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happysmileylady----I love that you said "poopy heads" My four year old says that all the time right now. Apparently he's in the whole bodily functions are hilarious phase
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Originally Posted by Irishmommy View Post
Canada sells them, how close are you to the border?
I was just going to post that! They're all over the place here.
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Check local ethnic markets. They sell them at the big Arab market in my town.
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Really Sorry

I'm really sorry this happened to you.

We used to live in Washington state. DH worked with a lot of other Canadians, and they used to bring Kinder Surprise eggs back from British Colombia. People had them confiscated at the border all the time though. It was common knowledge that you'd lose your eggs if you got caught, but people thought it was funny to sneak chocolate contraband in.

I don't think border officials have the ability to waive KinderSurprise through. If they find them I think they have to take them. I'm sure most of them feel silly doing it though.

Don't worry what people in the airport thought. We are a travelling circus when we go places with four small kids. I do everything I can to keep things moving smoothly, and our kids are FANTASTIC travelers, but you just can't plan for everything and every once in awhile a kid loses it.

...kind of like adults. I've seen lots of adults lose their grip in airports.
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One of our local grocery stores sells them....who knew?
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Maybe the ones sold here in the US are diferrent. I have sitting in front of me the capsule that the chocolate was around (and it enclosed the toy) from one of the ones I bought my kids about a month ago here in CO.

And a company in the US did rip off the idea in conjunction with Disney in about 1995-96. We bought them for my dd but I know we didn't have my ds. They were pulled off the market within just a couple of months of hitting the market. And they were a toy, enclosed in a plastic ball that was almost impossible to get into, covered in chocolate.
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I send those to my niece and nephew all the time. they are ILLEGAL? That is very weird. io am sorry for your dd and you mamma.
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They are illegal for the below reason. It is an old law that needs to be changed. I use to get them from really nice German man on Ebay, but he was told to stop sending them to the U.S.

Aside from children potentially choking on the toys, the real reason Kinder Eggs are banned is the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938. This Act prohibits the embedding of non-food items completely enclosed inside food items, unless the non-edible part has a functioning value. For example a lollipop or popsicle stick is not edible but is a useful handle. This Act was originally put into place to prevent the addition of hazardous items to processed food and has never been changed.
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Originally Posted by Bellabaz View Post
I send those to my niece and nephew all the time. they are ILLEGAL? That is very weird. io am sorry for your dd and you mamma.
Heeeyyyy... you just gave me an idea. I can send them via the German post. PM me if you want some.
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they sell them here in supermarkets they are yummy as
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Wow! They come with the kids combo at the movie theatres here. kid sized popcorn, pop and kinder egg. We have stacks of them. There are also lots of European grocery stores that carry the imported chocolates....lots of kinder eggs.
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Originally Posted by velochic View Post
Close enough for a weekend getaway!!
Then what you do is buy the eggs, and open them in Canada, that way the only thing you are talking back across the border are neat little toys.

It really sucks that Kinder eggs are completely illegal in the US. And really is the toy actually embedded in the chocolate? Last time I checked the chocolate and the surprise are completely separate, the chocolate just happens to be encircling the toy.
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I'm in Toronto and would send your DD some.
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Originally Posted by velochic View Post
She, in her typically level headed way said, "Mommy, you can't help it. You didn't know. But I think I'm going to cry."

I told her that I felt like crying, too, but was too mad to cry. I said, "Cry all you want, honey. Don't worry about what others think." She rarely cries, but really let loose with some serious, quiet sobbing. Nothing VOCAL, but if you saw us in the airport, you would have seen me rushing her to our connection as she just hung on to my hand with huge tears rolling down her face. And I was P.I.S.S.E.D. OFF! So, I'm sure I was not wearing a smile.

I was so touched when I read this part. You really empathized with your daughter and gave her permission to do what she needed to do. You let her cry and get her feelings out; even when you felt that others were looking at you and judging you. You put your love for your daughter first. I can hear that you feel uncomfortable with what others may have thought. But I think you should feel proud!
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Thanks to those that offered to send some. I actually ordered some online. Of course, the key is that they get though customs this time. It's a risk, but a small one, as they can't inspect every single package coming across the borders... then again, the security was SO, SO tight, especially in Germany (pat downs, wand scans, the 5th degree, every piece of checked luggage being scanned and tagged to be safe). TBH, I like the added security because I'm already a nervous flier, but in this case, with cargo being scanned, perhaps I should have waited a few months to try to buy them online. If they don't make it, I might take up your offers to send her some after the first of the year (I have paypal or could wire $$). She's still upset about it.

For those who do buy them or bring them into the US - it's luck. They really are illegal. I looked up the law myself (you can google for it). It's a double whammy of the toy parts being a hazard to under 3's (1997 ban) and this 1938 law of no non-food inside food (which I think has nothing to do with a toy inside a piece of food, but really was to protect consumers from shopkeepers doing things like adding sawdust to flour to stretch it, but that's beside the point.)

Once I get my eggs, I'm going to write my representatives and the CPSC (?... whomever it is that is over consumer protection safety).

Thanks again for all of the sympathy.
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are you far from Canada? you can get them over here. i wonder why they're illegal in the U.S.? very odd indeed.
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Kinder eggs are illegal?! Wow, that's shocking. They are so commonplace where I am (Ontario, Canada). When you go to the movies and get a kids combo you get popcorn, a drink, and a kinder egg. That really sucks that they took them away from you.
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I didn't know that kinder eggs were illegal! My mother gets them for us from Germany, and has carried them through customs a few times. Thanks for the info.
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I don't care at all for Kinder chocolate, but the toys are great I can't believe they're illegal in the US...I had no idea.
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Weird, I buy them at my local coffee shop here in the US...
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