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Library- I used Fresh, shipped from CA with extender in it. I am hoping I am ovulating as we speak, I am anxiously awaiting a temp jump in the morning!

Max- When is your surgery scheduled? The sooner, the better! Then you can start to heal. Good luck!
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MizYellow~ With fresh, I think you absolutely did it in time. Can't wait to hear about your temp jump and then your bfp!

Max~ Ugh. I'm so sorry for you, I hope it goes quickly and well and you're up and about xo
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hello...and intro

hello. my dp and i are currently ttc our first (and likely only) child. this month is our 6th attempt, although our first try was incredibly poorly timed--so it's more like our 5th try over the span of a year. i am a graduate student, my partner is a painter/illustrator and we are using anonymous donor sperm. i have accessed these boards as a resource for information in the past, but never enough to actually join in a thread community. i am online a bit more often now, and i'd like to try to be more active on here.

this month we are using a new donor (that i adore) and i had 2 iui's last week on monday and tuesday.

qotd: i am super excited for daily sweater and indoor scarf wearing, as well as excessive soup-making and eating. this morning for breakfast i had a bowl of tomato soup and part of a baguette...mmm. a pretty anti-alkaline breakfast (nightshade, dairy, wheat) but i do pop my ume plum regularly to keep my insides happy.

good to virtually meet you all---and best of luck everyone! let's grow some healthy cancers and leos!!

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Can you move me to WTF-slash-shaking my fists at the sky-slash-#*$%^@(*&#$%(@ please? Second beta came back at 34 (first was 10), so the doubling time was right on target. But with these cramps, and constant light flow (for 3 full days now), I just fail to see how there's any way that this could end with a viable pregnancy. Third beta on Thursday, so the agony is prolonged until then at least! How will I make it?!
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oh, millet.... i'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you...

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Millet~ I have everything crossed for you! I can't imagine what kind of crazy feelings you must be having now. Keep us posted and we'll keep you in our thoughts oxoxoxoxoxo

Rainbow~ Welcome! This is an excellent place to be and we're glad to have you. Yay for your IUIs, can't wait for you to test! We've got several in the 2ww right now, you're in good company. Yay for Leos!!
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Rainbow- Welcome! I am fairly new to this group of ladies and I can tell you that they are amazing! everyone is so helpful and nice! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! When are you testing?

Millet; there is still hope! I had cramping and spotting with Lennon for 6 weeks! He is perfectly fine! So try to stay off your feet and think good thoughts!

Scarlett- could you please move me to waiting to know!? And for the test of my patience. Lets see if i can wait a little longer to test this time shall we?!
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rainbow, welcome! yay for soup!!
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Hi Rainbow--welcome to the thread!

Max--how did it go? Are you feeling ok? How long is the recovery estimated to take? I had foot surgery once and hope I never need it again...

Mizyellow--that all sounds great! Up, temp! Up!

Millet--I'm frustrated for you, too! But also crossing everything that the doubling beta is the sign to watch and the rest is just noise.

AFM--I caved and gave the blog address to my mom and my friend's mom. DP and I talked about it and she said that anyone who is asking specifically to support us on this journey is probably someone we want along for the ride. Friend's mom wrote a very sweet email back saying that she'd shown up at just the right time and how great she thought it was that DP got to (potentially) knock me up, so I think it was the right decision.
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Mizyellow- for your insem! You are so lucky to have fresh sperm. Thank you for asking about the surgery.

rainbowvalleymama- Welcome, may your stay be short and sweet! And here is some magic dust to assist those wonderful insems you did

Milletpuff- Stay strong sweetie. At this point anything could happen. I’m sending you big hugs. s

Thank you for your concern and asking about my foot. I also think it’s a good decision to clue your mom in. You can always have a conversion with her and ask her to please respect the difficulty of the situation and not to ask you what is going on all the time. You will let her know when there is something to tell.

Surgery went well today. I was in a lot of pain right afterward, so much so that I was crying. I think they gave me some morphine and Demerol but I was still pretty bad off. Then the wonderful anesthesiologist came back. They put me on my belly and poked around on the back of my knee for quite a while giving me little volts of electricity till they found my ankle/foot nerve then injected me with something to desensitize the nerve. It should last about 18 hours. Now it pretty much feels how it did before surgery so I’m good and not looking forward to tomorrow! I do have Percocet here. Keeping fingers crossed that it’s not too bad.
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Milletpuff: Good doubling times are a great sign! Congratulations! I have everything double crossed for you. Keep growing, little one! Go away, cramping and bleeding! (and to you while you wait these next few days)

Welcome, Rainbowvalleymama!

Max: I'm glad that the surgery went well, but I'm sorry about all the pain. I hope that it isn't too bad today.
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Millet~ I agree that a doubling beta is a good good sign, but I can certainly understand why you're still apprehensive. We'll all be thinking about you.

Max~ Yay for surgery going well, and while I"m so sorry you've had to postpone your conception attempt, it's good you don't have to worry about the state of your possible embryo and can just concentrate on getting better. I'll bet it won't be too much longer before you're up and around and chasing after a little one!

Isa~ I'm glad you're feeling positive about your decision. I agree that support is good.

AFM~ No news. Lit the furnaces for the first time last night, and was very snuggly warm (after the burning-cat-hair smell dissapated). Have had to abandon my regular wardrobe entirely and am now wearing some very sack-like dresses. Hope I have an actual bump soon so that I don't just look frumpy!
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Wow, 2 pages in one day. We're gearing up for a busy November!

Rainbow, Nice to meet you. Hope your stay is short and sweet.

Millet, Hugs.

Max, yay for 18 hours of no pain. Hopefully you'll be feeling way better way soon.

