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Am I pregnant??

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So I know this question must have been asked a million times. Just looking for some quick feedback. I am currently nursing my nearly 17 month old child. I got my first postpartum period 56 days ago and it was quite similar to my old ones. My pre-pregnancy periods were on a 27-28 day cycle. So... I missed my "2nd" postpartum period - and as of this weekend, also my "3rd". I know the schedule can be wonky at first, but does it seem like it's time to buy a stick? Thanks!
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Maybe, maybe not...After my third child I had one PP AF at 3 months PP, then went 86 days, had another AF, went 50 something days before the next AF, then went 34 days and had AF. After that third one I finally regulated back to every 26-28 days. It can take a while for your hormones to regulate. Do you have any other "symptoms" (which can be so hard to tell) or just the lack of AF?

(Of course the Dollar Tree HPTs are only a $1 ....I'm a POAS-enabler)
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Sadly, I have never been able to find the mythical $1 tests.

However, as luck would have it, I don't need a test now. AF has arrived. =/ Thank you for sharing your experience... Will definitely keep it in mind as my cycle works itself out. Cheers!
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My cycle was also way out of wack after it started, it's pretty normal when you're bfing. Also, every Dollar Tree I have ever been in has sold the $1 hpt's and opk's.
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.... they arent mythical. that would imply they do not exist, which they very much do!

they are in this packaging and generally are around the aspirin/tylenol and such down the beauty/health care aisle.
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The $1 tests do exist although I will say that it's been my experience that not every Dollar Tree carries them. We have two in my town and one carries them and the other one does not. So you should check different ones if you go in one that doesn't carry them.
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We have 2 Dollar Trees in our town. One carries them by the female care items, the other carries them by the register. In fact, the latter one sometimes has them behind the register, so you have to ask.
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do some test, good luck to you!
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