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Originally Posted by meander View Post

Thanks for looking, you guys...

So I caved and took a cheapie test. Not with FMU, but relatively concentrated all the same.

And...it's a little inconclusive. But....There Is Something There. Like almost a line. Pinkishly almost a line.

(Here's a pic...it looks darker in the photo than it did in the time limit, though.)

I am FREAKING out a little. I totally didn't believe I would see anything but white. I thought I was being stupid for testing at all, with NO pregnancy symptoms.... but I was going to go have a beer tonight, and figured might as well be on the safe side.

I guess no beer for me tonight?

Crashing the thread...no beer for you tonight lady! That's a positive! Congrats!

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Looks positive to me!  Congratulations!!!!    jumpers.gif

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I see that pink line, Meander! No beer for you! :) Congrats!

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This will be another short post for me - cooking dinner before getting ready to go out for the night... I'll be back in full force tomorrow, I promise! 


I just had to come say CONGRATS to Meander!!  :joy  I completely see the line for sure!  Yay!!!!


TickleToes - I'm so sorry that your body is boogling you, and that you're having some discomfort.  :fingersx that things will get straightened out soon.


Don't have time to reply to anything else.


Sending out lots of :babydust, and I'll be back tomorrow to catch up with everyone! 


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Thanks and more thanks. It helps that you guys see it too, as I was thinking I was imagining it!

That said...I am feeling so, so cautious about this...it's super early, and... I just don't know. This is my third pregnancy this year; how am I supposed to feel confident with that kind of track record? I'm going to try to trust my body, but it's a very hard thing to do when it fails me over and over again.

I am thinking I'll test again in a day or two and maybe then I will be able to believe it?

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Oh...and Tickletoes, I do think it's normal to have wierd temp fluctuations after either AF or an early M/C. Mine didn't stabilize until CD18 or so this cycle, but once they stabilized, they stayed that way. I do tend to get about a week of oddness with every AF, too...so neither would really be cause for concern I don't think. Your chart does look like there is a definite trend toward your normal pre-o temps, so give it another week and I expect you'll be seeing something much more usual for you, though probably a longer cycle than usual in the end, with a late O for you and a normal LP.

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meander: CONGRATULATIONS! That's definitely a positive! And I understand your reluctance to trust your body right now. Go easy on yourself, and we'll all get excited for you :)


AFM: More heartburn today, and I swear I had to pee at least once an hour all day long. No spotting yet and it's almost 7pm. I'm freaking out a bit but afraid to test.

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Hello ladies!
Its been a while for me. I've been keeping busy, but I've checked up on you a few times on my phone. I'm terrible at typing stuff back on my phone though, so I avoid it whenever I can. I have a lovely short trip to Canada recently, to visit some friends who used to live near me. Their little daughter just turned one and she's soooo adorable. Not many of my friends have babies so it was fun to spend some time with one and bask in her cuteness. I'm at 5dpo and so far nothing out of the ordinary. I'm not feeling particularly hopeful though. We got lots of BDing in, but somehow it just doesn't feel like my month. I guess I'm just down all around. My due date was this week and so I'm trying hard not to think about what could have been. Also, I went to my doctor this week and asked about my cycles being irregular and all the spotting I've been having since my miscarriage. She pretty much brushed me off and told me to come back when its been a year since my loss. So I'm a bit annoyed at her too. Basically I'm just cranky lol. 
But! There is nothing like you gals to put me in a good mood. I'm feeling so happy for you meander. That chart of your looks just like your previous pregnancy chart and I definitely see a line in your picture. I can understand your nervousness. When I would worry, I would repeat this to myself: There is no reason to believe this isn't a healthy pregnancy. Today I am pregnant, and whatever may come, today with my baby is a blessing. :joy
Livingsky, that is a really promising triphasic looking chart. I'm pretty sure you're joining meander in her due date club. Keep us posted when you test again! I just know its gonna be positive. dust.gif
Tickletoes, my temperatures were all over the place after I miscarried. I didn't O until day 24 that cycle, but I think after an earlier miscarriage things go back to normal more quickly. I wasn't using opks since I still had hcg in my system until a few days after O, but I think they would work great in your case. It could help you feel a bit more confident in your O date if your temperatures remain wacky. I'm really sorry you have to go through this. hug.gif
amyfemme - Sorry about AF. Even when I know she's coming, its still such a sinking feeling when I finally see her. hug2.gif
Boots - I hope you feel better soon. I couldn't find a tea icon, so here is a coffee mug with some tea in it.  caffix.gif
Calycanth - I don't really know what the sheep skipping smilie means, but I've seen people use it when they want to bump a thread, so maybe it has to do with that. 
Taxlady - Good luck with the studying! 
I know I've missed some people, I've had a lot of catching up to do. I'm thinking of you all though and wishing us all a good little bean to be thankful for this thanksgiving. 
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Teetina, thanks for the tea! We missed you for sure! Glad to hear you're here even if you're not posting. :)


Livingsky, ha! I love your cold cure! I actually really enjoyed the hot toddies during this cold! Way more tasty than nasty Nyquil and same effect! We've still got our fingers crossed for you!


