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Glad you survived, Real!

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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post  We had the BEST Thanksgiving weekend.  I know it sounds silly, but DH just makes me more "me", kwim?  I just feel so comfortable and happy and like the Kristina I want to be when he's around.  I can't really explain it clearly....  Only 3 more weeks until we move and can be together again.  I am counting the days.

That is so sweet!  Seriously, that is just the best.



'Can someone walk me through the switching editors thing?  I tried to figure it out on my own but I never could get the code to turn into smilies.


Real, good work on getting a better room.  I can't count the number of times we've ended up in a total dive because as I'm looking for something to book I have in the back of my mind that dh would be happy to just sleep in the car and averaging that position in drags the mean down to ridiculous levels.  I'm getting better at erring on the side of my own comfort but it's been a long process with lots of backsliding.


Kerc - I'd take door #3 as well.  And second what BBM said.  And also that I'm jealous of your snow too.  It had only just occurred to me that I had skis to take out before the snow got all washed away.


BBM - :bow <--even if it's not there, ykwim!  You rock!


Nic - Hats off to the accidental marathoner! :)


Geo - You just saved that song for me.


So I'm heading back to TKD tonight.  I'm totally scared of what I'll find there.  I haven't been doing push-ups or really any strength training, and I don't know that I remember any of my forms.  I can't even remember what belt color I'm on.  :eyesroll

But, it has to happen sometime and this is kind of like the first Monday of the month so... 

I also need to run but I can already tell that is going to be postponed until tomorrow.  My goal for this week is to do the finish painting on the shelves that DH built way back in August so I can start to reassemble at least a corner of the kitchen.  We are still so far from finishing that project.  Oy.  He brought in a small wall cabinet he made and when he put it up it made us both laugh because there was something so wrong about it.  But now that we are still no closer to having finished cabinets the humor is wearing off. 


Anyway - :goodvibes to all who need a boot (like me) and have a great Monday!






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Welcome home Real!


Geo - too funny


Jaygee - how exciting (only 3 weeks!!)


DK - its so true, and now that everyone is relaying their stories, isnt it weird that you really do have to stick it out and then something you dreaded turns into something you cant live without!


FM: Am trying to schedule body work with this guy who I was led to by another body worker that I know specializes in sports massage/rehab. (b/c she is out after foot surgery) who turns out to be the Xcountry coach at one of the private high schools, but more importantly perhaps, he helped his wife heal from a 7 year nagging hamstring issue, so ... potential maybe...  Also have a follow up appt. w/ PT tomorrow to check hips.  Leg is feeling almost ready to return ... again....


Gotta get these kids to school...kiss.gif

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Hey mamas, anyone get magazines for their kids from the Cricket family of mags? I want to get one subscription for my oldest dd (she's 10) and one for my younger dd (7). Older dd is an avid reader and loves information about ANYTHING. I'm thinking of getting her cricket, and then getting subscriptions for my class for Cobblestone and Dig and she can read those at her leisure as well. Any other suggestions?


Also for my dd2 I'm not sure. She asks tons of questions about everything (including science), loves crafts and anything dolly/baby, and is a good but rather reluctant reader. Which one for her? Spider? Ask?   Can't decide. Suggestions welcome.


I'll probably get Ladybug for my ds who is 5 and an emerging reader unless someone has a better idea or experience? Thanks so much.

Getting dd1 a few mag subscriptions, I figure it's a nice gift that she will really enjoy. She's also getting Food Network Magazine since she loves to watch FN and is really entranced by it (not the contest shows, the cooking shows). Only downside is she wants me to try everything...we negotiate about that LOL


Later mamas.

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forgot to post earlier: BBM thank you for your kind words. I know that I will feel better and that my pants will fit better if I choose door #3. Really it's all about my pants still fitting. And being able to sled with my kids without having a heart attack.


magazines: my kids (5 and 8) collectively get:

Ask (arts and sciences for kids)


ranger rick

the junior version of range rick, name of which is escaping me now.

lady bug


I would consider getting National Geographic, as in adult version of National Geographic. There's lots of good stuff in there and even though at 9 I didn't read it cover to cover I did read a heck of a lot of it.


There's also New Moon magazine.

