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did you dress up?

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did you dress up for halloween and if so what as?

I was going to go as "16 & pregnant" (school girl uniform & a sweet 16 crown) but got the impression I'd offend *alot* of people with that so I ended up not dressing up (couldn't think of anything where a belly made sense but didn't offend).
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I didn't even think of dressing up as anything until the last minute so I didn't have time to throw something together. I threw away my go to costume in my massive nesting. It was a dr's scrubs and I smeared fake blood on it. I called it "A bad day at work".
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I didn't either. At the last minute, I thought "I should have found an orange shirt and made my tummy into a jack o' latern." Oh well!
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At the last minute. I had to go to a party with the theme "heroes and villians" so I went as the Virgin Mary. I was worried about offending someone, but no one knew who I was!
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I happened to have a black maternity dress and a witches hat. Nothing really to incorperate the bump. But was referred to as Witch with witchling at the party we went to .
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nope I was honestly too tired to come up with something.

I kept telling odd that i was a cranky pregnant woman but she didn't buy it. Probably because I am like that every day.
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I painted my belly as a soccer ball and went as a "soccer mom." Here I am with all of my kids:

"Soccer Mom" Halloween Costume
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I didn't have a themed costume, but I wore a sexy black sweater dress to halloween dinner at friends' house. I was pretty hooched up for a pregnant lady! Then for ToTing I just threw on a black hooded cape I had made previously, and voila! sexy pregnant witch.
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Originally Posted by thebeljur View Post
I painted my belly as a soccer ball and went as a "soccer mom." Here I am with all of my kids:

"Soccer Mom" Halloween Costume
LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing!
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I didn't. Didn't even paint my belly this time around.

While trick or treating a friend told me I should've been a nun!! Oh man! That would've been great, lol.
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I wore scrub pants, a lab coat, a stethoscope and held a big knife to my belly - I was an OB
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I went as a pregnant hill billy.... I had a plaid dress, cowboy boots, and pig tails. To top it off I am missing 2 teeth when I don't have my retainer in so I didn't even have to black them out. (I lost my teeth because of a military orthodontist)

Big Momma
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well, my daughter was a mouse. i wasn't going to dress up until we were invited to a kids and adult party that encouraged dressing up and frowned upon not.

so with her being a mouse, we decided dad would be a piece of cheese (yellow shirt with holes drawn on and then wrapping him in cellophane) and i would be a cat. i exposed my belly and we painted a fish on it
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i wanted to make myself a jack-o-lantern t-shirt but i was so sick last week, it didn't happen.

however, my daughter decided her zebra head was too much of a pain in the ass.. it's meant for 6-8 year olds and it fit me fine. so i wore the zebra head and she changed into a french Knight costume, and out we went.

i got some weird looks but lots of smiles
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I was a star belly sneetch.
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Originally Posted by mamas2atti View Post
I was a star belly sneetch.
Awesome. lol
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I didn't dress up on Halloween (it was such a bad day I stayed home in bed) but I did take the kids to a Halloween party the week before and I went as a pregnant zombie whose baby had partially gotten out so I had baby legs and a head coming out of my stomach. My dd was a vampire and my older son was a ghostbuster and then my littlest ds was a purple unicorn.
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I went as a bumble bee ... it was so cute with wings and Wide stripes.
It was one of those "sexy" costumes however with the baby bump only my belly was barely covered by the costume so I added black yoga pants and I got lots of smiles...
One little girl who was out trick or treating with her mom said "wow momma look how fuzzy that bee is" I think she meant HUGE but it was cute....
The bee had wings, a flower headband and big bug eye gold glasses....
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I painted my belly like the globe and wore flowers and went as Mother Earth. Tried to get DH to go as Father Time but he wasn't having it!
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