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Best recliners for nursing twins?

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I went shopping for recliners. I know I need a wide one to fit my twins nursing pillow and the twins and I also know I want the recline to be attatched to the chair (no space). When I tested them out the ones with the handle down too low seemed hard, like I would have a hard time manipulating that with twins on me, the ones with a circular handle close to the arm rest were too dramatic when I went to recline or sit regular. The remote one I tried seemed great although I worry about it breaking and it was at a cheaper store. I would just love to hear others' experiences with recliners/nursing to help me think this through.
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I have something like a lazy boy with the footrest attached (no spaces). It has an arm on the side and all you have to do is release the handle a little bit and then lean back and it reclines fully. I had no problem reaching down and releasing the handle with the boys on me and you just push your feet down to lock it back in place. (I am also not so tall, so I thought it would be a problem, but it wasn't) I actually didn't have to use a nursing pillow because the arm rests acted as a support. I nursed them for 18 months in the chair, and now nurse my singleton. It is a really great chair and I'm really glad I got it. Good luck with your descision.
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I keep thinking what I really want to find is a loveseat glider, anyone ever seen a good one? I guess i should start looking around now that I finally have a new home rented.

Two questions:
Any reason I would not a larger space like a loveseat size, besides if I didn't have the room to put it in the house?
What's more important, being ablest lay fully back or a rocker/glider motion? I would generally assume a lot of gliders lay back a bit as well. Is this correct?
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was the arm way down low?
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