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Chat Thread November

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I hope everyone is doing great.

I'm 10 weeks. Nausea is terrible. I am thinking it is at it's worst and hoping there is nowhere to go but down from here.
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11 weeks hit the "starting to get better" point for me - hope it does for you, too s
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Three of my coworkers just came in from smoking and I feel like I am going to throw up. Plus I have a headache now. This heightened sense of smell thing is for the birds.

One of them has chocolate left over from Halloween though so I may be visiting her office shortly....
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Originally Posted by Evergreen View Post
This heightened sense of smell thing is for the birds.
I feel for you there. I have avoided grocery shopping for weeks. I just lose it in the meat and deli area. I've been sending DH which is both fun and a challenge. I have to train him now, I'm going to need lots of help once kiddo #3 arrives.

I developed a sinus cold and for a few days enjoyed it because I didn't have the crazy sense of smell thing.
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I SO hear you on the annoying heightened sense of smell. It drives me up the wall. Perfumey smells are the worst for me.

I'm 13wks and am starting to feel better. Nausea and fatigue are still here but not as frequent or as intense as a few weeks ago. I'm almost positive I keep feeling the baby move. I often notice it when I'm laying completely still on the couch in the evenings before bed. So fun!
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I'm 13 w today and last week was my worst ever - last FRIDAY I had my first honest to goodness bout of feeling nauseated all day!!! I think it was because I was tired from mega workload last week. Smells have been HORRIBLE!!

Evergreen I think I went overboard with the Halloween candy. I can send you my leftovers

KarenMT - I had to run out of a grocery store last week I got within .5 mile of the seafood counter. Gag!!!

busymom - I wish I could feel the baby moving - I have no idea what it will feel like. But I guess I'll know when it comes.

Take care mamas!!!
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The nose of a super hero thing sucks - I love Thai food, but now every time dp makes it there's something in the smell of it that I can't stand - it is the worst smell ever. He spent the whole summer growing the right herbs and veggies to supply me with Thai, too
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Originally Posted by Almamiel View Post
The nose of a super hero thing sucks - I love Thai food, but now every time dp makes it there's something in the smell of it that I can't stand - it is the worst smell ever. He spent the whole summer growing the right herbs and veggies to supply me with Thai, too
Oh that sucks! Last pg my dh had to go to the deli counter for me at the grocery store cause it smelled so bad. Isn't as much of a problem this time, though he's been doing most of the shopping by himself cause I'm too tired to go
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It seems like one thing after another. I have a chest cold. It hurts when I breath and swallow. No fever, so it's just a cold but I'm miserable I have been so busy, no time for the naps I feel like I need. Today I'm teaching a co-op class with 5 3 & 4 year olds and my help won't be there. I'm thinking of asking another parent to come in so that I don't have so much contact with the kids. Don't want to make them sick but I'll still have to read and direct the games.
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I'm 12.5 weeks and doing great on the pregnancy road (I hope!) My 12-week screening is Wed and I absolutely cannot wait!

My second chiro appointment is tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to that.

Had a great MOPS meeting today -- so thankful for the wonderful ladies in my group!

Sadness right now, though because Hospice was just called in for my grandpa's end-of-life care. I haven't seen him since March and I just have a huge hole in my heart. The majority of the family is ready for him to go, but I just haven't had my closure. I'm flying to see him next week... arriving Tuesday, leaving Friday and hoping to be able to give him a hug and say bye. I also would love for him to see his great-granddaughter one last time.
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12.5 weeks here. Went to my first midwife apt today. It was great. Got to hear baby's heartbeat. She told me I'd have to switch to an OB at 20 weeks so I may only have a few more appointments there until we start talking monitrice plans. She also told me not to mention VBA2C to anyone in the office (at the OB's) except for the main doctor in the practice because I've already had a run in with her partner.
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So sorry to hear about your grandfather.

Didnt you think you werent quite as far along before your u/s? I just wanted to throw out that you should keep how your MS started a bit later in the back of your mind of the end of your pregnancy just incase you go later and need to hold off induction pressures.

