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Hey can you add me please! I'm 25 & ttc #3, Here is my chart1new.gif It would be awesome to get a bfp this month as my 4yr ds really wants another baby and I'd love to tell him he's getting one on his bday which is next Sun... I'm not holding out a heck of a lot of hope though as I think it will take a bit more diet change/cleansing like it did for ds2.... But we shall see!



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Name: PrincessK
Date: 12/6
Chart: not this month
Where are you in your cycle: cd 28 of 30
Appointments: Thursday
Symptoms if they apply: 2 weeks of crampy and bloated, 4 days of hot flashes, 2 or 3 instances of a wave of nausea (similar to if you got a whiff of tequila in the morning after a night of heavy drinking)
Testing: yesterday - did it 4 days earlier than planned
Thoughts: So funny story - the upset tummy feeling keeps getting worse and worse. Last night I was trying to do some work on the computer and it was unbearable to sit in the chair (had flashbacks back to high school before I started the pill to fix this issue) so I got a heating pad out of the linen closet. Still no relief. I went to go take a Midol but I checked the directions first. Shoot. It said ask a doctor before use if you may be pregnant. So I complained to my husband and he said (surprisingly) just take a pregnancy test. So I took one (walmart brand) but I threw away the instructions a long time ago and now just had the test, so once I got the results I didn't know what they meant! It had 2 windows. One window was a dark blue line and one window was a faint blue line. So I was pretty suspicious at this point, and decided to run to the 24 hour CVS and buy some brand-name tests (First Response). 2 lines for a yes 1 line for a no. So I took one last night and it was 1 dark line 1 faint line. Ugh! Still no straight yes or no. So this morning I took another as soon as I woke up, looks exactly the same as the other 2 tests. So now I have 3 tests with a faint line. I'm not convinced it will ever get darker even once Wednesday rolls around if I miss my period. So I made an appointment with my doctor for Thursday. Such a weird feeling to not know if its a yes or no! Ah~!

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Check In:

Name: Mohawk Mamma

Date: 12/6, CD13 (I guess, 13 days past m/c anyways)

Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/31b61f

Appointment: none

Symptoms: none

Testing: N/A

Feelings: waiting to O, curious as my chart pattern develops, this was our first loss, don't really know what to expect as far as when fertility & ovulation might resume. just playing it by ear & taking it a day at a time. fighting depression, although i think i'm past the "grief" portion of the healing process, i still feel the "loss" & figure i always will. i'm just so sick of myself & the mood swings. it's had a serious affect on our 2 year old DD.

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