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I wish I could keep testing this

#1 - induced @ 38 wks and change for pre-eclampsia, 9 hours, 2 of them pushing. Was 3-4 cm and 80% when we started pit. AROM 2 hours later at 6 cm.

#2 - less than 30 minutes. finger tip dilated at 37 wks, never checked again (checked at my request because I'm too curious for my own good) 3 contractions, then my water broke. My midwife estimates I dilated from about 3-5 in the first 3 contractions, then 5-7 when my water broke, and in the next 3 (one of which was on the phone with her) went from 7-10. Labor began at 3:05, baby was born at 3:30 or 3:33, we aren't exactly sure. Two different clocks lol
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I can report back now....

Originally Posted by Annemarie42 View Post
#1: 30 hours (heavily augmented labor d/t HBP), 37 weeks
#2: 4 hours (delivered 10 min. after walking into the hospital), 40 weeks exactly. Prodromal labor for about 2 weeks.
#3: ask me tomorrow. ;-) Prodromal labor from 36-41 weeks. Hoping for a quick one, but not counting on it; as the pp said, #3 is supposed to be a wild card and so far this pregnancy has been.
#3 was about 6 hours, at 41 weeks, with maybe 4-5 hours of good prelabor right before. Pushed much longer than #2 (about an hour), but Sam is over a pound bigger and his positioning was a little off.
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#1: 7 hours (including 1.5 hours pushing)
#2: 11 hours (water breaking to delivery)
#3: 26 hours (posterior, cervical lip)
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Also, mine definitely got larger:
#1: 7 lbs. 6 oz.
#2: 8 lbs. 2 oz.
#3: 9 lbs. 9 oz.
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DD1 - 5-6 hours, 7lbs, 7oz
DD2 - 100 minutes, 8lbs even

I'm kind of scared to think about a third kid. DH is convinced it's just going to drop out while I'm grocery shopping or something.
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Mine got faster and larger also all with varied cord size that didn't seem to effect the speed of birth adversely.

#1 4hrs - 7lb 6oz average sized cord
#2 28 min - 8lb 12oz ridiculously long cord
#3 18 min - 10lb cord short enough I had to hunch over really far to before the placenta came

My water broke about 10 hrs before labor started with my first, My water breaking was the start of labor with my second and with my third my water didn't break until he was on the way out. The very fast labors are extremely intense and nothing is soothing at all. At the time it seems like it might last forever and that fear still hasn't left me from the last one and he's almost two now. I vaguely remember my first being a more peaceful birth. I did try to slow my third down but couldn't tolerate being in water or any position but standing. Probably needless to say, the last two were unassisted because no one could make it here in time. With my second the midwife showed up 1 hr after he was born and we didn't call anyone for the third. When near the end with my third, anytime I would leave the house I would think ahead about what my plan would be if I went into labor where every I was going to since my second had come so very fast.

I'm thinking my fourth might come in my sleep, lol.
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I've only had one, but it makes me a little worried about ridiculously fast labors in the future. I had him at home at 41w3d in water, he had both fists at his shoulders (midwes ended up having to reach in and turn him because he was stuck) and a very very short cord (it broke when he came out). Active labor was about 6 hours and I was in denial for 1-2 of those.

Ideally I'd like 4-8 hour labors in the future so there's time for the midwives and our moms to get here and for the pool to be filled and get used. I am a little reassured because I used Hypnobabies the first time and there is a visualization exercise. My labor was exactly as long as I had visualized it (same time of day and day of the week too!) and so I've been working on the visualization exercise since pretty early this time hoping it works as well as last time.
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#1- 10 hrs. start to finish
#2- less than 4 hrs. start to finish
Hoping #3 will be fast!!
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ds1: 5 hours--but really 3 hours active
ds2: 2 hours
ds3: 3 hours
ds4: 6 hours, and felt endless after my quicker previous labors.
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# 1: 12 hours
#2: 1.5 hours
#3: ??
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#1 was weird: 20-odd hours from ROM to birth, but contractions only started after getting pit about 18 hours in. From first cx to baby was 3.5 hours. Crazy.


#2, HB, was 7 hours from ROM to birth, but only about an hour of challenging labor. So technically longer, but way, way easier.

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First labor and delivery from start to finish- 4.5 hours- twin girls born at home
Second labor- 1 hour total (painless too) from start to delivery- waterbirth
Third 4 hours from start to finish- waterbirth
Fourth labor- 2 days of mild contractions- 4 hours of active labor and delivery- another waterbirth
Back labor with all!
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Ds1, 8 hours

Ds2, 2 hours


both at home with midwives

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My labors start 'low and slow' with a long early phase, a lot of off and on until I reach 4 or 5 cms.  Definitely faster with #2, so if I have a 3rd I imagine it will be as quick or quicker.