Have you thought about having him nix the fish sauce and sub soy sauce? Fish sauce is what effects me most from Thai food right now but if we make it at home and i omit it, it hits the spot.

, hopefully it's okay that Ive been praying for you. I hope you are doing well.

__________________________________________________ _______

Im doing much better these last couple weeks. I do still have sudden severe outta nowhere nausea sometimes, but it is so much better then the all the time stuff. This is week 14 so hopefully I should be done with that this week. I know this is going to sound silly, since I help other women with MS using hypnosis, but Im horrible about doing my own scripts. I finally did one last week and it's been so different since then. I could kick myself in the butt

Changed midwives and had my first appt last week. I love love love my mentor midwife so it's hard to wrap my mind around not seeing her for my care, but she'll still attend my birth if she is available, so that feels good. My new midwife is a Naturopathic Doctor too, which Im excited about. She is also passionate about VBACs and it is so wonderful. She had a book of letters from previous clients in her office and there were so many from VBAC moms.. Even VBA3C moms! It was amazing to me that she is so open with that information because the midwifery community around here isnt really supportive of HBAC even though it isnt technically illegal. I love that she has stopped having her VBAC clients do shadowcare because she feels like it creates an attitude of sneaking around. If we had a transfer she would go in with me.. and in 10 years of births and many VBACs (there were atleast 30 letters alone) she has only had to transfer once. It just felt like such a weight off my shoulders. She even likes and encourages having a doula.. Ive worked with certified midwives in 3 states now and very few of them really liked having a doula around. Most of the midwives I know feel like they provide doulacare too. They dont object, but they arent super encouraging either. My new Midwife is excited about having more care for the Mom to feel supported. So, anyway, Im so excited to have the logistics of this birth figured out. Im so excited to be able to be excited about having a homebirth.. it's been a really good week for settling into my pregnancy.

I also managed to have energy to get stuff done this weekend! I had this horrible cabinet we were using as a pantry that has bugged me everytime I looked at it for the last two years. The spot that it fit in is 38 inches and it's been impossible to find something I liked that fit there. I have really wanted a Kitchen Queen for awhile but they are almost always 40+" or they are not really substancial enough to use as a pantry. Anyway, we finally found one after looking for 2 years! I dont know what Ill do with all my free time now that I dont have to stalk craigslist.

Feeling baby moving even when Im not concentrating on it. I cant wait for the big movements and for my DD to be able to feel baby. She wakes up every morning and tells me "You have a baby in your chunky". Randomly during the day she talks about it, or she will come over and say she wants to cuddle with the baby.. or earlier she told me she is going to teach it to color and do headstands. She is going to make such a wonderful big sister, but Im really struggling with how my time alone with DD is coming to a close. I really love this age (2.5) and feel like I just started getting into my "groove" as a Mom. Im actually a bit terrified of how having another one will effect everything.
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11w5d here and trying to get over a cold. Haven't been able to sleep b/c I'm up often coughing and blowing my nose. Pretty miserable combined with pregnancy fatigue.

Saw my midwife Saturday to get more blood drawn. Waiting to see if there is a problem with antibodies I'm producing. If so, I have to see a maternal-fetal specialist. I am hoping and praying it is nothing. Probably won't get the results for a week.
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Doing good here, 14w 1d and the sensitivity to smell, food aversions have been gone for a few weeks, and the constant nausea has been gone for a few weeks as well. There are still certain things I just can't eat, all grains, raw vegetables, tomato based dishes and dishes that are too spicy, so I do have to be careful with what I eat or I will throw up. I've still been having random puking days, but I can handle that over constant nausea. I am basically living on yogurt, bananas, peanut butter, grain free breads, meat, cooked vegetables, eggs, cheese and fruit. Not a bad diet I must say. Oh, and eating anything "junky" isn't settling well, so I've been eating fairly healthy! I will be glad once I can eat tomatoes again though. That really cuts out a lot of dishes that I like to make for the whole family.

