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we just this week finally found a position that works. Can you put on music to tune out the commentary?
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so sorry! i understand dp still wants to everynight. I am tired. I mean I am thrilled that he still finds me sexy, but I just wanna sleep.
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I miss sex. I've been on pelvic rest since the beginning of October (and was on pelvic rest for 8 weeks mid-pregnancy as well). Le Sigh.
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Ugh. I think my DH made a comment like that once when I was pregnant with DS1. He realized pretty quickly that the week where I refused was his punishment. Never again!!!

Positions are getting tricky, but still worth finding the right way---it's always a while after the baby comes before I'm really feeling frisky again!
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We had sex for the first time in months the other day. "Frantic grumpy whale" is such a great description. We've NEVER had sex this late in pregnancy before because, well, neither of us wants it at this point. However we decided to give it a try to get baby moving along (and, heck, because we missed it). Sorry that it wasn't everything you wanted.
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Everytime we dtd I have to convince dp that he is NOT bonking the baby on the head. He is convinced that LO is going to come out with weiner-induced brain damage or something...
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Weiner induced brain damage.

dh got over that fast. He now realizes that he will have a long dry spell and infrequent sex post-baby, so he'll take as much as he can now.
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I got some! I was curious to see after 17 days away and a full day of travel if DP would visit the fridge first or the bed - and he came to the bed. There was definitely some cervical discomfort but all I could think about were the prostaglandin injections.
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I'm running on like 2 hours of sleep, seriously. We just talked alllllll night long. And he didn't get home until shortly after midnight. I'll post in the chat thread rather than hog this one.

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DDCC to make a humorous suggestion:

Duct Tape! A small strip applied over the mouth will stop any and all insensitive comments.
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