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Mama D, you are right - the dose for ectopic is low compared to other reasons methotrexate is used.

But I just wanted to add that the very best thing for you and your baby is to try to remain calm and relaxed. It does no good to stress out and worry about something that may not be.
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i know stress is bad and have been doing everything in my power to be as calm as possible

the spotting started after a night of ptsc type panic attacks
i spend a lot of time worrying my stress has killed the baby

i know it is bad
i do everything i can to be calm

if the baby is dead i will blame myself and believe it is from stress.
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no please don't say that! Stress cannot do that otherwise throughout history - with wars, poverty, plague, personal crises, family illness, homelessness, natural disasters, losing jobs, losing houses, etc - the human race would have died out by now.

Stress is just no fun mama. Hoping the best for you
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Mama D, I think it might be a good idea to give your health care provider a call. It sounds like what you are experiencing is more like depression than stress. There are a lot of people out there that can help with these feelings of guilt and despair. Blaming yourself for miscarriage is simply not healthy. I assume you are not a drug addict or otherwise putting yourself in danger and if this is true than it is imperative that you find a way to peace.
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Mama daba Hang in there, only a few hours til your ultrasound. Let us know how it goes. Wishing you peace...
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sorry about my post earlier
i have a therapist who is aware of what is going on
i suffer from depression and anxiety and have been under a lot of stress all of that related to ptsd.
blaming myself is a way to feel some sort of control over the situation.
i will find out this evening what is going on when i get the ultra sound and my therapist asked me to call her cell phone and tell her what i find out.
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my baby is not ectopic
something with placenta cause spotting

the technician was really nice

at firsts he was mean

and i started crying and my husband explained more how hard week has been and then i think she got angry at hospital because they really really should have got me in days ago and should not have been taking so long and scheduling me for worst possible time for ultra sound and stuff.

and then the technician broke some rules! she let me see the heart beating and let me see the baby and told me some of what she was seeing and she was really nice and she is not supposed to tell me anything at all and the way it works she didn't have to get a doctor but she went got one and made sure i got info right away. she could have just made me wait until tomorrow to find out a lot of technicians theire would of. it is because the rural clinic near my house and the big hmo hospital don't have good communication set up and so really hard to get tests needed and just had to wait a long time for any answers and it has been really stressful. but the doctor there talked to me said the placenta has something with how is attached that almost always resolves itself and i wrote it down not gonna google it and find horror stories but wrote it down so my rural doctor can know in case she has trouble getting answers from the big hospital. the doctor thinks baby will be fine and i know why the spotting has been happening and i can breath again.

i will breath better when the placenta thing resolves though.
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That sounds like good news! I'm sorry it's been such a hard week for you and that you are finally getting the care that you need
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That's great Mama Daba! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!
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I'm glad to hear that things look good thus far.

If it helps alleviate any stress thus far, I bled throughout my first pregnancy--sometimes very heavily--and my daughter is now 10. I have encountered similar issues with this pregnancy and it is extremely nerve-wracking.

Keep a good thought and try to keep stress as minimal as possible.
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managed to go almost a week with no spotting and then had some last night. so stressful. glad too know the cause but very stressful.

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I'm so glad you had a great tech and you got a peek.  Hope the bleeding stops soon, that's got to make your heart skip a beat, even if you know why it's there.

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Sounds like a subchorionic hematoma maybe? Is that what they told you? If it is, I had one with DD and bled on and off from 6.5 weeks till about 13 I think, and she is now a very spunky 3 year old after an otherwise uneventful pregnancy and natural birth. wink1.gif I know how scary and nerve-wracking it is. Hang in there and keep trying to stay positive. Glad you got some answers at least!

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yes that is what i was told i have. it is just that every time i start to relax have more spotting it is wearing me down and spotting has almost always been discovred right before going to sleep. does not make for a good nights sleep! very nice to hear you had it and that she is 3 now! my son just turned 3 :)

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Your stress will have nothing to do with your baby's death if this is even the case! I got pregnant 6 weeks after my son's death and believe me, I was grieving, crying, screaming...And Noah is still the happiest kid on the planet! Please try not to worry about whether your emotions will harm your baby!

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I know, it does wear you down, it's a roller coaster. I found that the best way to deal with it was to accept and expect the spotting to keep coming. I knew that it was possible for the SCH to keep going for some time, some women bleed all the way through pg with these. But MOST resolve within a couple weeks. Hope for the best, expect the worst, you know? I tried to just take it easy and be extra gentle with myself every time the bleeding started back up, to put my feet up and relax as much as possible. After 10 weeks or so I rented a home doppler and listened to baby's HB occasionally, especially whenever spotting started again. That gave me a lot of peace and helped me get through the last few weeks of it without stressing anymore.

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