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Cervical stabbing already?
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I'm on vacation right now and getting home tomorrow night. My plan is to get my clothes out this weekend and wash them and start wearin' em. I need to!
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Okay,Send non-jinxing vibes my way, cos I've got to share!!!!!!!!!I feel fine. I do!I actually initiated play with my kids!I raked the front yard!I'm not great,I had to eat right after raking so I wasn't shaky,and I still get tired fast,but not ALLLLLLL the time!I'll be 12 weeks on Friday,and then I'll tell the kids.I'm waiting until 14 or 16 weeks to socially announce.I've had too many losses to not be ultra cautious.My worst was a blighted ovum at 13 weeks, so I'm not feeling safe at all yet.I'm SO grateful to be feeling almost alive again though!
Now, if DH could just get over all his "symptoms"
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Originally Posted by sonshine_rae View Post
Well this aftenroon I caved.. and pulled out the maternity pants..... I think this time's for the duration.. I've tried them a few times.. but this kind of seems like it's the 'right time' now..... when your regular pants are uncomfy HALF unzipped.. it's probably time to give up on them LOL!

I'm about 11 weeks now I 'think' (it's all a guess as my cycles are wonky).
I'm 11 weeks and I pulled mine out. I've been wearing them since this weekend with a Bebe band. My regular clothes are not working well with a bebe band and my maternity ones feel great! I won't get tired of them. I graduated from high school 13 years ago and still wear some of the same clothes I wore then (I liked things baggy then, and now they aren't so baggy)
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I'm off to Las Vegas tomorrow for a conference Thurs-Sun. Kids just went to bed. I have to pack and DH is running out to the store to get diaper wipes for our trip. I told him he can't come to bed tonight until the house is the way we're leaving it in the morning (clean!) He and the kids always travel with me. DH is great about doing fun and engaging things with them while I'm in class.

I have more energy but am still quite tired. I guess the difference is that my head feels clear instead of drugged--if that makes sense. I'm feeling less nausea as well. I'm still really swollen though and I'm breaking out in hives at the moment. Not sure what that's about. We're having construction done in our basement. Maybe it's a reaction to the drywall dust that's been floating around. Hopefully that and nothing more. I'm sure the plane won't help the swelling any either. I hope I can get my shoes on!

My 21 month old decided she wants to nurse again after stopping for the last 2 or 3 weeks. Go figure. Wonder if it will last?

We have to leave the house by 6:30am at the latest so I better get going! Have a good week everyone!
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have a great trip JrsMom and Katie & KindRed GLAD YOU'RE FEELING BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Have a great trip, jr'smom!

Glad folks are starting to feel better - I'm 14w 3 d

Thanks for the tip on the fish sauce, MamaChef. Dp and I have spent some time investigating and we don't think it's that. We've narrowed it down to kefir lime leaves, krachai, or galangal - I'm super excited to think we may find and exclude the olfactory offender.
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OMG,the fatigue! I hope this starts to get better as the 2T progresses. All I want to do is sleep. It's worse now than it was in the 1T!
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I've just been plain exhausted, haven't been able to concentrate on work, home, anything. I left work early yesterday, voted, and *tried* to take a nap, but it took SO long to fall asleep, it was barely an hour total of sleep. It helped a bit though, I feel more human today.

I feel like I'm eating enough, but a coworker today commented on how I look like I've lost a lot of weight ? which surprised me, I do have a tiny bit of a belly starting but its true the rest of me seems more sparse than usual. I guess my appetite has been pretty hit or miss, but its not like I'm throwing up a lot.

I have hockey practice tonite which will be a challenge. Frisbee in the middle of the day I can do, biking to/from work isn't too bad either, but my 'morning' sickness actually seems much worse in the evenings - I think the gas just builds up, and I'm uncomfy and sick and just plain miserable. Maybe skating around will help that though, we'll see.

just trying to wait patiently for our first u/s, next wed. Ill be 12wks. Its a scary one for me, since its when I found out about my missed m/c during my first pregnancy. I'm hopeful since I'm so sick and tired, but who really knows.
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13 weeks! I'm saying I'm in the 2nd trimester!!!