Calycanth, as a knitter I fully support the skipping sheep smiley! Cute!


meander, just another "def see a line" and urging you to take good care of yourself and be gentle with the negative thoughts about yourself and your body. I have tons of experience with depression and remember about those "automatic thoughts." I know you have had a hard road and I don't mean to make light of it at all, just sharing my experience with minimizing negative thoughts.


Bel, really hope you're feeling better! UTIs always drain my energy totally as well as the discomfort in the southern regions.


AFM, I just tested with an IC for no good reason. Not even FMU, of course BFN. Just wanted to sort of confirm my feelings of "no way this month" and buckle down to make a good go of it next cycle. Considering soy...hmm...dunno.  I do seem to be O'ing late.


Personal but really important question for everyone: How much and when do you start BD'ing around O? Huz and I are struggling with this. We thought we'd try every other day up to a week before predicted O, but then FF confused us and we thought it was too late and then blah. I think timing might be one of the biggest problems for us.

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Well.... it's official.






I'm freaking out.

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Meander and LivingSky!joy.gif

So excited for the both of you!  I def see lines!

Meander - def understandable how you're feeling.  hug.gif

Teetina - wave.gif


Thank you Boots!  Today is def better.  I know how it is testing when you feel you already know.  It will happen!  As far as BD-ing, I think every other day is a good bet.  DH and I try to do that throughout my cycle since I never know when I O, but life happens.  We are trying to BD everyday with the positive OPK...(not even sure it counts though...)  But I def think every other day is great!


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LIVINGSKY!  CONGRATULATIONS!!  I love that digi test!!  That must have been sooooo fun to see!!  I mean, it was really fun for me to see!  I agree you get the broc1.gif


MEANDER!  I know how you're feeling right now, but I'm going to have to give you the kid.gif because that's my favorite smilie and I'm beyond thrilled for you!! 


Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months for both of you!! hearts.gif


Now before you both go running off - I'm going to want to know what you did and how you felt (symptoms, etc.)!  


ValH.. hug.gif

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Congratulations Livingsky! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy! 


Lets throw a little party for meander and Livingsky:



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Yay, LivingSky!!!  Congratulations!!!  I'm so excited for both you and meander!!!  I think this occasion calls for not one, but two sheep.




And meander - I've been thinking about you a lot since you posted your BFP.  hug.gif  I don't have any good advice, but I can imagine how you must feel.  The possibility that I'd have a miscarriage never even occurred to me until it happened, and it really changed the way I feel about this whole process.  I'm hopeful but wary, and I question my body's ability to carry a pregnancy to term, even though I know the odds are in my favor.  fingersx.gif that this one is super sticky for you!

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Soo... Today in my early morning study session reading.gif These are the review notes - I'm not making this up.. but I should get 100% on this part. (I'm reviewing mortgage contracts)


- Notice of Statues - BFP Prevails Over Unrecorded Deed (of course a BFP prevails!!!)

- To be a BFP a person must also pay valuable consideration (um yeah, I think WE ALL know that!!!)


Of course, BFP stands for something entirely different, but I just want to share.  thumb.gif

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LivingSky – CONGRATS!!!!  Yay, I am so excited for you!!!! 


Meander – I know it has to be hard to be confident after what you’ve been through… but I agree with the previous posts, take it easy on yourself and think gentle, happy thoughts (easier said than done, I’m sure).  I’ll be praying for one super sticky bean for you! 


JlyGrn – I hope you had a safe trip to the village! 


Taxlady – Good luck with all the studying!  And thank you for the hug, I sure did need that today.


AFM - First of all, what's up with not being able to type the code to get the smileys anymore?  Come on, MDC, get it together!  It's quicker for me to type the code than search for the picture... 

But anyway, not a good day for me.  I woke up to bleeding.  No cramps (no notable, normal pre-AF cramps anyway), but there is was, regular day-one AF bleeding.  My DH asked how my temp was this morning (he asks every morning after O - temp is still up in normal post-O range, BTW), and I just broke down, and have been in tears pretty much since then (thank goodness for working from home - only had one appointment this morning, and was able to make it through that without looking like an emotional wreck).  Anyway, (TMI alert) I put in one light tampon, and it got a good amount of blood on it.  Since then I used a regular tampon, and it just got a little bit of brown blood on it.  I'm just using a panty liner now.  I usually start spotting about now, but I've never had full-on bleeding at this point.  That would give me only a 10 day LP, not cool.  I have a doctor's appointment today - I called to see if I should cancel it because of the bleeding, but they said if it's light I should just come on in.  I'm kind of looking forward to it, so I can hopefully get some answers, but mostly dreading it because I know I'm going to cry and look like a fool. 

