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Shannon! I definitely see those lines and your chart looks right on! Take an EPT digi because apparently they are super sensitive!

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I see lines on most if not all of those!  You are indeed pregnant my dear!! Congratulations and I sure hope to be joining you sooooooon!! banana.gif

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Shannon, those DT test lines are plenty dark! I'd go ahead and call it on FF if I were you. 



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Omg. I'm still a huge antsy mess! I guess temping wasn't the problem, it's just everything! The wondering, the hoping.

I do feel a little less stressed, but I guess it's just going to be that way until I know either way if I'm pg or not. How am I going to turn my mind off for the next week and a half??
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Baby_Cakes: Sorry you're so stressed out. I do remember thinking during a couple of cycles that it was so easy the first time I got pg. I had NO CLUE that there was even a chance that I could have gotten pg so all of a sudden, I was 12 DPO and able to test! These cycles where there was a chance, the days dragged on forever.

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I know, i'll live!! I just want to know.

I was also confused a bit bc my cp wasn't as low and firm as I'd like, and I had some cm that was questionable after I was pretty sure o was done. Kind of annoyed I didn't temp. I'm definitely going to next month!
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I'm 4-maybe 5dpo today and I'm feel feverish. Anyone know how the basal thermometer compares to a regular one? I can't seem to find a way to convert the temp I get from my BBT. Our regular thermometer's battery is dead. Could this be related to implantation? My temp spiked this morning from 97.7 to 98.4 (after 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep---dd peed our bed last night so I was up around 4 am). I didn't believe it so I went back to sleep and took my temp again after tossing and turning for over an hour and it was 97.99. I don't know which one to record. Either way I feel feverish. Too early for anything but a sign of an impending flu?

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Id go with the first temp, bc of that block of sleep, short as it was. Besides, if you're post o it won't really affect anything. I'm so sorry you're feeling flu like though! That's not cool.

We are cycle buddies though, definitely!
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So, a 5 hour long low-grade fever of 99.2-.99.3....so weird. It could have something to do with TTC but I also worry about Lyme. Ugh! I hope I don't have Lyme. I haven't had a fever of any sort since 2004 so this is not typical for me. I rarely get sick. 


Shannon, any updates? darker hpts?

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Shannon, yay!


what I meant about the melting pot is that certain cultures within the US are more likely to do things to stave off PPD, and generally those populations are the ones most like to breastfeed and have good support. We are a very big country with a variety of experiences within. When I had Gabe I was expecting lots of visitors, but everyone was sick and stayed away. I was bored! I really wanted some company. It was just DH, I and the baby for the most part until after the new year, with the exception of visiting for holidays. The bonding time was great, but I was a little lonely. I think everyone is different, and my experience with the next baby may change what I feel I need after the birth. I think education about breastfeeding and the realities of new babies is really important - in some areas this is done far better than others.


KInder and Carrie: yay on O! here is to a speedy TWW with a positive ending!


it would be great if we had everyone pregnant by Christmas!

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Originally Posted by Kindermama View Post


Shannon, any updates? darker hpts?

I lost my updates yesterday, grr.  irked.gif  


But yes my hpts were definitely darker this morning!  DH hasn't said anything to me about them yet, but I know he saw them.  Yesterday he was still skeptical.  Oh, and FYI, tests that are near expiration seem to show a little lighter than tests w/longer to go!  The bunch that I was using from expire 1/11, and yesterday & today I did side by side w/those and another bunch that don't expire till 5/12.  The 5/12 ones are noticeably darker.


Also, Kinder, I "catch" little illnesses that I would never have noticed through charting + watching my kids.  Like, one DD will be a little sick, and I'll have one or two slightly high temps and very few to no symptoms & it would have passed unnoticed w/out charting.

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Guys, my cm is being a pain! I just checked amd I think I had ew! I immediately checked again and def creamy, but wtf? I'm fairly certain I'm post o, but now I'm confused amd have no idea what's going on!! Any thoughts?

ETA - ok, so I had an answer opk left and I just took it. It's negative, but so much darker than I thought it would be!! OMG guys! WTHHHH???  What if I didn't O, or O'd much later than I thought and we missed the window?  GRR!

