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OT- Holly, you will love Shades of Green! I haven't stayed there yet but I go there every time we are down there to get tickets (military gets discounted rates). Its beautiful and relaxing. My in-laws live around there so we haven't had to stay in a hotel in a while, next time we are debating it just so we can get some family time without anyone else around.

Back on topic: Confessions- we ate fast food twice last week because I felt horrible and couldn't cook... I ate donuts right before my last appointment because I forgot that I had the stupid 1 hour test that day (umm, maybe thats why it was boarderline ). Instead of cleaning after my husband leaves for work Ive been going back to sleep and cleaning after the kids wake up.. I haven't worked out at all this pregnancy since I started getting morning sickness.
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I don't want to post my confessions someplace so public. But I have a lot to confess.

Re the vitamins, I take them really well some weeks, but most of the time I don't. I think that my body tells me when it wants them, and mostly it doesn't need them.

Heather, I never was much for working out. I collect excuses for not exercising.
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Hey, I just noticed that you live in Orlando! We are headed down there in January for a 2 week vacation. We are staying at Shades of Green (a military resort...my dad will be just getting back from afghanistan and so we are celebrating with a big vacation). I am not sure how i'll feel walking around disney world all day being 8 months preggo lol, but i'll def be lying by pool a bunch!
Holly! I love to see people visiting Florida during the 4 months when it is pretty and stellar. You'll have lovely weather! Waddle away if you need to - no one at DW cares. They might even go out of their way to help you!
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