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Valh.. I think part of the crying and feeling down is part of the hormones too.  I think Amyfemme went through that and I KNOW I DO EVERY MONTH.  I really think that going to the doctor is important.  You didn't specify the GYN, but I think I remember that last time you went they brushed off your concerns because you hadn't been trying for a year and they didn't really seem concerned about the short LP.  If you cry at the doctor.. (which I do quite often.. either with emotional tears or tears of joy because I am so thankful they have helped me).. it makes you seem more human and less like just another patient.  I would say that showing them that this is concerning you to the point of tears will help them realize where you are in your journey.  All of us here are behind you and supporting you.  Your DH is obviously supportive and aware.  In my experience with doctors, some have a wonderful bedside manner, others not so much.  I had one doctor that couldn't handle my tears in his office - thankfully his terrible BSM gave me cause to leave him (even though he was a purported authority in IBD) and I found the most caring and wonderful GI doctor instead.  Sooo.. please.. allow yourself to be human. 


Now, the fact that your period is different - hmm.. don't you normally have a bunch of days of spotting first?  I was really surprised to chart stalk you this morning and see you started a new cycle.  Not for nothing, but you have said so yourself.. are you sure?? 



To all my other friends here, sorry this is directly to ValH.. you are all important to me.




(couldn't post without a smilie coolshine.gif)

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Hooray LivingSky!!!!!! I never doubted you'd see that second line with such a pretty chart!


ValH: I really thought your chart looked great--heck, other than the bleeding part, it still looks great. (I think if it were me seeing that, I'd be still hoping for it to be implantation....especially since it's a shorter-than-usual LP for you...but I know it's heartbreaking to keep hoping). Anyway, assuming this is, indeed, AF, I'm so sorry! *hug* I hope you can get a few answers from your doctor.


Boots: You asked about BDing...we don't schedule at all. DH is basically out of the loop unless he asks, and he doesn't much--so no pressure on him. I do initiate sex a lot more, though, around O... I have found I have a HUGE surge in libido a few days before O, and I just go with that as an indicator--I tried OPKs, but honestly I find my sex drive more reliable and easier to use. I kind of shoot for every day I'm feeling it, but I don't force it.


Taxlady: You asked what I did/how I felt... If I'm guessing O day right, the big secret seems to have been DH and I getting quite drunk on a good night and having way too much fun... :) but my chart is a little odd around O, so maybe it was another, more boring night? As to how I feel...I still feel nothing. I have no symptoms. My breasts are the opposite of sore. No uterine twinges, no cravings or nausea....just nothing. I have to pee a lot, but I always have to pee a lot! It's a little worrying, honestly. I had more symptoms with both the other pregnancies...and tons more symptoms when AF was coming instead...


Calycanth, Teetina, Bel, and probably a bunch of other people too: Thanks for the emotional support. I'm all discombobulated, it seems. I'm trying so hard to focus on the positives, but it's one of things where I think I'm trying TOO hard, if you know what I mean. I have a yoga class tonight, though, and often that really helps me find a bit of serenity.

I kept waking up last night convinced it was a false positive, or that it's just leftover hcg from the m/c...any number of things. I am trying to decide if I want to call my OB yet....I'm a little afraid she'll yell at me for getting pregnant again without skipping a cycle. But I think I want to get the betas done, just so there's something tangible I can believe in. For now, I'm just clinging to my high temps...and I really don't want to get into a place where I obsess over every .01F...

Anyway, I'm not planning on moving to a DDC anytime too soon, though I might admit to lurking a tiny bit... :)





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Thanks for all the well wishes everyone :) I'm still in shock. I suspect I will be for quite a while longer!


Taxlady: You know, I was pretty sure this was my month (easy to say in hindsight, right). Which doesn't make a lot of sense symptom wise! I've had backaches since O, and heartburn off and on the last few days. But... I knew. I didn't have the insane urge to run to the bathroom all the time and check for spotting, like I normally do before AF arrives. A bunch of times I went to the bathroom and totally forgot to check for spotting at all. I just didn't feel there would be any. It has been a very zen TTC month for me.


My TTC vitamin regime was: EPO from the end of AF until O, a pre-conception multi vit, Vit D, Omega 3, and a B-Complex. I took soy isos days 4-8 - 60 mg days 4,5,6,7 and 120 mg day 8. The previous two months I took 120 mg of soy isos for the whole 5 days, and I think cutting back was the right way to go. I had entirely cut caffeine out of my diet but I actually started drinking coffee again this cycle. I generally limit myself to a cup a day.


Anyway, I got on the list for the midwive group in my area (they book up FAST) and have an appt with them Dec 9. I also have an appointment with my doctor on Nov 29. DH and I caved and told our parents already. I'm hoping we don't jinx it!

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