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Congratulations Shannon!!!! carrot.gif


Babycakes---did you check CP? I have some significant C cf today too...normally I have this much closer to AF. But what's the deal with the OPK? Was the one you took 5-6 days ago really positive? 


wait just thought of something------OPK can be used as pregnancy tests too right? Maybe???

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I have been checking CP, and if I'm being honest, things just aren't adding up.  It's not as firm and low as I'd like.  ARGH!!  Why didn't you guys talk me out of not temping?? banghead.gif


And I think I'd have to be later in my LP for the opk to be showing up positive for a pregnancy.  At best I'm only 5 dpo. shrug.gif


We didn't get a chance to dtd last night - I totally fell asleep putting Nora to bed and then woke up in a terrible mood with horrible congestion.  So we skipped bd'ing 2 days in a row.  We were aiming for EOD sort of schedule...






Here's the opk pic.  I know it's negative but I thought i'd be much lighter if I'm really 5 days past O.  I'm mad I didn't pick up any DT OPKs on my way home now to compare!!  ARGH!!







And while I'm posting pics, I might as well post the opk that was positive -- you guys, this WAS positive, right??











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In your post, I see my chart??? weird! The link must not work on my side of the computer. 


The first OPK---wow! that IS dark for 5dpo! I don't know what to say to that. You're right the second one you took a few days ago is definitely positive! 


eta: Okay! I found your chart on a page in this thread. I think you probably did O days ago because you have had a low and firm CP for a few days now! I'd consider that in the equation. 

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I wasn't getting updates, either.


Shannon ~ Yay!


Carrie ~ The bottom opk is definitely +. The Answer opk is negative and that's all that matters with those. Getting a dark line doesn't mean anything if it's not darker than the control. Sounds like you feel exactly the same way I feel I don't temp at least enough to confirm O. I go crazy wondering if/when I actually did O.


Yes, you can sort of use opks to test for pg. If you get a clearly + opk after O, it's possible that you are pg. They don't always work, though, so I wouldn't rely on them.


I see my chart in that post, too. Weird.

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Oh geez, what did I do wrong posting the chart?! LOL!  Do you guys see mine now?





Thanks though for telling me how it is.  You're all right.  That OPK is negative so it doesn't matter why or how dark it is.  Besides those answer opks are awful!  Ugh!!


MW - how are you feeling?  Have your been able to tell your DH yet?  

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Carrie ~ I can see your chart now. I forgot to mention that 5dpo is about the time you'd start to get that mid-lp estrogen rise. That would account for the wetter CF. I hate those Answer opks! Burn them! LOL I got a positive looking opk at 5dpo during my last cycle. Do you remember me freaking out about it? It was an IC opk and was not just dark. It was definitely positive looking at first. When it dried, though, it looked lighter. Weird.


My dh called Friday. We were only able to talk for a few minutes. He was sneaking a call to me while he had to run to the main base for some work related stuff. I didn't tell him because I want us to have time to discuss it. I don't know. It just didn't feel right. I didn't want to say, "Oh, before you go back to shooting, I'm pregnant. Be careful now." I don't want him distracted when he's doing shoots. He's very good at compartmentalizing so he probably wouldn't have been distracted but I didn't want to take a chance. I think telling him when he gets home is better. I'll be 6w Saturday so will go to the doc sometime that next week for an u/s. DH will be home the next week. Hopefully, by then I'll be more confident about this whole thing.


I feel perfectly fine, which is kind of freaking me out. I don't really have any symptoms. My breasts feel a little swollen and tender. I may have had one instance of morning sickness on Friday. I suddenly felt like I was going to vomit. I ran to the bathroom but nothing happened. Eventually, I was able to eat a piece of bread and I felt better. It only happened once and I haven't really had any nausea since. I felt a little nauseous last night but that was probably just because I hadn't eaten. I wish I had some more pronounced symptoms so that I'd feel pg. I guess I shouldn't complain about not feeling sick, huh? My ICs are now way dark, darker than the control. I used my last one today. I've got one more DT and one more AE. I'm going to try to save them for random days when I feel the need to piac.


Look what I made! (The kid and the sweater. Hehe)



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Since image posting is working for me now, I also made this for my older ds. It's about 2 sizes too big, though. LOL



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You made that!? That's gorgeous!! And the sweater is pretty amazing too!!

Hmm, if you had those dark opks around the same dpo as me, I'm just going to assume I'm pg then!
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