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RR: I took DH along with me, so that's something in and of itself!  We ran the mile to the gym, I dealt with the kids' birthday party paperwork, and ran a mile around the indoor track while DH stretched.  Then, we did upper body strength.  Then, ran the mile home.  The to and from miles were pretty slow for DH, but I was able to knock out the indoor track mile at around 9:20 (not able to be precise), so I feel good about that.  It was good to lift, too!

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RR: need your input.  I ran 6.74 in 52 minutes (7:48 pace) which felt fine but have had GI issues ALL DAY since then.  Warning: TMI  I ate a protein bar at 3am when I was hungry, so when I got up at 7:30a I wasn't hungry and didn't eat.  I did have coffee which I normally do.   I "tried" to go to the bathroom in the morning before  my run but without much luck.  So wouldn't you know it about a mile into my run I could have REALLY used a bathroom, yet I was on busy public streets.  So, I figured not much else to do but complete my run.  My garmin didn't find satalites so I didn't know how far or fast I was going, but just did what felt right.  Now I've been paying for it ever since. 


So....should I run tomorrow?



Plady, you look fantastic!  Great in blue and trim with amazing hair!

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RM - I am not sure, but I have had hard runs where I have suffered the rest of the day, woken up the next and was fine.  Of course, I'm nowhere near your pace, so I don't know if that makes a difference.  I will say, make sure you are well hydrated today.  I find that, sometimes, if I'm not, I suffer for it intestinally. 

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Dang, you're all cleared out now.  You should be fine to run tomorrow.


FWIW, I need 45 minutes from getting up & hot tea before I run to get through without issues.


Gosh, you all are so impressed with my lyrics fiddling when I spend 3 minutes on it....  There are 4 more versus if anyone else wants to take a stab.


Magazine:  DD likes Dig, which is focused on archeology and world history.  She also has taken to reading Scientific American, which has opened up several    ....   interesting conversations.  DD finds 1-2 articles in there she reads each month, though most is so far over her head it's not worth subscribing if it's just for the kids.


Running 3 tonight after a huge weekend for miles. 

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On the mag issue, I ordered a bunch of single issues from Cricket so I can see what the kids like. I'll give them each one or two of the individual mags for Chanukah gifts and then they can pick the ones they want subscriptions for. It's not as economical but I guess in the long run it is, if it means they'll get what they want and what they'll read.


I have some discretionary $$ for my classroom and I think I am going to get a subscription of Calliope and Cobblestone and maybe Dig for my classroom. Then my kids can also read those too once they're out of date. Thumbs up.


Anyone else frustrated (if you're in LLL) by the only-electronic version of New Beginnings (and Leaven, if you're a leader)? I know it's not very green of me but I really prefer to read a physical mag. I never get around to reading online. Hmmph.


Okay, 5 up for tomorrow and AF just arrived...it's a big mileage week and I do NOT have time to be sidelined. I guess we'll see. Not much I can do about it really. Off to bed.

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RM, I had a bout of bad cramping post-run the summer before last. I'm convinced it was mostly about hydration. I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable. greensad.gif


I have no RR but am stopping by to whine about a terrible, miserable, no good student interaction today... the very short version is he cheated on an exam, I failed him, he sent me an indignant email, I emailed back a very very clear explanation of what he had done (rhymes with 'cut and paste from Smickipedia'...), and he ... posted to Facebook that he'd set me straight, knows more than me, that I gave him a B+ after accusing him of plagarizing for using his Bible (hardly!) and on and on. And that I didn't return his email, and he had to come to my office... I mean, all total lies. I was really shocked. And furiously, super, over the top angry. splat.gifMy awesome colleague also has him in class, and is going to step in as dept. chair to call the three of us into a meeting, which I hope will take place in a couple of days when I've regained my sense of humor. I have him in class tomorrow, although I doubt he will show up, and I just am so furious. I mean, he lied about me, in public, in a really nasty way. </vent>


Needing to finish all my grading tonight so I can run tomorrow as this mama needs to relax. Le sigh.

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Penelope--that's really awful. I'd be incredibly mad too.

RM--I think I'd blame the caffeine without breakfast?

Nick--I don't like the electronic version of New Beginnings either. I don't think I'd read the last couple of issues for that reason.

JenLove--the jersey arrived. It's awesome!! Thanks!
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Penelope ~ your student's reaction is so immature and wrong!  I'd be upset and angry too.  I really hope you can meet with him and the dept. chair.


RM ~ sounds like a hydration issue to me too.  Hope todays run goes off without a hitch!