1st:24 hrs of 'early' labor and 14 hrs active, pushed for 1hr (epidural, acynclitic baby)

2nd:15 hrs of 'early' labor and 3 3/4 hrs active, pushed for 10 minutes (homebirth)

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Interesting "data" everyone has contributed.

My history:

#1 - 8 hr induced+epidural, 45 min pushing - 8.5

#2 - 8 hr home waterbirth, 4 hr pushing, asynclitic head - 9.5

#3 - 27 hr home birth transfer, 7-8 hr pushing -10.14, HUGE head

#4 - 3.5 hr UC, 3 pushes - 9.12

#5 - 4 hr (not including 1 hr from when water broke before contractions started), 2 pushes - 8.2

#6 - 3 hr, 1 "push" - 8.3 --this was the strangest one.  I had no show at all and contractions felt very different.  Not much pain, other than a burning sensation around my lower abdomen.  I was so completely convinced I had hours to go, and birthed minutes after I told my midwife that.  I hadn't taken my underwear off, she pulled them down and broke my water as I birthed standing.


#7 and 8 due in March.  If visualizations work, and I believe they do, I am visualizing my water breaking before labor, so I can get myself down to the birth center, where my preferred 3 midwives will be able to attend us in time.  If they have to come up here, it's likely most or all will miss it, which is not my ideal for twins!  Oddly enough, my midwife has a way higher than average stats on waters breaking before labor, and she does no prenatal exams unless requested. 

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Obviously by the date this email comes late but perhaps others who want to know these things might find responses helpful.


My first labor was 3 and a half hours, the second 2 hours.  No epidural, vaginal delivery.


Both very similar.


Pains started a minute apart and 4 cm dilated when reaching the hospitals because they were close.


Made the mistake with the first labor to believe what I was told, that it would take 17 hours and that I should take a bath or something because it would be awhile before delivering.

I did and in retrospect was I crazy or what.  Washing one's hair when deeply in labour is crazy, but what do you know when it's your first time?


When I got to the hospital everyone ignored me because they knew it was my first labour and put me on the ignore list especially because there were women who were there for awhile who had more than one child already.


I was throwing up and alone and the nurse told my husband that I wouldn't want him to see me doing so.  I was alone in a hospital bathroom in pain and sick.


I am not a screamer or complainer and told everyone that things were intense but squeaky wheel gets the grease.


If I had to do it again I would have a midwife in the hospital to be my mentor.  I would also not be so polite.


I had the urge to push, which I didn't know was happening, but asked for someone to come see me because something was "different".  The nurse said ...like I was putting her out, "What, you want me to check"?  I said yes and insisted and then she said to my husband, you have to change she is delivering right now.


For both children four pushes.


I did pregnancy fitness when pregnant and didn't even have sugar in ketchup.  I swear my kids are made of broccoli. 


The pain was overwhelming and there are no words to explain to those who say that "You had it easy".


Honestly I thought with that type of pain you would just die at the end, no passing go, no collecting 200 dollars!


Good news though, when it was finished I felt like I do now sitting at the computer, pain free and full of energy.


I know I went through things naturally and without pain medication but am not exactly someone who recommends it anymore.  It is difficult however you slice things and power to all moms and their decisions.


I would recommend a midwife in the hospital, one needs a mentor.


You can always tell her to go home if need be.


I would suggest being very open to an episiotomy (spelling sorry)....It made healing very easy and preferable to tearing.  I hesitated the first time because of classes mentioning that the doctor could massage the opening so I wouldn't need one but there really wasn't enough time for that to be done.  The doctor said to me "do you want to rip?"  luckily I had enough wits about me to say NOOOOO!


Kudos to all moms and hopefully the word will circulate that those who have quick labours are not that lucky.

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my first was 12 hours

second was 29 min.... it was WAY TOO FAST for me and a very unplanned unasssited birth with my mom catching the baby.


I am prego with my third now and actually kinda scared to have such a quick labor again... here's hoping for a LONGER labor for me!! smile.gif

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1st - 16 hrs (12 hrs spent at the hospital), baby born within an hour of getting in the birthing pool, 8 lbs 3 oz

2nd - 4 hr home birth, baby born within 1/2 hr of getting in the birthing tub, 9 lbs 2 oz

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DD- 6 hrs active labor, 6lbs 9oz

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#1, delivered 11 hours after my water broke. Pushed 3 hours!
#2, delivered 1 hour after water broke, didn't even realize it was true labor until then! Dh caught him.
#3, water never broke, I realized I was in labor 10 minutes before he was born in the caul! Dh and nurse caught him.
#4 ????

I have prodromal labor for weeks ahead of time, and it's hard to say when they really change, the ctx are always intense.
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