I've decided to embrace my membership in the "lucky ones" club for now lol Had very mild symptoms so far and no sickness. Yay! Next appt is tomorrow morning! I can't wait! No u/s though..just doppler and going over tests n such.
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I am 13 weeks and already wearing maternity jeans. They are just more comfy! I still dont have any symptoms. I feel great.
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I had my doc appt today and NT screening -- everything looked great! I forgot how expensive all the screening junk was... even with insurance! Today cost more than $450 out of pocket! Not quite sure how we're going to pay next month's credit card bill in full :-(
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I think the chat threads are my favorite. I love reading how everyone is doing.

Is this one really for ALL of November, though?

Anyway, my heart is going out to all of you having a tough time. Pregnancy is so miserable! Why do you have to go through all this misery to get the sweet baby? It should all be sweet, I think!

I guess that's it. Take care ladies, I'll be checkin' in on ya!

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well we feel horrible so we don't do anything stupid like drink or smoke or bull ride
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I'm definitely feeling better as well...though I'm still taking half a unisom at night to keep my gag reflex at bay. I didn't take one last night and was gagging and puking this afternoon. I seem to be sicker in the afternoon and evening then the morning too. I'm almost 12 weeks and hoping this means that the morning(well evening) sickness is almost over. This seems early compared with my last 2 pregnancies...though I think it's on par for my first pregnancy. I think I remember feeling better earlier with dd.

I had to make some banana pudding(the vanilla wafer kind) this evening because I've been craving it. I'm eating some right now and it's yummy. I think it's been years since I've had some.
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Hey Ladies! Happy November!

Yes to cervical stabbing. I'm starting to feel it. I'm only 11 weeks. Last time I don't remember that happening until after 20 weeks.

I had a crazy realistic dream last night in which I had a big tummy and I could see the baby moving. Remember when you could actually see your tummy change shapes cause of an arm or booty pushing into you? Made me wish I was at that point already. But I haven't even felt movement yet.

12 week check up is on Tuesday. I have the prenatal screening scheduled for next Friday but I decided to cancel it. It only gives risk factors and if my risk factors are high I wouldn't want to do amnio so I just don't see the point in the test.
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lol ryleee

sewingsparklz I agree... love the chit chat thread

briecheese ditto on the super crazy vivid dreams and big belly in them

crystalynn... boo on cc bills. I hear ya on that.

slb - you HAVE made it - embrace it!

I'm having srs work stress y'all... i lost sleep over it last night and am a zombie today... am hating that my work situation is sure to change on 1/1/11 and I have a lot of uncertainty. At least I have a job but that doesn't help me when I wake up at 3am with my head spinning and can't get back to sleep. I'm starting to worry about chronic stress hormones affecting the baby.

Visited my birthing center yesterday... it was *fine* but I will be staying home for as long as possible. I'm really hoping to get one of the rooms iwth the double tubs!!! They had at least two and they were both empty yesterday for the tour. Small town, rural area.
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i am sad because i had my ultrasound today and instead of 10 weeks 4 days, i am 9 weeks 4 days.

i was hoping the end of the m/s was coming soon, but now it is further away.

other than that, everything looks great and we even saw the little arms and legs move!!!!

after that, they took like 6 viles of blood and i have felt weak all day. so instead of being out looking for a job, i've been laying in bed. i'm tired.

i feel guilty, but i know i have to take care of myself. so i fixed a grilled tomato sandwich with pringles and glass of cherry soda for lunch. i know, not that healthy--but i am so finicky right now, that is all i felt i could stomach.

i lost 2 pounds since last week--due to the morning sickness and lack of appetite. they are wanting me to drink ensure.
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My cold turned out to be Bronchitis. After dealing with it for 4 days I called my midwife and asked for antibiotics. She said we could do herbs and probiotics instead but I felt I actually needed something stronger this time. I'm a wahm that homeschools. There was just no way I could keep up if the pain didn't go away soon. I slept all day yesterday and felt much better today.

She said that I'm probably doing too much and stress is probably causing my panic attacks. When I think about it, I agree with her so I'm going to try to take it easy for awhile. As extra activities such as co-ops and classes that I'm taking end, I'm not going to replace them. I can manage if I focus on the kids school and my teaching with a little housework on the side. Anything else is just too much right now.
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