Plady ~ how'd TKD go?  Sore today?!  Hope you get a run in.


Today is the day I've been dreading.  My Dad was prepped for open heart surgery at 6:00am and the procedure is expected to take 6+ hours.  Luckily, the cardiac catheterization yesterday showed no strictures or blockages, so he won't need a stent or bypass in addition to the two new valves.  Please keep him in your thoughts/prayers today.  It's a lot for an 80 year old man to physically endure.  AND, I also have my diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound today.  I'm a lot less stressed about it than I was, but it still freaks me out a little.  Plus, I couldn't get a sitter for Kirsten, so she'll be coming with me.  No run, obviously, although I really could use one to burn up some of this stress.

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Got my Dingo shirt! WOOT! Love it.


5 really slow and sluggish miles in the humidity this morning. AF isn't being a friendly visitor this month so it's going to be a struggle this week I think. Tomorrow 8, Thursday 5. Then I have to decide what to do...if my running club has a long run going on Saturday, I think I"m going to join in because I have ... gulp ... 20 on the schedule. But my own schedule says 8 Sat and 20 Sunday, so if I don't do that extra 8, I guess I'll have to go on Friday to get it in. Hmmm.


I'd better call this afternoon to find out about the Sat. run. That would make it so much nicer, to have some company for at least part of it.

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JG, What time is your appt? Do you want be to run (drive lol.gif) up and take K to the park or bookstore? I need 2 hours total before I can be there. hug.gif It is a real offer. We could even do lunch.
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I enjoy all the mags posted here. I figure if I can read it and enjoy it rather than dread it it must not be so bad for the kiddos. We rotate through subscription wise, check them out of the library, and have even found older issues of Cobblestone in National Park gift shops when the topic is relevant.

I really dislike the online versions of LLL mags because while I often make time to read them once I do not refer back to them at all, I cannot pass them out to new mothers at meetings, and the service they use charges $$$ to get a print copy so I don't. I prefer it to be included inthe dues I pay each year. I understand the reasons for the changes but I am not happy. My co-leader who has been a leader for 30 years is not online at all so now I have the added job of keeping her up to date. She is too valuable a resource to our community for me to truly mind but every now and then....

I ran this morning and I hadn't even planned on it! I woke up at the usual time w/o my alarm. I had ben expecting rain so I was waiting for daylight. Imagine my surprise when it wasn't rainy and was warm enough to run in a skirt and tee.
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JayGee - My thoughts are with you and your dad.  I'm sure everything is going to go smoothly, and you'll be posting a good update later!  Breathe, mama, everything is going to be fine.

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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post

JG, What time is your appt? Do you want be to run (drive lol.gif) up and take K to the park or bookstore? I need 2 hours total before I can be there. hug.gif It is a real offer. We could even do lunch.

Thank you so much for the offer.  My appointment is actually in Bedford at 9:30, so there is no way you could get there in time.  Do you have any plans to come to Bloomington in the next couple of weeks?  I'd love to get together before I head to Illinois on the 17th.


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I hope all is easy-peasy for you and your dad today. hug.gif I don't have plans but maybe I should. Lisa, what about you?

DiannaK, I am not that far from you. When I go to Costco I hit Louisville (unless I am at my mom's).

Eksmom? hug.gif I am thinking about you.

Hmmm, Jenlove, distance reiki? How do you know? How do I know? If I am not feeling so positive do you know? Does it affect you? confused.gif
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JayGee, thinking of you and your father. Good thoughts, good vibes, good energy. I think I'd take mommajb's offer--as much to have a meetup as to get some help, of course! hug.gif


Penelope, I certainly hope he doesn't think his tantrum will get him what he wants. And then of all things to claim not to have cheated, but to have simply used his Bible...give us all a break, kid. Stay firm, Penelope--this kid obviously needs to experience a few new boundaries. I'm sorry you ended up in the line of fire. disappointed.gif


Something new is up at work, and I am so thankful to be able to just stay out of there as much as possible. I don't know. Less is definitely better.


Trying to plan a trip to NM over dh's time off at year's end. Just me. My friend's parents live there, and I really want to visit them.


Think today is likely an elliptical day. Maybe a little running. If the weather keeps up like it is, I may actually run outside a little. It's 40s and wet, but it's about the time to start savoring above-freezing temps. And the more I am outside, the less I check my work email.

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