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I have an ear infection

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It's been a week since I saw my doctor and he prescribed an antibiotic (amoxicillin) "just in case" but told me it would probably go away on its own. So I didn't take it. I saw him a few days later for something else and he confirmed that it was still infected and that I should consider the antibiotic since it didn't seem to be going away on its own. I said that I would rather not risk a yeast infection and he said that there were worse things antibiotics could do to me than give me yeast problems. Thanks for that, doctor. So I still didn't take it.

Over the weekend I started putting drops of breast milk in my ear, and it felt great at first, but then it felt yucky, and today I woke up with my ear feeling very plugged up. It has been a week. It has not gotten better. From what I have read, delaying treatment can lead to longterm hearing damage. I think I need to take the antibiotics.

Antibiotics are safe to take while breastfeeding, right?
I know I need to find a probiotic to take as well and I have no idea how to choose one of these. I am scared of getting thrush or a yeast infection (I struggled with constant yeast issues until 5 years ago).

I don't even know why I'm posting here, but I am frustrated and scared.
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I'm on my 2nd month of a double ear infection. I can only hear about 30% of what is going on around me. It's annoying! I believe it started when I took antibiotics in Sept before a double root canal, which led to strep and more antibiotics, that then led to the ear infections and bronchitis.

I finally went to the Doctor yesterday because I can't hear and I've been coughing up wonder green jello and now I'm on LEVAQUIN which scares me to death.

But My ears have been plugged for over a month and she told me that at this point if the antibiotics don't get my ears to unplug while getting rid of my bronchitis, I should go to an ENT and get tubes put in to drain my ears.

I should mention that I had my first ever yeast infection (im 43!) after taking the antibiotics for my root canal. But some over the counter stuff worked fine.

I'm not going to take probiotics because I think my body can recover if I can just get off these antibiotics!
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Amoxicillin is rated as L1(safest) by Dr. Hale in "Medications and Mothers' Milk". It is commonly used in infants and neonates and no concerns have been reported via breastmilk.
It's important that you look after yourself as well. The link below has some info on preventing thrush:


I hope you're feeling better soon!
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Thanks for the information and link, MonkeysRUs!

AmandasMom, I'm sorry you've been so sick. It is scary when one thing leads to another... Besides my ear infection, I just have a bad cold, which my son has recovered from and my husband managed to avoid.
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