Scarlett, I forgot to thank you for the lovely new thread and mention that I need to be moved to waiting to O. Sara is the one waiting for AF, but she'll be waiting to O in minutes, I'm sure, so don't worry about moving her. It does seem strange that lime would be alkaline. I remember reading a while ago some weird forum that's all about gender selection and they were talking about using lime in the reproductive tract to encourage survival of just x or y (I don't remember). So I'm thinking a little in club soda seems a bit less crazy. Pineapple isn't on the list. Hmm. Regarding dairy, I was vegan when I got pregnant with both my kids (ok, 2 vegan kids til they were toddlers, can you guess their favorite food now? Starts with an M and ends with eat. But deprived of wheat as toddlers, they'll barely touch it), but all the straight girls I know ate plenty of dairy when they conceived.

We were planning to order sperm soon in one shipper, but now our cycles are spacing out so much, I am crossing my fingers that it works out. (For some strange reason I have a 28 day cycle every second or third cycle alternating with a 31 or 32 day cycle. I don't know which cycle is more "normal" for me or if I should be trying for one over the other. And of course I don't know which cycle is which until the end. But I still O between day 16 and 18, so I have a much shorter LP on the 28 day cycles, so maybe the long ones are better.) So much mystery. Wouldn't it be strange if all of our bodies were just waiting for November and we all got knocked up this month and the thread died for a couple of months? I guess there would still be a few people around who are waiting for December, so that wouldn't happen.

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Seraf~ That's odd that you and DP's cycles are spacing out. I guess it's that math thing (not a math person here) about even if you're one day different, over time it moves really far away and then eventually back together. I do hope you're able to 'get it together' and be able to order one shipment. I tell ya, though, you're some brave women wanting to do this together! Who's going to cook dinner while the pregnant lady naps

I like the idea of everyone getting pregnant in the next six weeks and then we just change the name of the forum.
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Library, must have missed you. How cold is it down there? We started turning our heat on intermittenly last week, but my mom turned hers on a month ago. I run a cold house, tho. I made wool long johns a couple of weeks ago and then a wool hat yesterday. So lovely. Haha, it's 57 degrees in here (I'll turn on the heat at 55, right now we turn on the ventless gas heater when we get out of the shower and when we are cold and just want to take the chill off.). I bet it's warmer outside. Oh, no, I looked it up. It's 45, we're looking for a high of 50 today. The first time Sara came to my house she said, "Wow, I've never seen a dog's breath indoors." That was my favorite thing about being pregnant, I was never cold. I'm always cold (so I figure, why turn the heat on at 60 if I'll still be cold at 73?), but when I was pregnant, I would be outside in the snow in a t shirt and it was lovely.

I don't nap, and I will still be the one to make dinner. We've been within a week of each other as long as we've been together. Mine just changes length a lot ever since I had DS. Yes, new forum in the new year for all of us!

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It's not TOO cold here yet, but my house is old and designed to retain the cool, which is lovely in the summer but frosty in the winter, and we're at the time where the heat's off all day and night, but there's about an hour in the morning and the evening when it's good to take the chill off the room. I'm stingy with the heat as well, for sure, but don't want to make DP suffer.

I wasn't much of a napper before, but I got over that pretty quick for sure.
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MizYellow-- I DEFINITELY think your timing was right since your baby batter was fresh! Great job! I don't drink milk, but I do love me some cheese, I try to have it in moderation.....but we *do* eat a lot of Mexican food down here....

Rainbow--Welcome! I added you to Waiting to Know, I hope that was okay. We're glad you found us!

Millet-- Seriously. You deserve the Patience Award for not slaughtering somebody by now. I know the not knowing is totally sucko, but at least it's not a definite no, there is still a great chance with those doubling numbers. Hang ON LITTLE BEAN!

PrettyIsa-- The more people you have pulling for you the better! Yay to good baby vibes! What DPO are you again?

Max-- Hoping those pain meds are still in full swing. Not. Fun. Keep your chin up (and your leg for that matter), you'll be back in the game in no time.

Library-- We ran our air conditioners three days ago, and built a fire last night. Random party of two our table is ready.

Seraf--Done & Done! Hoping for clarity for both of you as far as timing goes. Come on little eggies!

AFM-- 5 DPO. *le sigh* aka: Not a dang thing. I swear I can *feel* the progesterone though, from all those follies.... I had pickles and cream of green chili soup for dinner. For. The. Win.

Happy Tuesday folks!

(hmmm multiple smileys in one post)

ps: Is everyone where they need to be on the first page?

Onward jump roping sheep!!
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Scarlett~ Cream of green chili soup!!! Recipe please!!! We should have a recipe sharing QOTD. We've had nan, and now hopefully the chili soup. I have a fairly easy, yummy calzone recipe I'd share...

5dpo is such a nowhere place. At least you have the sheep to keep you company...
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Miss Scarlett: I'm 6DPO and waiting, waiting, just like you.

so...can you please move me to WAITING TO KNOW?

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Quick post to say...

HANG IN THERE to Millet. You must be in psychological agony. I can't even imagine. But as long as the beta numbers are going up steadily, there is definitely hope. I had a lesbian friend back in CA who had really low numbers for a long time, and her doc told her not to get her hopes up, but the babe is now 9 yrs old. Can you go see some movies or something? I'd be desperate for distraction of any kind...perhaps a ton of sleep? Ugh. We'll be waiting to hear how you are doing.

Max Glad the surgery went well but sorry you were in pain. I hope the painkillers do the trick.

Escher My acupuncturist also said that small amounts of full-fat yogurt is good.

MizYellow I hope today is your conception day!
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