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What do you have left to do?

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I figured it was about time for a pregnancy to do thread.. or maybe its my obsessive list making type A personality . Either way, what do you all have left to do? Im making a full list in the next week or so and then I will post it up.
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Well what we have left to do is:

paint the girls new room and put the curtains up and new carpet down. dh just got through sanding all the sheetrock and priming it so its now ready to paint. then i can starting setting it all up nicely.

need to stock pantry and household items up with paper towels/toilet paper/paper plates things like that so that we will be stocked up when the twins get here.

need to pack bags for hospital, doing this at about 30 weeks just to be on safe side

need to get both cars oil changed and tuned up

need to straighten out carport. it just got cleaned out good about a month ago, but when dh started working on the babies room he left junk laying all in the carport now so it need re tidying.

thats about it. of course we still have things we need for babies, but we are waiting until the showers are done(we are having a few showers thrown for us) before we buy anymore. we have the basics(bassinet/clothes) so at least we need are the car seats and diapers.the rest of the things such as swings and stroller can come later on. i have carriers too.

i love to do lists! I am very organized and am proud that i have accomplised so much around the house since i have been pregnant to have my list this short now!
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Hmmmmm I think all I have to do is wash diapers and install the car seat. Also MIL has some clothes that were given to her for our baby so I'll go through them when I get them & wash any and put them with the ones we already have. I'd like to make some more meals for the freezer too, right now I have about 10.
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Hmm...I haven't "done" anything yet...maybe I should start thinking about that huh??
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~ sarah
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We haven't done anything for this baby at all.
We are still working on home renovations since we moved into our inlaws house last year which needed a lot of cosmetic work. Emphasis on A LOT.
We need to buy bunk beds and move the boys out of their toddler beds/crib and into the bigger of the 2 small bedrooms. Paint their new room.
Get the carseat/pack and play/other newborn stuff out of the attic and cleaned up.
Get out the 0-6 month clothes, washed and put away in the baby's closet.
Wash diapers and get them ready.
Obviously install car seat, near the end, need to decide how we are configuring three car seats
We've got to get to IKEA at some point, and before this one comes we need to paint the laundry room and a few other assorted things around the house.
I don't really need to buy anything for this baby, although we will get a new high chair but not for a while.
I'm more focused on doing stuff around the house, since we've been here a year and it stresses me out to no end that things still need to be done (it's so sucky to have to fixc up a hosue with such a pittance of spending money)
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Go through baby clothes and see what we have and get those organized.
Set up crib - won't do until around 34wks if things are looking good
Pack hospital bag - same as above
Move DS3s clothes to the big boys' dresser or find a different dresser for the babies.
Set up who is going to watch the boys when I'm in the hospital
Get baby shower invite lists to my mom and mil
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  • Finish prepping prefolds
  • Buy diaper covers
  • Organize the dresser to fit two sizes of clothes (one for Mai, one for Jeni)
  • Install carseat bases
  • Finish painting that silly livingroom wall
  • Buy a few more onesies at the thrift store

One thing I really like about having the kids close together is the simplicity of handing down/sharing things. I only got rid of a handful of things after Maiya so I don't have to shop (I hate shopping) for Jeni.
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  • Put together birthing supplies
  • Order birth kit
  • Pull out the clothes/blankets from the basement. Wash and sort
  • Wash covers for the carseat, swing, baby chair
  • Organize freezer and plan out freezer meals
  • Finish organizing garage - not baby related but something I want to have done before he arrives!
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-Assemble Crib
-Repaint the dresser
-Sort out baby clothes
-Get change table
-Sort out diapers
-Get car seat

Still to do:
-Wash all bedding and dress crib (mostly for show, so I want it to be pretty.)
-take off closet doors and have parents spray paint them (they volunteered)
-Acquire the rest of the baby clothes needed
-Wash everything (car seat cover, clothes, diapers, towels)
-Install carseat
-Buy odds and ends for homebirth stuff
-Deal with Christmas
-Cook and freeze dinners
-Buy breast pump

: I keep panicking because I feel like there is so much still to do!
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Um...I haven't even thought about what needs to get done yet. Maybe I should do that?

I guess since DS is so young yet (11 mo) that pretty much everything "baby" is still out. I think we'll just need to pull out smaller clothes and the small sized diapers. Oh, and I need to pull together all the homebirth stuff. I think that's it? Though maybe I should sit down and really think that through lest I get to 38 wks and panic!!
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It still feels too early for me. I did buy clothes, after 4 boys she needed them. I also got a pink car seat & bouncer. I need to get out the rest of the baby stuff; play pen, bath and wash everything. We co-sleep so I don't need to set up a crib. Although my youngest will need to relocate to his big boy bedroom and out of our bed. That is usually a smooth transition as my dh will sleep with him for the first 6ish weeks after the new baby comes. Pack a bag... I know there's more.
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1.I have to get birthkit and other birth supplies ready
2. i need to get some more clothes cause i'm not having a shower
3. i need to figure out where the twins will sleep since i'm so used to cosleeping, I'm assuming I'll need to by a crib to side car since we only have a full size bed.
4.i want to make a playlist for the birth
5. figure out the diaper situation, I think we are going with service this time.

