, no Hypnobabies moms would be able to labor in positions like on a birthing stool or on a ball because they'd be too checked out. I would have given anything to have been able to check out for at least a few of those transition hours!

Anyway, it was worth it!
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Oh and I, too, just pored over hypnosis births on youtube. There's one in particular that has the song Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks. I challenge anyone to watch that and not cry. It is so incredibly beautiful. That song always brings tears to my eyes.

Ahh, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnifyd0rlI0
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Does anyone know when you're supposed to start practicing the Hypnobabies techniques? I'm only 8 weeks, but I have a feeling it might take me longer than normal to "buy" the affirmations and techniques and things. I'm mentally kind of screwed up. Is there any problem with starting it really early, like in the first trimester? It wouldn't make you "stale" or something? I figure more practice is better than less, but... anyone know?
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I am not 100% sure, but I think they suggest starting at 28 weeks. However, they do have some pregnancy helps, so you can try the hypnosis with nausea and such earlier if that would be helpful.

Here's their blog and the sale and coupon codes. http://hypnobabies.wordpress.com/ I've seen some bargains on eBay as well from people who got the books and such but didn't write in them.
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What's the difference between HypnoBabies and HypnoBirth besides $60? Anyone know?
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Originally Posted by Bald_Bull's_Mama View Post
What's the difference between HypnoBabies and HypnoBirth besides $60? Anyone know?
I believe there's a discussion in the main pregnancy forum right now in which is a link comparing the (incomparable) methods. Take a look!
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I got that link from a different forum that I participate in. The woman has a clear preference, but she's used both hypnobirthing and hypnobabies and been a certified instructor for both. I think she does a great job of discussing the differences and why she feels one is superior to the other.
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I just ordered the Hypnobabies home study course. I'm so excited!
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My hpnobabies course came in the mail today!! Was feeling eager when I ordered it and now am glad I ordered it 'early' (I'm 18w3d) 'cause it's a huge course!  Can't wait to get started on it....and to discuss with everyone here who's also interested in it and taking it (has taken it).

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Last night I opened the Hypnobabies course that I bought when pregnant with my 1st daughter ('06) and the CD's aren't inside! Why didn't I put them back in the box? Where are they??? I know they'll turn up but I'm afraid i'll be a billion weeks pregnant by then help.gif

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I've thought about doing this as well, but I already have a tendency to go deep inside myself and block stuff out when I need to. It's a skill that I've perfected to the point where I can be reading something and not hear one of my kids standing next to me asking a question! lol


I think with anything, the more practice the better. I've had a few friends do the HypnoBabies course and they all loved it.

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