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133!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doubled faster than the last ones!

I absolutely cannot believe it and am in total shock. She said that everything looked totally normal, and my first ultrasound is the 15th.

I hope that this one stays for good, oh please oh please oh please!

OK off to pass out or throw up or poop my pants or something.
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Holy crap!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!
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OMG I cannot tell you how nice it feels to get dancing veggies! Thanks everyone!
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blueyezze4 Hi I haven't done any kind of fetility treatment. We only managed a few cycles of trying naturaly before my husband became completly paralized. I didn't realise you needed injections for IUI. Is that the case even if I'm ovulating normally? Cost is another reason I'm thinking of going for IUI to increase the number of cycles we can get free. The problem is that I really don't understand most people's posts. Beta's, injectables etc. don't mean anything to me till people offer hugs or congratulations to them.
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Milletpuff - Off to the graduates you go!!

Wow! This is an awesome month girls! Lets keep those bfp's going
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Some more dancing veg for you milletpuff. congratulations!
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Silverbird, you don't need injections for IUI, but I think that's pretty common. We did our first 7 cycles as IUI at home actually, no other intervention (we were using frozen sperm). But even if we had wanted to do it at the midwifes, we could have done it without the other interventions.

I ovulate normally, but took clomid these last two cycles, both of which resulted in a pregnancy (and hopefully this one sticks!!) My doctor suggested it because there didn't seem to be anything obviously wrong, yet we still weren't getting pregnant.
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Milletpuff - Yeah!!!! Congrats! That is awesome!!!!!
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Originally Posted by milletpuff View Post
Silverbird, you don't need injections for IUI, but I think that's pretty common. We did our first 7 cycles as IUI at home actually, no other intervention (we were using frozen sperm). But even if we had wanted to do it at the midwifes, we could have done it without the other interventions..
Please forgive my ignorance. You did IUI at home? does that make it like regual atifical isenination (just squirting seamen into your vigina)? You don't need to got to the doctor? and how is the sperm defrosted? do they just take it out the freezer and hand it to you?

Glad this one worked out and hope it super sticky.
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So exciting!

I start clomid tomorrow, 1st time. The consensus on the rest of the interwebs is to take it at night... comments? (I'm a little nervous.)
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We did IUIs with frozen sperm from a bank - they ship it in this big bio-freeze container that looks like a 2 foot tall fat mushroom and it's filled with dry ice. We would get two vials and do one at a time. We brought it to room temp by letting it just sit out, then I put it in my armpit to bring it to body temp.

About doing IUI at home - my partner is a tattoo artist and is very comfortable with sterile procedures, so we had an instruction session and the first actual insemination with the midwife, then we did the rest on our own. We got the equipment, including the intra-uterine catheter, from our midwife's office. It was pretty easy and very low stress since we didn't have to worry about scheduling, taking off work, getting a drs appt, etc. That said, only the first of those worked.

The most recent cycles have been regular IVI (intra-vaginal) insems with fresh sperm, and yeah, that was just squirting the semen up in there Two of those three worked, and both of those that worked were also Clomid cycles.

Jenger, good luck! I totally agree on the Clomid-at-night, but I didn't have too much of a reaction to it at all, so I'm not sure if it would have made a huge difference to me. Are you nervous for the side effects? I have heard such a HUGE range of reactions to it! like I said mine was totally minimal. There is an herb that my acupuncturist gave me that I remember taking for PMS in my late 20s, and that helped a lot. Its called (and I KNOW I will butcher this) Xiao Yao Wan. If you are working with an acupuncturist at all see if they have a recommendation.
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GEEZ! I'm gone for a few days and look at all that pregnancy vibe going!
I am SO going to ride on ya'lls coattails!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

But, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as DH has to go out of town until the day before I'm supposed to O. Here's prayin' that I don't O before he gets back.
I already told him to be prepared to walk in the door and "drop 'em"!

Welcome to the new girls! Hope your stay here is short!

songtothemoon-SO glad to see another 40yo mom!

Weekend Wrap-Up
TTC #:3
DPO (if applicable):holding out (hopefully) until dh gets back!
Testingbssively, when I can
Trying Since:4 1/2 years now
Plan for this Cycle:have progesterone run and possibly start clomid next cycle...
Link to Chart (if applicable):
Thoughts: Having very high hopes for this month, as it's the 2nd cycle after my lap for endo...
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Thanks for the info milletpuff. do you have to do bed rest after IUI?
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Wow! I was gone a few days after my first post and things just went wild.

Congrats Milletpuff

It may take me a few days to catch up and get to know everyone. I am terrible at boards(keeping up that is)

I have been out due to recovering from the Lap. Got a call from the RE today and he sadi he only removed a very small band of scar tissue from right outside the ovarian wall. Nothing was blockign the tube and all of the anotomy looked great. Yeah! Another positive is that I asked how my scar from previous cesarean looked. He said had he not known I had one from me telling him and reading the Operative report from it he never would have been able to tell I had one. More good news. He said no issues with me VBACing in the future. I go in next friday for him to check everything out and to see what we are going to do from this point on.

Best to everyone this weekend
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mindfulmomma that's great news!

Silverbird, no you don't need to do real bedrest. When we did the insem at the midwife's office, I laid there on the table for about 20 minutes after and then took it easy for the day. At-home IUIs we did when I could have at least an hour to lay there, preferably at night so I could just get into bed.
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Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: MoOnFiReGlOw
Age: 28
TTC #: 4
CD: 10

Testing: Nope
Trying Since: April '09
Plan for this Cycle: Well I had planned on taking my prenatals every day, but I've been forgetting them since AF stopped...I need to remember to take them!
Link to Chart (if applicable): Still not much to see...temp has slowly gone down from 97.5 to my pre - O temp of 97.18
Thoughts: Honestly not much right now. We are going to try to just dtd every other day till 5 days after confirmed O to make sure we hit this eggy! Hopefully we can keep it up and don't get tired right before O. Knowing my luck that's exactly what will happen!!
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Weekend Wrap-Up
Name: Nisha
Age: 38
TTC #: 3
Testing: N/A
Trying Since: January '09
Plan for this Cycle: Today is the last day of Provera! So...just waiting for AF, then, Femara 5mgs CDs 3-7.
Link to Chart (if applicable): N/A
Thoughts: Not much.. just being hopeful....
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