I think that's it , since I'm a sahm I figure bottles and pump can wait till after babies are here. i still have nursing bras/shirts. I bought a wrap and my mom bought swings.
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-pay 500 of homebirth fee
-begin hypnobabies

-begin to gather birth supplies
-purchase kit
-pay another 500 of homebirth fee

-deep clean room
-pay last 300 of homebirth fee
-cook freezer meals:

1 tray lasagna- half veggie/ half meat
1 tray enchiladas- half veggie/ half meat
2 pizza doughs
1 container minestrone soup
1 chicken pot pie
1 container tomato soup-- items for grilled cheese in fridge!
2 smaller containers of meatballs- 1 to use for subs, 1 to use for pasta
1 container marinara sauce

first few days of February:
-clean house!
-organize room for new babe and her things!
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Finish uploading digital photos to Flickr
Order glass cover for dining room table
Fix water filter faucet
Organize play room and closet
Redo sleeping arrangements for DS and DD


Work on DS's baby book
Focus on holidays


Finish organizing house
Finish DS's baby book
Finish stockpiling household items
Put meals in the freezer
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Originally Posted by hollytheteacher View Post
Hmm...I haven't "done" anything yet...maybe I should start thinking about that huh??

(Well, most of the diapers are in the house, a boppy, and a few pieces of clothing, but it really feels like nothing since I got it all and there's so much left.)
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I've only done one thing, but it's a big one: DD has moved out of the crib, out of the nursery into the toddler bed and into big brother's room. I still need to move her stuff into the now-shared bedroom, but at least she's content to sleep in there

What do I have left? Well, other than moving DD's stuff out of the nursery, I need to figure out and purchase nursery decor, get newborn diapers out of the attic/wash/dry/put away, get newborn and 0-3 clothing out of the attic/wash/dry/put away, and buy a new carseat. It doesn't sound so bad, actually, since we have everything we need (except new nursery decor). Just gotta start working on it!
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Wow, I started my list last night and there is SO MUCH TO DO its a little overwhelming. Doesn't help Im dealing with sickies over here, my kids aren't feeling well. DH is talking about taking 4 days off of work this month and doing most of the list except the final cleaning so I don't have to worry about it. Doesn't help that we STILL don't know where we will be living (or in what country we will be living in) when the baby is born and won't know until the end of November/beginning of December so I might get all this done and find out we are moving in a couple of weeks. Ok, back to making the list then Ill post it. Maybe we can all motivate each other to get things done..

Oh I don't wash clothes/diapers until I hit 36-38ish weeks. I don't have a history of preterm labor so Im not worried about it and if the clothes sit around for any more than a couple of weeks I feel like I need to rewash them.
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Originally Posted by hollytheteacher View Post
Hmm...I haven't "done" anything yet...maybe I should start thinking about that huh??

Left to do:

Pick out a name
Buy disposable diapers and wipes for the first few days
Research and buy cloth diapers and cloth wipes
Buy some onesies
Buy a bunch of receiving blankets
Buy a couple of those soft stretchy blankets
Buy a carseat
Buy a couple of nursing bras

I'd put pads on the list but I already have to wear those for bladder .. problems .. due to MS. Might get a pack of disposable Depends underwear for overnight with the lochia, though!

Um, I think that's it, and we don't have any leftovers from our last baby (6 years ago). We're really minimalist, especially about baby stuff. Our babies pretty much live in onesies. We throw a blanket over them if it's cool outside. The climate here is really warm (read: inferno most of the year)... highs in Feb are usually upper 70s or low 80s.

We use receiving blankets for all kinds of stuff.. burp cloths, quick cleanups, as a portable changing table, rolled up for head support in the carseat, tucked into the carseat for extra warmth if needed, extra coverage while nursing in public, etc., etc.

I don't babywear because I've tried it repeatedly with two babies at various ages and just could not get it to work. Maybe I have the wrong body shape. It's just 1000 times easier for me to carry the baby around (in arms when he is little, on my hip when he's bigger).

Oh and about the disposables... I've never used cloth diapers before and 1) Want to wait a few days after the baby's born to try to get the hang of it and 2) would rather be able to just toss anything that's got meconium on it!

One thing that isn't on the list that we did actually buy already -- a reusable (cloth with waterproof backing) incontinence pad thing for the bed. It's super-absorbant, about 4' by 4' and holds 800 CCs. I would have *KILLED* for something like that (had no idea they existed) when DD was little. Lord knows how many times I had to change the sheets because our little co-sleeping baby's diaper sprung a leak, my boobs sprung a leak, or the little one spat up all over the place. Maybe I should order a couple more... I only paid $4.50 for it.


Edited to add:

Oh yes, one more thing. Finishing with transitioning 6 y/o DD into her own bed. She's a cuddlebug AND afraid of the dark so it's been a little tough. We're compromising by putting a second bed into the master bedroom so I can still snuggle with her before she goes to sleep, and she's not "alone in the dark" (nightlights don't count for this kid.. if the sun is down, she does NOT want to be alone).
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Yikes, reading all these lists is really making me realize that I have a lot to do! Like... everything.

This month we're going to get out all of my LO's baby clothes (he's 2 now, so it's been packed up for awhile) to clean for the new babe. That's as far ahead as I've planned!
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