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Pooping habits changing?

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Have your LO's pooping habits changed lately?

I guess I easily stress out about pooping because she didn't poop for a week right after she was born and there was lots of stress and worry about her food intake because of that. So anyways, after that first week she would go multiple times a day, lots of poop. Then at about 5 weeks she changed to having huge poops every 36 hours or so. That lasted for 3 days, and now she hasn't went at all in over 3 days I know it isn't uncommon for EBF babies to change to a once a week pattern or so, and I wouldn't be worried except that she's spent a lot of the last two days either straining, grunting or fussing. And she has been so gassy. Also, she sometimes cries when she passes gas. I know she's uncomfortable, and I don't know what to do to help her out.

Is this just a normal change that she has to get used to? Will she get more comfy?
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my DD is the same age and has been doing almost exactly what you described.. over the weekend she pooped twice a day after going almost 4 days with no poop before that..

yes, it is totlaly normal, unless when baby does poop it is hard/formed/pebbles etc. , it is not constipation.. learning to poop is hard. and that's what babies are doing..

DD1 was pooping every 10+ days whens he was 3-4 months old (slowed down starting around 4-6 weeks).. my DS pooped 8+ times a day until he was 8 months old,. both were EBF .. the range of normal with BF babies is crazy.
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We're pooping every few days too. As long as there are plenty of wet diapers I wouldn't worry.
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Mine's still only pooping every few days, and peeing every few seconds.
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Originally Posted by Kelly1101 View Post
Mine's still only pooping every few days, and peeing every few seconds.
Yeah, the amount of pee is incredible!
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also, she did end up pooping yesterday and it definitely made up for the 3 days she didn't! :
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