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Happy Halloween!

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I hope you all have a fun weekend with your kids and neighbors!

For those of you who celebrate, what are your kiddos dressing up as? My 3 year old DD is a shark, and 14 week old DS is the world's cutest little dragon
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My 2-year-old was Minnie Mouse. I didn't buy a costume for Annabelle, but I had a zebra print onesie that I put her in.

We didn't actually go trick-or-treating though. Our local zoo has Boo at the Zoo the weekend of Halloween, so we do that instead. Much less candy to worry about (of which DD is allergic to anyway) and she really loves seeing all the animals. All the kids there are in their costumes, so it's nice that they can wear them for more than just a couple hours at night.
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DD1 (4 yo) was a princess, and DD2 (10 weeks) was a frog. Late night but fun. We have way too much candy now!
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DD1 was a devil. DS1 was a pirate. DS2 was Mario. DS3 was a zombie. DS4 was a pirate. DD2 was a pirate. DS5 was a monkey. DD3 was a baby duck. And our pug was a bumblebee. Pics soon!
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I had a 6yo astronaut, a 4yo bumblebee, and a 14 week old rooster (who slept from house 3 till the end). We have backyard chickens, so all the neighbors thought the baby was hilarious. I need to get a pic of him with our hens.

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19 month old DS was Charlie Brown and 10 week old DD was Snoopy

There was a free picture thing going on at the mall with "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!", we just couldn't pass it up. We all came down with some yucky cold Saturday so we just stayed home on Halloween.
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Both DDs were princesses. I managed to get both costumes finished right on time for their trick or treating. DS1 was a knight. DS2 was an acorn. I made him a little acorn cap and a brown ring sling with leafy trim.
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We were Nemo (me), Dory (husband), Crush (son) and Squirt (babygirl)
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