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sparkle - i saw your post before you edited it so i know what it is orngtongue.gif
i have the same feelings about going into art therapy. i feel like it is something i should be doing but at this rate, i will be about 60 yrs old before i take on that endeavor. i am all caught up on undergrad art, but am sorely lacking in the required psych classes.

so... i say go for it!!
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Jaygee-- sending goodvibes.gif that everything calms down and turns out ok.
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jaygee~ hug.gif and goodvibes.gif We're here for you, but you know that.

everyone else~wave.gif Poking my head up above water to say hi. I made it. I survived, got everything done that I needed to do, and the rest of the semester should be a WHOLE lot easier. A couple more small papers, a little bit of research, and a decent amount of studying for my med-surg final, that's it!

My med-surg rotation is over, and I'm both happy and sad. It was such an amazing experience. I'm glad to be done and have a bit of a break, but it really didn't feel like work! I'm sure that won't last forever, but it's just so interesting, and pretty much always busy that the time flies. I actually got a little teary at the end of today's shift! And I really feel, for the first time since I came up with the whole nursing idea, that THIS is the right thing for me. I always thought it was something I might like, but I just loved this rotation, and I can totally see myself being a nurse for the first time! I'm almost kind of scared for the rest of my rotations, because part of me feels like there's no way they can measure up to this first one.

In the meantime, I feel like a slug. Thanks to my test this weekend, I skipped a run on Saturday AND my normal Sunday long run. Track tomorrow morning. Should be interesting since the only running I've done in nearly two weeks was the turkey trot last week! Oh, and I made brownies to take in for the nurses on our floor and an extra batch for us to have for our post-conference, and I may have eaten a few of them. bag.gif
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

!Oh, and I made brownies to take in for the nurses on our floor and an extra batch for us to have for our post-conference, and I may have eaten a few of them. bag.gif

Me too! I made brownies for the kids yesterday (why!? why!? why!?) and have eaten more than my ... and several other people's shares! (I made them w/ black beans and flax seeds and coconut oil and whole spelt flour - sounds kinda iffy but yummy.gif and moon.gif - that's about the size of my ass, thank you very much!

Poppy - I know, but its like med school (literally) - Im kind of shitting my pants (if only, maybe I could lose some of these brownies orngtongue.gif) Dh, the doc, said of the training "wow, this is kinda hard core huh?"
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sparkle ~ for those of us who missed it PLEASE tell us your life dream!  Please!!!  'Cause I have one too, but like you, it would take about 8 years to get there, and at 42 I just can't justify it...


Thank you all for the well wishes.  I'm kind of in a "whatever will be, will be" place regarding the biopsy.  Can't change it, so why worry.  My Dad came through his surgery just fine.  The next 2 days in the ICU are crucial, but once he gets past Thursday, it should be smooth sailing.  My Mom and sister saw him last night, but he was still intubated so they really couldn't do much other than hold his hand.  They replaced his mitral and aortic valves with bovine valves, and did a repair on his tricuspid valve.  Keep those thoughts/prayers/vibes heading his way.  He's at the best heart hospital in Boston, so we know he's in good hands.


tsjmama ~ it must feel great to be on the downhill slope of the semester!  So glad you enjoyed your med surg experience so much.  It's a good sign that you'll really enjoy nursing.


Today is my day to volunteer either at the library or in DD's classroom.  I can't remember which, but I'll figure it out when I get there LOL!  Then I need to empty our storage unit on the other side of town and work on boxing up some of the toys in our toy closet.  Once again, no FM, but I'm not expecting to get much for the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, all the stress eating combined with lack of exercise required me to go to Kohl's for pants in the next size up.  Oops!

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Kristina - I'm so glad to hear your dad is doing well!  Sending him continued healing vibes.  And, I'm sure he is setting the trend.


Up half an hour early here to get Emily up for a shower (she's been wanting to take showers in the morning so her hair is more manageable), and Katie up to do homework.  It took the kid 3 hours to do 3 short worksheets from school yesterday, and she did a terrible job on her vocabulary sheet!  She's a smart kid, is doing well in school, but it takes her FOREVER to do schoolwork!  It makes me want to tear my hair out!