Finally weaned DS about a week ago. It went very smoothly and was a gentle process for both of us. I'm so glad my milk dried up because that made it a lot easier! If it hadn't, I might be finding myself tandem nursing here in around 6 months, which I didn't really want to do. I've been trying to force myself to nap, since DS is still night-waking, and we're still working on getting him back to sleep w/o nursing, but I hate napping, even if I've only slept 4 hours. I think I'd have to get really sleep deprived before resorting to a nap. That said I did fall asleep for about 30 minutes with DS earlier. I feel a little better but almost worse in some ways..like I'm more tired than I was before. Mamas that have 2 kids already, we're you able to drink caffeine after the second babe arrived? I couldn't have even an ounce of coffee with DS when he was born because he was extremely sensitive to it through my milk. That's how I get through the day now with getting less sleep. I can't imagine having a toddler and a newborn, breastfeeding, night-wakings and not drinking caffeine. How do you guys do it!?

I'm planning on joining the Y here pretty soon so I can get in some scheduled exercise, and have someone to watch DS while I work out. I'm actually looking forward to it!
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lots of busy moms in here!

10 weeks today. lost my job yesterday which i am secretly happy about. we need to the money but i hated that job! now i have to find another one. my husband is freaking out.

i am exhausted and dry heaving like nobody's business. headaches, as well. i wish i knew exactly when to expect to get better.

my husband was hungover yesterday and threw up so quietly. i sound like some kind of demon is being exercised out of the depths of my soul when i get sick.
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Originally Posted by nixnc View Post
my husband was hungover yesterday and threw up so quietly. i sound like some kind of demon is being exercised out of the depths of my soul when i get sick.

i hear you on this one...it feels and sounds so violent!

10 weeks or 11...still feeling crappy but the sea bands are helping i think. the trick i've discovered is to wear them constantly for about 4 days.

still super emotional and exhausted...and the super smelling...ugh. if i even see someone smoking i start dry heaving...so disgusting. can't believe i used to smoke...sheesh.

it's all worth it...1/4 done. thank the lord this 1st trimester is rounding the bend!
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Originally Posted by ryleeee View Post

i hear you on this one...it feels and sounds so violent!
Yes. I am afraid my husband will think I am playing it up to get sympathy which I am not! I also hate how one of my coworker's desk is right next to the staff bathroom and she (as well as whichever client she's working with at the time) can hear it even with the fan on and sink running.
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Hi Mamas!

Mamachef - I'm definitely on high alert when it comes to that "being pushed ahead" by my dating scan. I'm expecting my dates to be right... theirs to be wrong and I will be using my voice repeatedly to ensure I don't get induced on anyone else's schedule.

However I'm also pretty sure that the all day nausea which hasn't reappeared had to do with the fact that I staffed a conference for two days last week and managed a client insurance appeal during it... two days of sacking up and working dawn till dusk totally zapped me out physically/mentally/emotionally (I was helping a woman get clearance to continue her treatment at Johns Hopkins for a rare form of Degenerative Muscular Dystrophy while staffing a conference!) so the following day I wasn't too surprised to be in rough shape. I went home and slept for 2 hrs then went and taught a yoga class and felt fine by the end of the night... no more nausea since.
In general I'm stressed out by work... we're merging with another insurance brokerage that's located in a city that's going to make my commute change from 15 minutes one way to an hour one way... but I'm working things out so I don't have to go there more than 2-3 times a week and will be working a lot from home. That will be good I think... but it's been a stressful couple of weeks as I realized how bad commuting pregnant would be... luckily I have cool bosses and have asserted my needs pretty well during the whole process. They really need me to transition some of our programs over to the merged company so that's a good feeling.

Nix sorry you lost your job. Maybe you can find something filler/temporary that won't be too bad for the next few months?

I'm going over to a friend's tonight who's 3 days past due... We're bringing movies, games, and thai food. I'm happy to get to keep her company.

Take care ladies.
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Subbing. I'm 12.5 weeks and feeling great now! Phew.
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Well this aftenroon I caved.. and pulled out the maternity pants..... I think this time's for the duration.. I've tried them a few times.. but this kind of seems like it's the 'right time' now..... when your regular pants are uncomfy HALF unzipped.. it's probably time to give up on them LOL!

I'm about 11 weeks now I 'think' (it's all a guess as my cycles are wonky).
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