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Charting to Avoid / Fertility Awareness - November

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November 2010
Last Month's Thread

Welcome to the November 2010 charting to avoid and fertility awareness thread. We are all at different stages in family planning and our own fertility. Some of us are very ardently Charting to Avoid (CTA); most are CTA but would be thrilled with a BFP; and we even have a few who are "whatevering", and continue to hang out here.

If you did not post in October, you may have been deleted from the list. If you have joined recently, please double check I have your chart linked correctly. If you were mistakenly deleted, you would like to be added/removed, or you spot anything you would like me to change, please post or PM me to let me know. Remember, you must post in November if you want to be on the December list!

To those who are new, welcome!


Who We Are


angelxxrose (CTA 11 months)
capretta (CTA since August 2010; 4 cycles)

Eresh (currently LAM)

HulaJenn (CTA since May 2009; 21 cycles)

justKate  (CTA since November 2010) 

librarygirl BFPChart2.gif 


Maine Mama Doula
miss_honeyb (CTA 22 cycles)

(CTA since 2007, except when whatevering)

southernmommie (currently LAM) 
Spero11  (Creighton method)
TrishWSU BFPChart2.gif (CTA 24 months)

Xerxella (CTA for 3 months)




wholewheatchick - Due in Dec. 2010
OSUvet - Due in Feb. 2011
echospiritwarrior - Due in Feb. 2011
lyterae - Due in Feb. 2011
dex_millie - Due in Feb. 2011
annie2186 - Due in April 2011
katiedidbug - Due in May 2011
BarefootScientist - Due in June 2011
Smokering - Due in June 2011



No Longer TTA



Good luck to those now TTC!


Summary of FAM rules (sympto-thermal)

Pre-ovulation rules:

1) First 5 Days Rule: You are safe the first 5 days of your menstrual cycle if you had an obvious temp shift 12-16 days before.

2) Dry Day Rule: You are safe to DTD after 6PM if you have been dry all day.

Post ovulation rules:

1) Peak Day Rule: The last day of fertile mucus is called the peak day (the day before your mucus begins to dry up). You are safe to DTD on the fourth consecutive day after the peak day. If another patch of more fertile mucus appears, start your count over.

2) Temperature Shift Rule: You are safe the evening of the third consecutive day your temp is above your coverline. If your temp falls at or below the coverline during the 3 day count, begin your count again.

BOTH rules must be satisfied to be considered in your infertile phase.

How to set a coverline:

When you see a temperature shift of at least 0.2° F above the highest of the previous 6 temps, draw a line 0.1° F above that highest temp.




Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
Garden of Fertility by Katie Singer
Honoring Our Cycles (workbook) by Katie Singer
The Art of Natural Family Planning by John and Sheila Kippley
Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing by Sheila Kippley
Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon


TCOYF (Ovusoft) charting software, and brief fertility library
Fertility Friend charting software, and ttc charting guide
myfertilitycharts.com free software for ttc or tta
Garden of Fertility author Katie Singer's website
Mothering Magazine article by Katie Singer
Billings Ovulation Method info
Billings Ovulation Method Association, USA
Billings Centre, CA
Couple to Couple League (find an NFP instructor)
Creighton Model


AF: Aunt Flo, menses, your period
BBT: basal body temperature
BC: birth control
BIP: basic infertile pattern
CD: cycle day
CF: cervical fluid (same as CM)
CHs: crosshairs (intersection of coverline and ovulation)
CL: coverline
CM: cervical mucus (same as CF)
CO: cervical opening
CP: cervical position
CTA: charting to avoid
CTW: charting to "whatever" (not avoiding, not preventing)
DPO: days past ovulation
DTD: do the dead (sex)
EWCM: eggwhite cervical mucus/fluid
FAM: fertility awareness method
FF: Fertility Friend (website, see above)
HBC: hormonal birth control
HTL: high temp level (0.4°F above LTL, temp rise needed to indicate O)
LAM: lactational amenorrhea method (breastfeeding as birth control)
LP: luteal phase (between ovulation and menses, average 10-16 days)
LTL: low temp level (highest of the 6 temps immediately before temp rise)
NFP: natural family planning
O: ovulation
SHOW: soft, high, open, wet (characteristics of the cervix near ovulation)
SR: seminal residue
TCOYF: Taking Charge of Your Fertility (book and website, see above)
TTA: trying to avoid
TTW: trying to whatever
other common abbreviations


Happy Charting Everyone!

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So my thermometer finally got here and I'm back to charting again. What's up with everyone else?
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I'm still waiting for something to happen-preferably AF starting. But a few of the more annoying side effects from the Mirena seem to have gone away, so yay for that. Hopefully my cycles will return to normal soon, too. I see my DH in 23 days so I hope I've got it figured out by then!
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I'm on day 9 of my first cycle in....21 months?? Trying to get back into the swing of things!

