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White crystals in newborns diaper??

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This morning when I woke up to change my 4 day old newborns diaper there were a ton of white crystal like things in it. What the heck is that?? Did his pee turn that way? Did it come out that way?Was he sitting in his diaper too long?
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Those are part of the inside of the diaper. They absorb the wetness. I found them when I nursed my newborn and leaked from the opposite side onto his diaper. The top of his diaper got too wet and the little crystals burst out the seams onto his tummy.

Finding them in the diaper is probably a sign that the diaper is too full.
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Ohh i think it's coming from inside the diaper! It's the Pampers diapers we got form the hospital and I just looked and I can see a ton of it coming out of the top and all in in inside. How gross- off to cloth we go!
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Are you using sposies? If so, those are the absorbant parts of the dipe, and sometimes they can come apart a little so that you see them.

It can (although this is probably unlikely) indicate dehydration (my friend who had a terrible time with BF'ing said that she found those in her ds's cloth dipe and thats what the LC said it meant).

Keep an eye on how much he's peeing, but he's probably ok.
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oh yeah, stick a disposable diaper in a sink and fill it with water...its insane the guck inside when they explode. (okay, not EXPLODE...but still..)
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Even G-Diapers have that chemical absorbant in them... I was surprised!
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It's probably Sodium polyacrylate, which is what holds the liquid in disposables.  Some brands are worse than others, in this regard (I noticed Pampers were pretty bad about this).  If you're using disposables, you might have to experiment with some other brands to see if one's better in this regard. 

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It is probably from the diaper, especially if you're seeing more of it inside the diaper... but when E was born she had crystalized urine in her cloth diaper when she was about 4 days old. i can't remember what they called it, ureic acid, or something like that... they said it was normal and just part of her processing. I honestly can't remember if it was general processing or because she was jaundiced... but either way she was just fine!

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