I'm planning a long walk with the dogs this afternoon.  I'm subcontracting some babysitting that a friend of mine does.  We do this a bit.  This girl is the same age as Abby, and good friends, so it works out fine.  We bought our Christmas tree yesterday, so I need to clean a little (thankfully very little) and get it inside the house.  I would love to get lights on it today, and decorate it tomorrow.  We also have tri class tonight.  It's going to be strength today, so I know it will be tough!

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What is it Sparkle? What is it? Inquiring minds want to know. For myself I've figured it out a few times, not jumped on it and then my interests move on. I prefer to think of myself as flexible when it comes to my life's work. That is a good quality in a mother, right?

jenlove, may this place be the one.

JayGee, grouphug.gif It is great to hear your dad is doing well.

I lifted weights this am (in my dingo shirt) and went to the grocery store before getting the girls up for school. I made scrambled eggs and toast on homemade bread with homemade strawberry jam. The oj was from a carton but not from concentrate and no pulp just as they like it. The milk though store brand was organic. Their school lunches were packed with love and included a treat they usually enjoy. Dd2's first words out of her mouth when she woke up? "I am so angry. I have the worst mom. I want more books." banghead.gif I could make brownies for afterschool but then this afternoon might be a repeat of this morning and the last thing I need to do is eat a pan of brownies. eyesroll.gif

At lunch yesterday I was told how unusual it is that I let my children ride their bikes to school. Unusual. From another parent. Urg. I might just walk to swimming tonight ot make a point. It is close enough but cold and dark without sidewalk with wet children... I drive more often than I care to admit given that it is just a few blocks. bag.gif Maybe if I walk dh will pick up the little girls a they finish 1 hour before Alice and I are done.
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JayGee thinking about you and praying.  You inspired me to schedule my mamogram. 


I also want to know what sparkle's dream job is.  I am so glad I got my Master's in pre kids,  I am still in love with my job---now balancing career with kids yikes.  Came home from an amazing day full of clients to a happy but chaotic house.  I have am praying a Christmas Novena for several intentions one is for the ability, energy, and inspiration to get this house in order, a tidy enviroment is just good for my soul but I don't want to be evil mom in my pursuit of it.


Planning to head out for a run soon it's actually snowing!

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Um, ok, its not my *life's dream*. And like you mommajb, I am a dilitant. However, I think I have a better and broader appreciation for the process of life rather than the end result at this stage in my life, so am pinning less on this being *it* than on this being another chance to learn something new and see what happens (and I realize this is possible b/c my dh makes a good living, and that I am very fortunate to even be talking about this idea); I actually think I might enjoy taking this one step at a time, and enjoy learning the parts, even though I will more than likely never have to use them again. But I will also suffer through a lot, because, I am a liberal arts gal and this is a science path.
I have been considering for about 2 months what I should do next. I dont feel like I can stay home full time anymore - I need a new goal. This could be to find a job teaching high school english, as Id intended, but Ive also been sifting through all the things I enjoy and trying to discern a career that includes all of the attributes of those things. I thought of Nutrition about a month ago, looked at the path, and turned away. But then for some reason this week it just became obvious; obvious that this is the path I have been on for several years and obvious that the process, although long and hard, could be a good experience just for the sake of undertaking it, even if I dont end up where I think I will. So Ive been researching it again; programs, variations, etc. And I have been surprised to learn that to get degreed as a registered dietitian, I have to take all the classes Dh took in med school, including o-Chem (O shit), Biochem, Microbio, plus the basics like anat/phys. Its overwhelming. Even Dh was surprised at the rigour involved.
So last night, he did something he has NEVER done. He studied the internet about a subject I am interested in! and he learned that if I do an M.S. instead of a B.S. in this, the program is actually less heavy in the hard sciences (1 semester of Ochem instead of 2, 1 of Chem, 1 of bio, etc). Basically, to get into the M.S. program, I need a bachelors of some sort plus a list of prerequisites, which turns out to be much shorter (lighter) than the list of classes in the program they offer for people who want to get a b.s. in nutrition but already have a bachelors in something. So Im excited to see if this is true, because that is much less daunting to me. He said he will go with me to the adviser to figure it all out. The other part of last night is that he had the idea to see if him working part time at the university hospital (where he trained, which is how he knew about this) might allow me to get decreased or free tuition, which is the case for full-timers at the hospital. If I could do this without paying so much it would make me feel a whole lot better!! He also said, "I cant believe we didnt think of this before, it seems like your life narrative has been leading to this" Which is how I have been feeling.
I still dont know. Its a lot to think about, and Im definitely scared, but I cant get away from that obvious feeling.