Question for those who chart cervical position: I *just* started charting CP months ago before I got pregnant with DD2, so I'm not that great at it yet. I do know that when it's in the "high" position it's *very* high, so I'm realizing "low" isn't all that low. The "firm" and "soft" I pretty much have down, but it's the "open" and "closed" that are hard for me to figure out. I know after having 5 babies it won't ever be totally closed, but is there a way to distinguish better the openish/closed vs the actually open?? Right now it just always feels open so I'm feeling for firm/soft and high/low mostly. Any tips?? Thanks mamas!
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miss honeyb- I have found that from right before af until 3 days after o my cervix is slightly open. my first pp af this time it wasn't any more open for o then the rest of phase 1 but this cycle it was slightly more open during ovulation. Just really watch it closely checking several times a day especially right after o. As far as cp i stopped checking that bcs it varied significantly depending on time of day, etc.
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there must be something in the air... my DH told me last night he wants a boy.

not sure what to think. he had been adamant about not having any more. i told him i was happy about it butmaybe he should wait till tomorrow when he is sober (it was Halloween and he had had a few lol) and then think about it. so ummm, i am still CTA but i might move to whatevering in a couple of months.....
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I am still here!

been one hell of a last month, totally forgot temps and period should be coming soon. yay

Birthday is also this month

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miss_honeyb: Cervical openness is the hardest sign for me to gauge too. I've never been pregnant, so I imagine the landscape is significantly different, but for me it's all about how much resistance I meet when I put my finger on the "dimple".

LionessMom: Well how about that!
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wierd cycle going on for me. Had EWCM early but no temp shift yet. my CM feels like post-O stuff (dry or sticky) so maybe I just haev no abundant EWCM this month. i am def not gonna presume I am safe yet!

And honeyb I have never been a fan of charting CP. Depending on the time of day the position can change and I think shoving fingers in and poking around pose a big infection risk. If you are okay with temps and CM I think CP isn't really necessary (just my opinion! LOL)
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Hey everyone! Newbie here!

I am a SAHM of 2 kids (1 and 3 yrs old) and CTA for now. DH and I agreed to start thinking about TTC #3 this coming spring, depending on a few things like finances, school (I start in January *gulp*), possible relocation, etc etc.

I look forward to getting to know all of you!
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CP has been weird fir me too. Yesterday it was low and firm but felt like it was open so I'm just going off the low/firm part and not paying too much attention to the open part.

My CM yesterday has me a bit confused. There was a lot but it was watery-not sticky or creamy or anything close to EW, just really watery. Is that considered fertile?
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Thanks for the CP help ladies. Seems like I'm not going to stress about charting it too much.

So...daylight savings is coming up....does anyone adjust the time the take their temps to ease into that? Just wondering. I don't think I've ever charted over DLS before.

Trish, I had one day right after AF stopped where I had watery too. Nothing creamy or EW, just *watery*. I think it certainly should be considered fertile if you're really TTA. But I've had several dry days since then so following the Dry Day Rule I've been safe the last few evenings.
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Lioness Mom - DH did the same thing to me a few weeks ago. Out of the blue, maybe we should start trying sooner... It feels good. We'll start trying in December.

Shells and Cheese - Welcome!!!

Me - Well if I could just O, than at least the cycles would pass faster and I could get to the cycle where we would start trying. if I don't O today (day 19) it will be the latest I'd ever O'd. In order to get my fertility back I started taking Folic Acid and a fertility blend. I wonder if it's having the opposite effect.

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miss_honeyb: We (Italy) just did the time change last weekend. Funny I didn't even think about it and my temp after "sleeping in" another hour was 3/10° lower. I think TCOYF corrects +1/10° for every 20 minutes later, so it should have been 3/10° higher. Maybe I got less sleep because of the Halloween party downstairs. At any rate, I think it's probably too small an effect to worry much about.

All: I'm curious. If you don't mind sharing... how old are you and how long have you been CTA? I'm 34 and charting my 4th cycle. I feel like I've come to this a bit late and am amazed at what I didn't know about my own body, especially since I'm generally very curious about all things health/medical! I think it's because HBC was always such a ready and easy option - until it wasn't.
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Originally Posted by capretta View Post
All: I'm curious. If you don't mind sharing... how old are you and how long have you been CTA?
I'm 29 and have been charting since 2007 (except when I was "whatevering" got pregnant with our two dear babies )

I've been charting for 16 months since DS! It is so neat that it works if you work it!
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I am 34 and have been cta for just under 2 years.
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im 34. i just started CTA about 3 months ago, i think.
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I am 28 and CTA for 9 months before TTC our daughter (conceived the first month trying). I started charting again once my cycle started 6 months postpartum. DD is 8 months old now and we will be CTA for several months before we TTC again.
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I am 30, and I started to chart back in 2007, but I was TTC at that time. I started CTA in Aug. 2009, so I've been CTA for about 15 months.
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Do any of you still take your temps every morning when CTA? I used to religiously take my temps when I was charting but TTC. I stopped when I started CTA. I just recently started taking temps again this cycle though, because I am finding charting CP and CM doesn't make it as clear to me as temping used to. This cycle I am on right now is confusing the heck out of me (may have something to do with the dental surgery I had right around my usual O time--which also has me a little nervous about our timing this cycle...).
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