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Thanks so much everyone, I feel much more ready and have some good discussion points to go over with our ped at our upcoming appointment. Really appreciate all the feedback!
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my 15mo has only gained one lb since he was 8mo. the lb came this last month when i began adding fat to everything he ate. he prefers breastmilk over everything, but does now love fruit and sweet potato. that's all he'll eat, btw, so adding olive oil, butter, and yogurt to the fruit, has made a difference.

add olive oil and avocado to everything. and get a probiotic in him, to help balance his flora. make sure to get a non-dairy one though.

good luck!

(mine is 17lbs at 15 mos - makes yours seem large, doesn't it?)
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My son was labeled as FFT pretty much from 3 months until just recently when I finally got a doctor to actually talk to me about my concerns over that label since he always met his milestones ect except for weight. well his diagnosis got changed from FFT to abnormal weight gain. I don't believe any child should be labeled FFT unless they meet 2 or more of the symptoms of it

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As to getting my production up, I'm trying oatmeal, drinking lots of water, but haven't been able to find any other options that seem safe during pregnancy. What I'm doing now doesn't seem to be working. My diet is limited due to son's allergies as well, so I guess I may need to up my own intake? He still nurses 8-10 times a day... but just isn't getting much. He keeps switching from side to side looking for more. Makes me sad to feed him anymore since I don't have much to give and it is obviously his food of choice. Any suggestions on that front?

Thanks again, really appreciate the support!

motherlove makes a tincture that is for use during pregnancy; no fenugreek etc

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Since he breastfeeds, maybe use an SNS with formula, if he doesn't drink it otherwise?

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That tincture from Motherlove looks perfect, thanks for suggesting. I just went and ordered a bottle... we'll see how it goes!!

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