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I definitely don't think I've O'd now. My temp was 97.0 this morning. Maybe my body is getting ready for one mega ovulation since my breasts are STILL sore and nursing is gettingmore painful. Please move me back to Waiting to O. I think by the end of the week I'll have finally spit out an egg.

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Hi ladies- first congrats to all the bfps and hugs to all of us that af has found. I've been having a hard time keeping up with this thread, especially with the new change. I don't mind the format, but the color makes it hard for me to read.


Zjande- I feel you on the holiday baby. I only have one, but would like to avoid it again if at all possible.


afm- I haven't been getting positive opks for the past 2 months. I posted a question about it on FF and the consensus is, that not getting a +opk along with my short luteal phases I am having weak ovulations, if I am ovulating at all :( . I have an app. with my doc. on thursday so I'll have her run a bunch of tests. 

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I got the results back from my blood work and the results aren't exactly what I was hoping for.  On Friday my Progesterone level was 21.9 and my hCG was 111.7, 48 hours later on Sunday my progesterone dropped to 14.8 and my hCG only rose to 147.5.  Still waiting to talk with the doctor- really hoping this isn't another ectopic.

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Ms_quoted - big hugs.

We are here, fighting the flu but otherwise life is great and we are gearing up to try either this Friday+ or next month.
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Updated list to here

Cindy~ Hugs

Eonjourney~Welcome to the group, I put you
under waiting to catch first pp egg.

I had fun trying to update the list on my phone lol
I will for sure be finding a wifi spot tomorrow to
set up a new thread for December using the laptop.

I think I might be in the 2ww not sure just going off the few post o
temps I took and possible o pain could put me at 5dpo
today, I ended up with some brown spotting this morning
which is kind odd. Ive never had any type of spotting in the
2ww before.
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I went to pick up opk's today (at the only cheap place I know of) & they were all sold out!!! I only have one left so now I'm frantically trying to find somewhere online I can order them with next day delivery - I would like to have them by Wednesday or Thursday at the very latest. The clomid is too expensive & frustrating & hard on my system to chance missing o.

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I'm a bit concerned about my temps.  My high post-BFP temps were in the range of 36.8 but they've been heading now for three successive days.  It is suddenly very cold here, but we have our warm winter comforter on now and I haven't been cold at all when I wake up.  Today's temp started at 36.66, then 5 minutes later was 36.55, a few minutes later was 36.47 and then one minute later was 36.70.  This is a brand new thermometer this cycle that, thus far, has shown now signs of being wonky (regardless, all the temps it gave are lower than yesterday's temp).  Thoughts?


Going and getting blood work isn't quite as straightforward here as it is in the US.  I can do it, but it's just generally less medical here and the attitude that will be taken will definitely be to just wait and see since there's no point stressing it when you're 4 weeks pregnant.  FYI, my last pregnancy was a missed miscarriage with fetal death at 8 weeks.



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Sarah~ I'd try not to worry about your temps it will just stress you out.
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Originally Posted by SoCaliMommy View Post

Sarah~ I'd try not to worry about your temps it will just stress you out.

I know.  I'll do my best.  If it's down further tomorrow, though, I'll be seriously weirded out.  There's nothing I can do about it, though, so I guess there's not much point in worrying.

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Hello mamas, 


I'd like to be added to "Waiting to Catch the First PP Egg"! My baby is 16 months old and I originally thought we would be waiting until he was 3 to TTC the next since we had plans to buy and renovate an old house etc. but dh and I have decided to stay put in our current house for 2-3 years. Which means I can be open to welcoming a new babe any time! love.gif I haven't ovulated yet, and my PPAF didn't come until 20 and 22 months with my older two, so we shall see. I have been feeling cramps and twinges, and also having a higher libido and more baby-lust so maybe that's a good sign. smile.gif I will keep you mamas posted and be stalking for BFPs!



SoCaliMommy, I am so sorry to see you back here. hug.gif I hope you get some answers and a sticky baby soon.

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Msquoted: I am hoping for the best for you!!


Socal: I hope it's implantation spotting!! Are you taking progesterone already?


AFM: My Ob wants me to come in on Monday to formulate a plan. I think she is going to prescrible progesterone suppositories to start this cycle. I am guessing more testing of progesterone levels too. And I think if I am not preg soon, possibly clomid. My midwife seems to think clomid is what I might need to fix my low progesterone levels, she doesnt think the suppositories do enough. We'll see what the doc says. I don't trust my midwife entirely. She is fantastic for pregnancy and birth but I just don't think she has as much experience with getting prego stuff. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by my doctor's interest in having me come in soon and figure this all out. But really, I guess we don't and wont ever know if the chemical was from low progesterone or if it was a genetic fluke like many are.



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Updated List To Here


Cindy~No i'm not.



December Thread Is Up

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I knew FF is wrong about me O'ing on cd 18! My "post-O" temps just were high enough. Now I'm officially in the 2ww again at 3 dpo. You know, when it takes almost a month from when your period started, to ovulate, the 2ww suddenly doesn't seem like such a long time. Here's to hoping and praying that the 2ww turns into 9 months of gestating!

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