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We actually have some good friends who chose to circ their son (their third child, first son), for reasons unclear/unknown to me, but I'm guessing it was either "hygiene" or "to match dad." At any rate, I had our two oldest in the tub, and their son jumped in with them, and I honestly thought he had not been circ'd!! It looked for all the world like my intact sons. Somehow, later, it came up in conversation, and the mom (a very good friend whom I really like) said, "if it was going to be done, the doctor cut too little off. it wasn't worth it, and in the end, we should've left it alone." Not exactly saying that she wouldn't have done it at all, but at least a recognition that they exposed him to something risky that didn't even show the cosmetic result they "intended."


I did say that I thought he (the little boy) was lucky, since he had so much skin left (and presumably the frenulum), and that I expected he'd be glad later that no more had been cut off. Not sure the parents were sold, but at least I said it.


Hopefully they won't let/encourage him to re-circ later on ...


Anyway, another anecdote about a (very) "loose" circ. If it has to be done, the very loose circ is, IMHO, "better" than the old way. Intact is still best, though!!

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To the OP: thanks for having the courage to submit your story.  Is it possible that you can elaborate on what you mentioned about your DH compromising so much for you and so he got to get his way on circ'ing?  This seems to be a common thing I have been told from the moms I know who have circ'd because Dad wanted it.  I have never understood what it meant.  What all are these DH's compromising on?

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