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Hi Jamie! I'm hoping you can shed some light for me on a decision my DH and I need to make (like, yesterday ).

DH is in the process of moving in a new direction in his career, which will consist of a move out of state (which state, is open). We need to decide if we should take the offer he has now or wait for something else.

I guess my question is: What do you see for our family in terms of this potential move?

LMK if that is too broad of a question.
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This is what I see. I like the offer he has now. I think it's great. The only problem I see, is that the two of you keep waiting for more and better. You are not seeing this opportunity for all it is worth. And I think it is much more than you might imagine. It's not just about the money or the place. I sense new community that you will really enjoy in this new place. I am sensing that there will be some kind of freedom that you are desiring. That may be family related.
I see your children thriving. I see your husband liking the job and excelling and moving forward with his career in this.

The whole thing feels really good to me (if I haven't made that clear). So don't make the mistake of "the grass is always greener on the other side". It's not.
Whatever you put your energy into is where you will be happy and fulfilled. So make a decision and get to the satisfied/fulfilled/happy part already!!
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