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Cross-posting in preteen/teen forum. Craft kits for 9 yr old girl

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I've bought dd1, who's very creative, several craft kids from place like Michael's, Walmart & Target. I hate them. The directions are frustrating and they never turn out good.

What craft kits have you used/bought for this age group that is well-made?

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HI, I have a ds10 who is a crafter. I by-pass the kids dept and go straight to the 'adult' area. Basically anything I do he can do.

What types of crafts does your DD like to do? I've found a well stocked craft box with basics goes further and is more cost effective in the long run then the 'craft kits'.

For example I have tons of those little bottles of paints. Generally under $1 on sale, I have glitter, glitter paint, foam, foamies- you get the picture and then DS can pick out a wooden box, crate, letters etc and then he can sand the edges, paint it, seal it, and embelish it. The project works out soooo much better then buying a pre-fab kit!

DS also likes to use yarn and crochet/knifty knitter. We have Knifty Knitters and he just uses those and crochet hooks. He has made some pretty neat stuff. No need for kits. I will buy latch hook kits.

DS doesnt make jewlerly but I do, again no kits but I have a wide variety of beads, metal string, 'do-dads' and the internet to spark creativity.

Blank art canvas are cheap, you have paint, brushes and off she goes.

Something else we did was buy canvas bags, ribbon and 'sparklie stuff' and DS and I made embelished bags for grandma, auntie etc one year.

For fun he likes the color wonder products by crayola. (or he did, I found a bunch of it in the closet and he is using it up. DS hasn't asked for anymore) I've found that works the best and acutally does what its says its going to do!
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I agree that the kids kits tend to be bad.. I remember my mom getting me a couple as a child, I opened them, she looked at them, she threw them away and got me an adult kit to do.
What does your child like to do? At that age I loved needlepoint and latch-hooking.. My mother had started teaching me embroidery and cross stitching as well. All of them I learned doing adult kits, although I now do some better than others. She also had a real jewers kid from when she worked as a manager in a jewelry store that she allowed me to play with and make jewelry from, I made a few pieces she use to wear to work.
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My dd loved to work on projects from these books-


She was able to make most of the projects in this book by herself at age 10.

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For Christmas this year I am making my children craft kits. I found projects that I thought they would like to make, and am including the instructions and materials they will need. For example, in February, I am going to have them make felt hearts. In DS's kit I will include felt cut into heat shapes, emboidery floss, and needles. At age four, I'll just give him verbal instructions. DD's kit will also include a couple embroidery patterns to choose from to embroider on the heart, a pen to transfer the design she wants, and simple instruction for a new embroidery stitch for her to try. I'm getting 12 kits ready for them, one each month, and they will alternate between fiber crafts and other crafts (mostly paper or wood). I'm also sending links to on-line tutorials to family and suggesting they put together some kits for DD's birthday in January.
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