Jaygee - process over product. If you can manage it, you should pursue your interest, b/c you're going to be 50 either way, and 15 years to do that job is still a long time! Your dad and you continue to be in my thoughts

Off to meditate while dh does the drop off .....
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sparkle - clap.gif and goodvibes.gif
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Thread Starter 

JayGee, HUGS. I am praying and sending good vibes your way. Ugh, you have so much going on right now. We love you!


Sparkle, go for it. You're still going to turn *whatever age* in 8 years so you might as well start the path you want now. My friend's dh decided to go to medical school at age 36. Now he's 41 and in the middle of residency but you know what? He'd have turned 41 anyway and at least now he's doing what he always wanted to do. Follow your bliss, mama.


[now I need that lesson right back at myself, thankyouverymuch]


More personals later because I can't remember.


RR: 3 dreadmill miles while a wind/rainstorm blew through town, then 4.4 outside in the wind once the rain died down. I sort of felt like I had to run horizontally through the wind but the miles got done, despite wind and a vicious AF.


I think I need to see the doctor. I can't keep going through this every month. My mom had endometrial cancer at my age which resulted in a radical hysterectomy and given my recent turn toward unpredictable, extremely heavy clotty flows, cramps, terrible headaches, etc....I guess I'd better deal with this. I keep getting blown off by GYNs who tell me it's 'normal at my age' and try to throw a pack of bc pills my way (which do not agree with me). Sigh. I know I've sung this refrain before but I'm feeling very desperate about this right now. Especially because it's interfering with my runs (priorities?).

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Sparkle I work closely with RD's when working with eating disorder clients, it's a great career with many different avenues private practice hospital and even corporate wellness.


6 snowy miles snow was only light but somewhat slippery,  I love to run in the snow.


Good day to all

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Nic, Do you chart and if so how many indicators? If so have you reviewed them looking for any info you can glean? Obviously only you know what your experience is but if you have done a bit of detective work yourself and are able to visit a 'whole women care' hcp I imagine it coupld be a lot more productive than showing up at a gyn office with a relatively general list of complaints. The help you get most likely corresponds to the question or complaint given so knowing your specific issue and solution you hope to achieve... is easier and faster said than done.
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sparkle ~ that is awesome!!!  RD is something I've also considered.  Basically, I want to go to medical school, but there is no way that will happen.  So I'm trying to talk DH into pursuing my Master of Library Science which is another more do-able dream.  He just isn't down with paying tuition for someone who already has a Bachelors and a Masters and not knowing what the job market is for librarians.  Mr. Practical, you know...


I just talked to my Dad!!!  His speech was all slow and slurry (thank you morphine), but it was so nice to hear his voice.


Nic ~ a friend of mine had those same symptoms and got an endometrial ablation.  She said it's fantastic!


I spent the morning volunteering in DD1's classroom.  Those first graders are all over the place in terms of ability.  Some are fluently reading chapter books, others needed my help to sound out "fish" and "horse".  Her teacher deserves a medal AND a monument for teaching 1st grade for the last 20-some years.


And a PSA for all of you over 40 who are putting off those screening mammograms ~ GO!!!!!

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New thread is here.

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